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uberX lowers prices 25% “Dupont Circle to Union Station are now only $9”

by Prince Of Petworth June 20, 2014 at 12:30 pm 23 Comments


From an email:

“Uber has some exciting news to announce – we’ve dropped uberX prices 25 percent, making it 51 percent cheaper than a D.C. taxi.

Correction: Our original email stated that we dropped uberX fares to 51% cheaper than a taxi but we checked our math and that was an error. We think uberX rides 40% cheaper than a taxi is still a sweet deal and we hope you do too!

From Eastern Market to Tysons Corner and everywhere in between, uberX is the most affordable ride on the road. The price cut is only for riders – drivers are not impacted by the lower fare.

UberX fares from Dupont Circle to Union Station are now only $9, Foggy Bottom to Arlington are $9, and Columbia Heights to Dulles Airport are $49. So if you and your three friends use Uber’s fare splitting option for an uberX ride from Dupont Circle to catch your train at Union Station, you’re looking at under $3 per rider for the safest, most affordable and reliable ride on the road!

These fares may only last a limited time, but the more you ride, the more likely they’ll last.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m a big uber fan and will always welcome lower prices, but what was the reasoning behind the price drop? Trying to get those last taxi holdouts to switch over?

  • I got an e-mail from Uber with the same chart yesterday, but in that one, the taxis costs to Union, Arlington, and Dulles were $20, $21, and $101, respectively. I’m not fan of taxis but thought those numbers — esp the last one — seemed way high. Looks like someone called Uber on their BS numbers and they fixed them.

  • Anonymous

    I was talking to an uber driver last night about this.. he said they were not told about the price decrease prior to the e-mail going out and that he found out about it from a friend… I think that’s a bit weird especially it will reduce his take home. I also don’t understand the price drop… you get newer cars, air conditioning, they open the door for you, put your luggage in the trunk and sometimes have cold water available… they could charge more than a cab and I would pay it… but I’ll take the cheaper pricing.

    • Anonymous

      Were you talking to an uber or an uberX driver? All the amenities you describe sound like you were getting a black car, and not an uberX, which is just someone with their car. I assume the price drop is to compete with Lyft and Sidecar. It is also probably aimed at people like me who generally go for an uber cab over uberX, since every time I have been in an uberX they never seem to know how to get anywhere in DC and take the longest route possible.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not the original poster that you asked the question to. but I take uberx all the time and many cars are exactly as they describe – water in the backseat, nice cars, ac, etc. Not in every car, but most. it seems all uberx drivers must have fairly new and up to date cars because most of them do and they add the water as a little extra.

      • Anonymous

        also – they don’t know where they are going most of the time which used to annoy the crap out of me but now i just give them the address so they can put it into their gps or i just tell them how to go and they are fine with it. once i realized as long as i was willing to navigate for the cheaper price, then i was fine with it.

    • Annon

      The email says “drivers are not impacted by the lower fare.” In the past, uber has taken promotion cuts out of their share.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if uberx goes to Silver Spring?

    • kd21

      You can take it TO Silver Spring for sure – I’ve done it several times – but I’m not sure what regulations MoCo has put on hailing an Uber FROM Silver Spring.

      • Anonymous

        Great – thanks!

      • Anonymous

        I have successfully taken UberX from SS into DC

    • Eleven

      I have definitely taken a regular Uber from Silver Spring. Don’t think I’ve tried UberX.

  • Frank Underwood

    I’m glad they fixed this . I got the original email that said a taxi from Dulles to CoHi is $101. It’s pricey, but it’s not that bad. $75 is much more accurate (and is why I always take an UberX to Dulles).

  • Anonymous

    technology squeezing the working man dry. lovely.

    • nw_dc_1988

      You mean like self check outs? And amazon.com? And blogs? And email? All technology that you use/enjoy and squeezed some working man out of some job. Never understood comments like this.

    • B

      Sorry, but if you are trying to get sympathy for DC cabs, I doubt you wiill find much here. Let’s see, they have fought every type of improvement possible — meters, credit cards, uniform colors, modernized cars, signs on the top that actualy tell you if they are available. I have lived here, and taken cabs, for over 20 years, and no other city has such a surly, incompetent bunch of drivers — largely protected by the cab commission. Thank God technololgy is here to squeeze these poor folks dry — maybe competition will cause some improvement.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a shame that cabs have been so awful for so long for many reasons, including because people who otherwise might hesitate at the extreme anti-regulation approach of uber are all onboard with it, swinging things way too far in the other direction. I use uber (black sedans) and will continue to, I think, despite disenchantment with the larger uber approach to regulation, because of the cab situation. That said, the whole uberX thing—some random dude with a car—doesn’t seem wholly desirable. I do want some level of regulation to protect me and society. I do want some regulation of people providing livery services (just as I do for hotels, restaurants, etc.), and years of bad taxi behavior has allowed uber to push things way far in the other direction.

        • StatingTheObvious

          I still take a mix of cabs and Ubers in DC, and I’ve noticed that, thanks to the competition, cabs in DC have gotten a LOT better of late. I generally find the experience between a cab and an UberX to be about equal–sometimes the UberX drivers have nicer cars, but they’re also less likely to know their way around the city.

        • Anonymous

          “That said, the whole uberX thing—some random dude with a car—doesn’t seem wholly desirable. I do want some level of regulation to protect me and society. ”

          Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Pretty simple. Seems to me that the competition brought by Uber has done far more for consumers than taxi regulation — which harmed competition — has ever done.

    • Anonymous

      I work, therefore I am a working man. And by saving money on taxis, I will have more money to spend elsewhere, thus providing jobs for more people. Lower prices for the same quality is pretty much the definition of progress.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had a few recent experiences with UberX that were very bad. Buyer beware.

  • Anonymous

    More like “the more you ride the quicker we’ll raise the price” I.e. surge pricing

  • Anonymous

    Do UberX drivers even know where Dupont Circle or Union Station are? I’ve used UberX a few times and I’ve always had to give directions, turn by turn, to the driver to various social hotspots.


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