Hertz on Demand Closes in DC

by Prince Of Petworth June 3, 2014 at 1:25 pm 9 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

“Dear PoPville,

I went online this morning to reserve a car using Hertz On Demand car sharing service. The system showed every car in DC was booked. I followed up with a call to customer service and was told Hertz On Demand is no longer operating in DC. This service operated much like Zip Cars, but had no annual fee. I thought you might want to make your readers aware of the situation so they could avoid finding out when they need a car.”

Another reader writes:

“I was wondering why I couldn’t find a Hertz 24/7 car all weekend (a zipcar competitor) and after tweeting them, they sent me this email, indicating that they’re closing down in DC. Apparently they didn’t find it important to notify their customers of their closing otherwise…”

I’ll be honest I didn’t even know they were an option. In searching the archives I found this question from the forum:

“I’m curious if anyone out there has actually been able to get a car through Hertz on Demand? I’ve tried to use my membership twice but both times when I’ve shown up the car was nowhere to be found. Hertz on Demand customer service has been a nightmare to deal with – they don’t seem to have anyone local. Do they even really have cars here or just a google map showing where cars might be? Has anyone ever even seen an actual Hertz on Demand Car – I’m beginning to think they are like the Yeti except I think finding a Yeti more likely…”

  • Anonymous

    Check out Relay Rides!

  • JB

    With ZipCar’s and Car2go’s success in the city and Enterprise CarShares aggressive push, Hertz probably thought the investment needed to compete wasn’t worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Haha – wow blast from the past. That was my comment from quite a while ago. I use all the car sharing services but Hertz on Demand was hellish. Good riddance and no loss to DC!!

  • Anonymous

    Love ZipCar, and Enterprise is dirt cheap. Hertz was neither of those – both expensive and terrible.

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy that HOD closed down. The 10+ times I used it for short, few hour trips over the last two years I always experienced some type of problem related to maintenance being needed badly, cars being left with less than half a tank of gas, and general dirtiness inside. Another persistent issue with this service was that the gas credit cards in many cars I rented were either removed or stolen. Not super hard to get reimbursed, but a pain in the ass that, when aggregated, could make people give up. Lastly, I did not understand why HOD could not install better GPSes that did not look like a Gameboy.

  • MotorMary

    Per Hertz car availability: I’ve always seen two Hertz cars parked and available in Takoma, near the metro.

    But, I’ve never used them myself. They may very well have been random people parked in the assigned Hertz 24/7 parking…

  • christina

    Good riddance to a company with the most horrendous customer service. Can’t even count how many times they screwed me over the day of my reservation, leaving me running around town to find another car. I swore them off a few months ago, but like the OP I never received word they had stopped. Just thinking about them fills me with rage.

  • domrep

    Used it at least a dozen times and never had a problem with it. I thought the fact that they had no annual fee was what won me over places like Enterprise and Zipcar. Bummer, do the other companies provide a ‘credit card’ to pay for gas or is that on your own dime?

    Ah just checked Enterprise’ collision waiver…another $1.50 per hour on top of whatever you pay for the rental. Hertz had that included in the base price IIRC.

  • NE

    Just about every rental was with problem. On my last, the car at the location didn’t have enough gas to start. When I canned Hertz to help, they got me another car 1 mile away. I asked for an account credit, and they refused, but instead offered to pay for my cab up to $30. Because in some world, that apparently makes sense.


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