• What a beauty. Love the dual weathervanes too.

  • Zaptastic

    I just love how the roundel over the dormer harmonizes with the oculus over the door.

  • Zaptastic
  • KenyonDweller

    I was in that house many years ago. It’s triangular shape makes the rooms interesting, but the odd shapes would make it challenging to live in. It’s also smaller than it looks.

    • Lots of those corner houses are tricky. We considered buying the place on 1249 Independence SE last year when it was up for sale, but after touring the inside the rooms were all so awkwardly shaped that we just couldn’t see it being ideal for how we live.

  • i used to commute by this house

    Was this the house that was a wreck for years before someone turned it into this thing of beauty? More than 10 years ago — maybe 15 or so — I used to commute by car down 11th Street. I used to imagine what I think was this house restored to its orignal beauty. So glad someone did it.


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