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    • William Carlos Williams

      No – not persimmons. They are smoother and without that “crease” that you can see on some of the fruits in the lower picture

  • Anonymous

    We should plant a bunch of additional fruit trees is Meridian Hill and other parks and use them to help feed the less fortunate. Anyone else think it’s a good idea?

    • Anonymous

      Until one of the less fortunate falls and breaks their neck trying to get to the fruit.

    • We already did that in the Bruce Monroe park (though they are there for anyone to enjoy, regardless of how fortunate you are). They are still pretty young, but it will be a great little orchard someday!

  • Anonymous

    OMG yum

  • Brian Kraft

    Apricots. Keep them in a bowl on the counter till they’re soft. (Use a paper bag if you are impatient.) Then tear them in half with your thumbs. The pit pretty much falls out. So beautiful. Don’t forget to eat them!

    Oh, and they’re good in the fridge for a couple more days after they get soft.

    • William Carlos Williams

      I have eaten
      the [apricots]
      that were in
      the icebox

      and which
      you were probably
      for breakfast

      Forgive me
      they were delicious
      so sweet
      and so cold

      • Anonymous


  • Eponymous

    Note to self: plant an apricot tree in my front yard.

  • BQ

    How do you keep the squirrels from eating them? They always eat all of the pears off my pear tree!

    • MRD

      You kill the squirrels in a highly visible way that other squirrels can see (they’re always watching) and then bury their carcasses at the base of the tree to fertilize it. This gives a distinctly “squirrel” taste to the fruit that only squirrels can detect.
      Just kidding. I have no idea, but really hate the urban squirrel.

  • Anonymous



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