• dcreal

    At the brushless car wash at the gas station on NY Ave/west Virginia ave..Then I have give the guys waiting to dry the car off $5-7bucks for wipe down and tires.

  • Anonymous

    Car washes in DC have always been depressing and over-priced. It’s a shame that no-one plans to start a new one with better service, but the MR. Wash coupons in Washington City Paper vanished, so screw them.

    • Fool Me Once

      You can go online and get them…

    • annonny

      I was a regular at Mr. Wash and never found it depressing or over-priced (with coupon, that is). Since their DC locations are all closed, I’m not surprised they stopped their coupon offers. My experiences with Mr. Wash were always excellent, and the staff at the Logan location were pleasant, polite, and efficient. I was sad and surprised to see them close, but evidently somebody got an offer they couldn’t refuse.

  • Express Car Wash (5758 Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20011) up Georgia Ave. before you get to Missouri is where I take my car now that Mr. Was is closed. I think they do a better job than Mr. Wash, the place looks pretty run down, but I’ve been more than satisfied with their service.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I went here and even convinced them to remove my expired registration sticker and put on the new one!

      • Petworth dude

        I’m pretty satisfied with this place as well.

    • sarah

      yeah i’ve gone to this one and liked it. there’s a few more up georgia ave closer to silver spring that are pretty good as well, and another mr. wash.

    • Anonymous

      They charge me an SUV fee even though my car is just as small as a VW Golf… Also the lady who runs the register is not very pleasant, and there’s tons of junk out back including possible screws for your car tires. I avoid that place if I can, way overpriced for the level of service.

    • hma

      Almost went there until I saw that they were DUCT TAPING windshield wipers to windshields (and sometimes to the actual body). Duct tape destroys paint.

  • AK

    I have taken my car to Peter Bug’s Shoe Academy on Saturdays. The workers there hand wash and dry the car, and it’s pretty cheap. There’s also some BBQ and you can drop off your shoes for repair and pick them up next time. It’s a fantastic community resource, and it helps out the people working there. Peter Bug is also great to talk to. If you’re lucky, you can chat with him about his many decades living in D.C.

  • Anonymous

    Get rid of your car; problem solved!

  • SF

    Dude on my street has a shopping cart full of car wash equipment. For $10 he washes my car whenever I need it.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a guy who hangs out next to the Mr. Wash (at least on the weekends) who will wash your car. I imagine he’ll stick around at least until construction starts.

    • Pcat

      The guy that hangs our at the gas station does a good job. Unfortunately, the construction is supposed to start at the end of July. Maybe he can convince the gas station to let him wash cars there.

  • Miss L

    Montana Car Wash on 18th St NE, just off New York Ave.

    • Petworth dude

      Isn’t this place closed?

      • Anonymous

        No, they’re open. Drove by on Sunday and they were bustling. I’ve also used them and been fairly happy, although they never quite manage to get all the squished bugs off the grill/front of my car.

  • dbk

    Splash at 10 I St SE, Washington, DC 20003
    Phone:(202) 547-7527

  • Anonymous

    Curtis at C&C Auto Detail is great. He makes home visits and brings everything he needs for a car wash or a detail.


  • kook47797

    I’ve been making the trek to the Mr. Wash in Ballston since I had a few more washses left on my Mr. Wash card. Lines are just crazy everywhere though. Wish more gas stations had the quick wash drive thrus.

  • srw

    Curtis at C&C Auto Detail is great. He makes home visits and brings everything he needs to do a basic wash or detail.


  • Anonymous

    Flagship Car Wash on Connecticut Avenue in North Cleveland Park. They always do a very good job for around $20.

    • LP


    • Anonymous

      agreed – plus next to BreadFurst

    • Anonymous

      I hit the Flagship up in Rockville when I’m up that way – much, much cheaper. Plus, there’s also a self-washing option there, for when the car really needs some pre-wash scrubbing.

  • Eponymous

    DIY car washes are the best.

    • wdc

      My daughter LOVES washing cars. She can only reach to the middle of the windows, but makes up for it with enthusiasm.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes I miss the days when I lived in a place where I could spend an entire afternoon pampering my car.

  • SexyIda

    A great car wash on Georgia Ave and Ritterhouse NW. You can receive a full services wash inside & outside for $15.95

  • Anon X

    Yates on rte 1 in Alexandria right north of the Monroe street bridge/mcdonalds/across street from projects.

    19 bucks and they vacuum the inside, hand dry, hand wash the windows, and sometimes dust your dash/trunk trim. A couple bucks tip is customary.

    Sometimes they are out cooking on the weekends and you get a free brat, hotdog or burger.

    Hands down the best deal in the area.


    The car wash on Georgia Avenue below Missouri used to be a Mr. Car Wash. They have besides GA Ave and Colesville Rd two locations in VA – Alexandria, at Mt. Vernon Ave. and Glebe Road off Route 50 in Falls Church. There is a hand car wash on Florida Ave NE just past N. Capitol Street on the right at what use to be an Ice House. Not sure of their rates or the hours of operation. The only problem I have with those car wash facilities at gas stations is they are unattended and you don’t know what the condition of the equipment is. In. I don’t trust them enough to take a chance and have scratches all over the vehicle even if they say it’s brushless!

  • FilthyCar

    The Shell Station on South Dakota Ave NE next to the Goodwill and just short of Costco has a great automated, brushless wash. For around $8 you can’t beat it, and the owner is a nice guy. Plenty of vacuums too if you’re OK with self service.

  • Anonymous

    Car wash? But…but…but…then all the dings and scratches from eight years of city parking would show!

  • stebbins

    Does anybody have any experience with the car wash up in the Rhode Island Plaza, next to Big Lots and Popeyes? I’ve seen the sign, but never heard of anybody going there.


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