Next Up for the Hilton Brothers – Georgetown: Cafe La Ruche becoming ‘Chez Billy Sud’ in August

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2014 at 11:20 am 16 Comments

1039 31st Street, NW

I’m told that Cafe La Ruche will be closing July 1st and Chez Billy Sud will open in the refreshed space in August.

From Chez Billy:

“Eric and Ian Hilton, Washington, D.C.’s hometown neighborhood restaurant proprietors, announce their latest venture: Chez Billy Sud, the sister to Chez Billy, the highly-regarded French bistro in Petworth. Chez Billy Sud is slated to open in August 2014 at 1039 31st Street NW.

Named “Sud” for its location to the south of the original Chez Billy in Petworth, the 3000 square foot restaurant and patio will offer classic French cuisine focusing on France’s southern regions.

Chef Brendan L’Etoile will preside over both locations as Executive Chef. Chef de Cuisine, Richard Wagner, will oversee day-to-day operations in Petworth while L’etoile prepares Chez Billy Sud for its August opening.

“Around the city, we have led the charge to bring great dining in burgeoning neighborhoods, Petworth among them,” said Ian Hilton. “While Georgetown is already very much on the map, we believe there is still room for growth when it comes to dining options.”

The restaurant will feature 60 seats for indoor dining, a 60-seat patio offering a full menu, as well as a full bar and French-focused wine list. Chez Billy Sud will serve lunch and dinner daily and offer weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday. It will be dark on Mondays to give the crew a much-needed day of rest.”

  • SF

    A real shame that La Ruche is closing. That’s a great place. Wishing the new proprietors luck, but “Chez Billy Sud” is a totally ridiculous name.

  • saf

    OH NO! I love this place. And I don’t love Chez Billy.

    Also, really, the name…

  • dcloafer

    I like Chez Billy well enough, but by no means is it a “bistro”

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Ah sad to hear La Ruche is going away. I was there for Monday’s Mexico vs Croatia match. Really enjoyed viewing it with the staff and the $2 Happy Hour beer special. Did not realize that would probably be my final meal at Cafe La Ruche. Been going there since I was in high school – +20 years!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats guys. My wife and I LOVE Chez Billy. Always excellent food and atmosphere. Thank you for choosing Petworth as your initial Chez Billy location. Continued success!

    • Anonymous

      +1 re: Chez Billy. If you are ever looking to expand in Petworth, we would love a casual, family friendly English pub or sports pub with food. Best of luck on Georgetown!

  • dcd

    I am astonished that there are people who will mourn the loss of Cafe La Ruche. The food’s atrocious. Granted, I haven’t been there is 5 years, but that’s just because every experience in the 8 years prior to that was terrible.

    • bruno

      I love Cafe la Ruche. Nice and cozy and it’s been there for ages and I like that. Always reliable (until now).

  • Anonymous

    I will miss Cafe La Ruche. It was an unpretentious gem in Georgetown. Do the hipsters have to take over every decent spot in town? Leave the rest of us a neighborhood restaurant or two, please.

    • Pixie

      Agree that Georgetown has very few unpretentious neighborhood places, but the hipsters don’t take them over, the tourists do!

  • I am happy they are expanding under Chez Billy, might even bring some new people that visit the Georgetown location up to Petworth to try the original.

  • Michelle

    :((((((( bye, La Ruche. You will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Hipsters taking over restaurants? What are you referring to? An old tired joint gets bought out by proven operators that, if nothing else, have passion for what they do? I call that a win.

  • Anonymous

    The Hilton boys need to know when to say when. They’ve overextended themselves. The Brixton is awful, Chez Billy overcharged me the one time I went there, and El Rey is a hot, hot mess. Just stop.

    • Ian Hilton

      Thank you, anonymous, for your helpful feedback. I can tell you that I’m not feeling overextended, but I appreciate your concern. Can you tell me specifically about your experiences at the Brixton that have made you feel that it is an awful place? As for being overcharged at Chez Billy, can you give me some details on what happened? Was the problem corrected before you left? El Rey is a hot mess. Got it. Give me a month and I’ll see if we can’t get that sorted out.

    • Anonymous

      Service is uniformly below average (inattentive waitstaff, slow service, servers having entitled attitudes ie not returning with change because they think it should be their tip) Food is too expensive ($16 hamburger at Marvin; $12 burger at brixton) I don’t care what market prices are and what they food costs, the food uniformly is not good and too salty. Too much attention to style and booze and not enough to substance of food.


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