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List of Bars that can Serve Alcohol until 4 am this Weekend

by Prince Of Petworth June 30, 2014 at 12:25 pm 12 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user vpickering

From ABRA:

“The list provided below details ABC establishments approved to extend hours during the 2014 Independence Day weekend. Under the extended holiday hours program, registered and approved establishments can serve alcoholic beverages until 4 am on the mornings of:

Friday, July 4
Saturday, July 5
Sunday, July 6”

Bars with exteneded hours for 2014 Independence Day Weekend (PDF)

  • Why not just have it be 4AM all the time? Or every weekend?

    • Anonymous

      Because it works in better cities and we have to remain one of the second class cities that could be great if they would only get out of their own way.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe someone’s afraid it will encourage drunk driving if bars stay open later than the Metro (these days everyone in the city just Ubers, but I imagine some suburbanites rely on the Metro to get home).

      • bleedo

        The metro should stay open on weekends anyway…NYC subway is 24/7

  • mapquest

    Really hoping someone puts this in a Google Map view…

    • mapquest

      Granted, not a single one of these or within stumbling home at 4am walking distance from me.

      • tonyr

        There are dozens of these within walking distance of me. Be careful what you wish for otherwise, like me you’ll have carpenters in your head (as the french say). Is Dacha really going to be open that late?? That’ll really piss off the neighbours. Also where/what is the Bachelor’s Mill at 1104 8th St NW. I don’t want to google it based on its alternate name.

        • mapquest

          For the most part I am glad I don’t live in the middle of the fray. It’s nice to go home and not feel like I’m still in college. But every now and then it would be nice to be able to walk home from somewhere that stays open later than 8pm.

        • Anonymous

          Bachelor’s Mill is 8th Street SE (lower Barrack’s Row).

          • Anonymous

            They got a lot of the quadrants wrong, incidentally. Little Miss Whiskeys and RnR Hotel aren’t in NW either…

  • Andrei

    Dudes, if you can’t get drunk before 4am there is something seriously wrong with you. You probably don’t even belong in a bar.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you get it… When a bar closes at 3, it stops serving at 2:30 or 2:45… No one is GOING to a bar at 4:00am but not everyone is a 9-5er.


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