In other Beautiful New Openings – Check Out the new Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee in Logan

by Prince Of Petworth June 30, 2014 at 11:22 am 36 Comments

14th and P Street, NW

Next up in phenomenal transformations – the former Mid City Deli and current Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee at the corner of 14th and P St, NW. A reader writes:

“Best pain au chocolat I have tasted and the coffee is divine.”

Love the to go window:


And it truly does look amazing inside too:


More photos after the jump.







  • Anonymous

    I just wish they’d taken down that fence by the bus shelter.

  • MRD


  • It looks amazing – they did such a nice job inside and out. All that is missing is artwork on the walls by branddave!! :)

  • SteveInLogan

    It looks fantastic, but for the love of God, why did they put that fence back?? And this one is taller than the old one. If the HPRB made them do it, well, that’s just insane.

    • Anonymous

      I was so happy to see that fence go. Sucks that they had to put it back in. Terrible sidewalk flow there

  • To-go window is brilliant, love those tile floors too. Just wish they had been open when I lived there! Actually, I take that back, I would have given them too much money >_<

  • Anonymous

    Amazed how fast they did this. Looks nice, but agree with everyone else about that fence.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Totally sold on the to-go window—love it. Beautiful space. I can’t help but think that the Peet’s replacing the old Caribou is going to be out of luck with this up and running.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, doubt it

  • Anonymous

    Once they had the fire, I thought it might have to be torn down. Glad they could reclaim it, and it looks very nice. Gives a more neighborhood feel than the new building going up.

  • David T.

    When I walked by this corner yesterday, my first thought was, “WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DID THE FENCE RETURN?!?!” Can we perhaps stage a guerrilla removal of it? Who’s with me?!

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you! How is it attached to those little blocks? Screws? Bolts?

  • kook47797

    What’s so bad about the fence?

    • I was wondering the same thing…

    • lovefifteen

      The fence causes a really big bottleneck for pedestrians. That corner has incredibly high foot traffic, with a lot of people carrying groceries. The bus shelter and the fence combine to make a very tight bottleneck. It’s just annoying, to be honest.

      • Honest Abe

        I was “on the fence” about the fence but I am now definitely opposed to the fence after having a few weeks when it was gone.

        I thought I had heard somewhere that DC had some requirement of 10 feet minimum between sidewalk fixtures such as bus shelters and fences. I’ve seen people in wheelchairs have a difficult time getting through during the evening pedestrian rush hour.

        • Maybe someone should just ask them “why did you put the fence back up”?

          • lovefifteen

            Pretty sure they put the fence back up to create an outdoor seating area. They removed the fence to add a wooden patio/deck type thing.

          • Derek

            Did they put it back to prevent the homeless from loitering around the entrance?

      • Truxton Thomas

        Yep, it just makes for a tight squeeze on the sidewalk because of the bus stop. I would prefer more sidewalk space, but I won’t enjoy my coffee, pastry, and gelato any less because it’s there.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously that *(^@#%^*&@# fence! Tear it down permanently please please PLEASE.

    Popped in this morning and the iced coffee was very good (if rather pricey – just shy of $7 for two).

  • Rich

    Nice rehab and the best gelato in DC, but also the last thing the neighborhood needed. Peets will do just fine. It’s the people who like dishwater-ish coffee who are out of luck.

  • Anonymous

    Was not impressed by their sandwich board sign this weekend. Can’t remember the exact wording, but something along the lines of “Hot espresso, cold ice cream, attractive people.” Ugh on the “attractive people” crap.

  • Anonymous

    This area was really lacking in the gelato department (j/k you guys). But in all seriousness, it’s a beautiful space– though I, too, was disappointed to see the fence back. Such a PITA with the bus shelter there. Any word on the units (I’m assuming they’ll be condos) they restored above the Dolcezza?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll also add that the Caribou is taking forever turning into a Peet’s. I’m unhappy that they did away with all the Caribou Coffees in the area to begin with (Sure, their coffee wasn’t amazing, but they had some deliciously sugar-coma-inducing specialty drinks that I miss), but the delay on such a busy corner seems strange.

      • Truxton Thomas

        You might already know this, but they are doing the training for all the new Peet’s locations there, which is the reason for the delay. I don’t think it will be turned around until this fall.

        • I think they’ve already said that training facility won’t be converted, as they’ve slated a condo development to go into that space.

  • Anon in Shaw

    Does anyone know what is going on with the upper levels in this building?

  • AdamsMgn

    I stopped by there last weekend and it’s a nice place, however pricey as a very small cup of gelato is $6. They should fit in well with the other establishments in the area that charge high prices for small portions of food!

  • Reality

    Saw the photos with workers on the fence, and was excited that it looked to be coming down … but reading all the comments, I’m guessing it’s there and as annoying as ever!

  • Thought

    Perhaps rather than moving the fencing Metro could move the bus station? A “bulb out” with the bus station on it would work. Of course this would block traffic, but as a bus rider that isn’t a bad thing. Or they could move the bus station to the other side of the intersection. Just throwing out ideas here. : )

    • Manamana

      Better yet, just move the bus stop to the other side of 14th St where there’s much less pedestrian traffic.

      • Manamana

        Errr, I see that was your 2nd suggestion. Excellent idea!

    • mous

      There’s already a bus stop on the same block across the intersection, but further down right before the circle. Assuming they don’t want two stops on the same block.

  • john

    Agree about the fence. Please remove it. It blocks pedestrian traffic!

  • lovefifteen

    They definitely won’t be removing the fence. They created a fenced-off area for customers to stand, and maybe eventually they will add seats outside. The design is really not good right now. You can only enter and exit the building through the front door which is almost always blocked by a long line. They have two other doors that go out into the fenced off area. They should put an opening in the fence so that people can leave through the other two doors.


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