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  • Alan

    Gorgeous, DC needs more of this.

  • dcreal

    Does this not stain the sidewalk?

  • Anonymous

    better get a tetanus shot before risking entry

  • Angry Parakeet

    Since the sidewalk is brick red, it’s the same color as the rust.

  • crin

    It’s sorta neat, but makes me think of a Pakistani ship breaking beach.

  • Anonymous

    First two pictures look good; third doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    I think a faux bronze effect would have been better.

    Nice despite the nasty rust.

  • Anonymous

    Nice WiFi logos. Rust has been done well and to great effect elsewhere, but this just looks bad;

  • Florista

    I like it. Easier to see the fans in the metalwork (hey, it’s Chinatown – or what’s left of it!).

    • S

      It’s gross and needs to be re-done. Next time they should choose a material that won’t rust yet has the same “fans” look. I can’t believe they run their business and don’t fix it.

      • Anonymous

        The whole point was to get this sort of patina so it doesn’t look flat.

  • textdoc

    Not a fan of the rust.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, it looks sloppy. The vertical steaks of rust are uneven and the effect is distracting.
    I think this would look better if it were copper and then oxidation turned it a shade of green/turquoise. Of course, copper is $$$$$.


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