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  • MiaC

    I feel like I’ve been stuck in this traffic for ages.

    • Linc Park


  • jeezpf

    Sweet City Ride makes a cameo appearance in the weekly Caption Contest

  • Anonymous

    Recent complaints of a woman aggressively taking pictures of cars was really just trying to get the best shot for Popville.

    • bruno

      Ha ha, indeed. I wonder what her pictures are like? When I saw this man, I thought he looked like F. D. R. returning to the White House, like in time warp.

  • Z

    I’m an UberX man, myself. But to each his own!

  • NF

    Photographic proof that “blocking the box” has been going on for generations.

  • Ger118

    This traffic is horrible and really taking a toll on my MPG.

  • Ron

    The CityCenter crowd is moving in.

  • wdc

    Maybe now that they’ve put in a velocipede track those dratted penny farthings will stop taking my lane.

    • Anonymous

      I like this one.

  • Linc Park

    Mayor Gray’s ride….

  • Anonymous

    Out of my way you imbeciles!

  • Anonymous

    ghost riding the whip with actual ghosts.

  • Pardon me…do you have any Grey Poupon that I can put on my half-smoke?

    • Bingo! +1

    • Once and Future Lawyer

      Sonofa…. I was just about to write this. I guess it means that I have to vote for this one too.

    • anon

      HEY! that was mine! (minus 1/2 smoke reference, which I think personally is gratuitous)

  • ET

    I don’t have a caption for this but I would love to be driven around town in that vehicle.



  • recon::decon

    In an effort to align with the monocle trend, Uber launches it’s newest service – UberLUX

    • anon

      not bad

  • Anonymous

    southern playalistic cadillac muzik

  • dcreal

    The only thing that was salvageable from Bacon Funeral Home.

  • Double Down

    Leave the gun. Take the Mambo Sauce.

  • Becks

    Pardon me. Do you have any small plates?

  • washington20009

    Pardon me, would you have any Mayor Gray to Poupon?

    • AE

      Haha like this one :)

  • Dick Tracy arrives for his meeting with Dick Cheney.

  • Cyclist

    To compete with the Tweed Ride, envious drivers have now started the Tweed Drive.

  • Anonymous

    Jeez! what are you people looking at! Haven’t you ever seen any one driving a super luxurious 1920’s model limosen! GAH!!!

  • Chris

    Looking good Billy Ray….

    • Patrick Division

      Feeling good, Louis….

  • textdoc

    If you’re going to block the box, do it with extreme style.

  • MJ

    Nick never had the guts to part with Grandpa Left’s car, but he sure wishes that mobster SOB would have retrofitted an air conditioner!

  • CPT_Doom

    The new all-enclosed Munster-mobile makes its debut on the streets of DC. Herman nowhere to be seen.

  • Mug of Glop

    These hipster millennials are really starting to up their game.

  • JT

    After his .com failed, Jeeves went back to doing what he knows best.

    • wdc


  • 13thandV

    Beg pardon, my good man. Pray tell canst thee direct me to the novel Charlie Chaplin-themed bar? Touring the city in this horseless carriage has left me in dire wont of a helium cocktail.

  • russellupton

    uberXTROVERT debuts in DC!

  • Anonymous

    Sherlock, how did you find an affordable apartment in this neighborhood; was it elementary? My dear Watson, it actually required a masters degree and 5 years of relevant experience.

  • AmyC

    Mr. Burns goes to Washington to lobby for his precious nuclear plant.

  • Jeff

    Michael Caine is here to see you.

  • Anonymous

    Well I say sir, do not block the box!

  • ratticusfinch

    This traffic is awful; I knew I should have just taken my penny-farthing bike…

  • ratticusfinch

    If I can just get around this next intersection I’ll collect $200…

    • Anonymous


    • anon

      I think we have a winner

    • anonymous


    • ScienceTeacher


  • Laura

    I only drive this car on Thursdays. #TBT

  • DCChillyman

    Pardon me, do you have any Mumbo Sauce?

  • CatJenga

    The McDonald’s drive-through is a pain but I have to have a sausage egg mcmuffin

  • BelmontSt

    They see me rolling, they hating, partrolling and tryna catch me riding dirty.

  • Anonymous

    Stuck in traffic on his way back from the dealership after purchasing the brand new 1920 roadster.

  • Patrick Division

    Sherman, are you positive you set the WayBack machine for 1932??

  • anon

    the wheels get all the attention, but it’s the hat that holds it together

  • jim_ed

    Faster, I say! I’m late for my gyrocopter to East Prussia!

  • Lamonting

    Councilman Jim Graham wonders where he can park illegally once his term in office ends.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    One more thing from the past Dan Snyder refuses to give up.

  • pvjdp

    The common sight of milennials walking adorable designer dogs in the Dupont, Logan and Thomas Circle areas has attracted one interested observer: Cruella DeVille.

  • TakomaNick

    The gentry are coming.

  • brightwoodess

    “The park Bitterman. Drive through the park. You know how I love the Rock Creek park!”

  • Lee

    I’ll never get up to 88 MPH in this traffic…

    • textdoc

      Nice reference.


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