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Judging New Restaurants – GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar (Patio Opens Wed. July 2nd with free Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches)

by Prince Of Petworth June 27, 2014 at 11:50 am 38 Comments

1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

There was a lot of judging going on before they even opened so I’ll be interested to hear what folks think now that they’ve actually been open for a bit. Any fans?

Also they write:

“Just in time for summer, Washington, DC’s only grilled cheese-centric restaurant GCDC is excited to open its new 16-seat patio on the bustling Pennsylvania Avenue NW, just a block from the White House. In tandem with the patio’s opening, GCDC will launch a menu of refreshing Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches, homemade cream cheese ice creams sandwiched between brioche French toast, and will celebrate the new sweet offering by giving away complimentary ice cream sandwiches to the first 40 customers on Wednesday, July 2 starting at 4 p.m.

A refreshing, sweet summer treat, GCDC’s new Cheese Ice Cream Sandwiches feature scoops of homemade fruit and chocolate-infused cream cheese ice cream sandwiched between brioche French toast, and half-dipped in housemade sauces like chocolate ganache and bourbon caramel. Made with quality cream cheese, heavy cream, vanilla, sugar and spices, the ice creams are infused with fresh, artisan ingredients like sweet strawberries, crisp red delicious apples, coffee beans local DC-roaster Vigilante Coffee, and Grand Marnier for a boozy touch, and then served on French Toast which GCDC makes from Lyon Bakery’s Brioche Pullman loaf. The ice cream sandwiches will be available every evening from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and are $7 each.

GCDC will offer three Cheese Ice Cream Sandwich varieties:

Chocolate + Vigilante Coffee: Milk Chocolate, Grand Marnier, Cardamom, Cinnamon, half-dipped in Housemade Chocolate Ganache

Strawberry: Fresh Strawberries, Bourbon Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Lemon Zest; half-dipped in Housemade Chocolate Ganache

Caramel Apple: Fresh Red Delicious apples, cinnamon; half-dipped in Housemade Bourbon Caramel”

  • A

    I was there earlier this week. This place is expensive and the food isn’t very good.

  • Amy

    Incessant judging of a small business in DC?!?? Shocker… At this rate all folks will be able to judge is Starbucks, chipotle, and walmart. There’s a reason why DC gets least supportive city for small businesses every year… And the laundry list of reasons ends with “we, the people”.

    • Anon

      What are you talking about? Reviewing or commenting about a new restaurant’s offering, service, menu, quality, , etc. takes place all over the country, and the world for that matter. Its not unique to DC. Theres an entire industry dedicated to this – both print and online. Like it or not, people will review their experiences at a restaurant regardless of how long they have been around, or how large the restaurant is – and again, its not unique to DC. This has nothing to do with DC being the “least supportive city for small businesses every year.”

      • Amy

        I’m going to assume you are referring to platforms like yelp which unfortunately most people use only when they have had a bad experience and need to vent (and yes there have actually been studies on this). Not to mention there are actual people who have created blogs of the best worst reviews encouraging these entitles “foodies” to leave undeserved scathing reviews for 2 minutes of “fame”. And lastly those review sites allow those who “pay for advertising” to have control over good reviews not being removed (yes, yelp does this) and bad ones being deleted so it’s not actually objective at all. And DC happens to be in the top 3 yelpy cities in the country. I do to recall a small business ever demanding anyone come in and then demanding they “bend over and take it”. It’s exactly that “us against them” mentality that really sucks and breeds an environment that IS unsupportive of small businesses. If you really think that most people in this town don’t have an undeserved chip on their shoulder then you must not be from around here…or you’re in denial.

        • dno

          Wait, you think you don’t have a chip on your shoulder?

          • textdoc

            Actual LOL.

          • Anonymous

            Hahahaha, nice!

        • Anonymous

          You sound like you have an undeserved chip on your shoulder.

        • PetworthAdam

          Yelp is great.

        • Amy, you wouldn’t happen to own a Baking Company, would you?

          • Anonymous


            But seriously, what did I just read?

          • Amy

            I have never even heard of Baking Company. But either way that’s so random and funny because I’m not much of a baker personally.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I am well aware of the issues with Yelp and completely agree. I owned a restaurant and knew first hand the pain Yelp causes. So please dont try to explaining to me the power of Yelp or the fact that most posters on Yelp do so because they have a bad experience. I know and have seen it.

          My point to you is that EVERY city in this world has some form of review or critique of new restaurants. If you think that no one should review a restaurant because its new and therefore deserves some special treatment, then you are in denial with how business or markets operate. I, as any other consumer, want to know what people are saying about a place. Even if they are posting because they had a bad experience, so be it. And your logic about how only Starbucks etc will get reviewed implying new businesses will shut down is completely flawed. Plenty of start-up restaurants survive despite the skewed reviews Yelp provides. With your logic, this city would only have chain restaurants which is clearly not the case.

        • Identified

          I do not agree with you, but sorry that you got dogpiled on our opinion.

          • Identified


    • Anonymous

      Wait, so just because they are a “small business” we’re supposed to bend over and just take it? No thanks.

    • hahaha it’s true GCDC never gets any love here… https://www.popville.com/?s=GCDC&submit=Search

    • I don’t think you understand what the word incessant means.

      • Amy

        I do. Look it up. Thanks.

        • There was a singular comment on the business before you posted yours. That fact alone prohibits it from having been incessant based solely on the description of the very word. Note you said “a business”, not businesses throughout DC.

  • I was pretty underwhelmed – I think I make a better grilled cheese at home.

    • That’s how I feel about The Big Cheese truck. Although I also think an infant could likely create a better grilled cheese than them.

      • Anonymous

        As you are fond of correcting word use (see your comments regarding incessant), your comment should read “I also think an infant could likely create a better grilled cheese than THEY.” As in an infant could create a better grilled cheese than they can or do, not them can nor them do. Glass houses and all.

        • You are absolutely correct. The difference is I can admit that, unlike many others.

  • jumpingjack

    I went once for lunch, it was pretty good, not fantastic. I’d probably go back more often if it weren’t a 15 minute walk from my office.
    I do wish, however, that they had more sandwich options in the evening. I went to a show at DAR a few weeks ago, and would have liked to have gotten dinner here beforehand, but it’s mostly just drinks and cheese boards at night. If they’re open, I don’t see why they don’t make sandwiches at night as well.

  • Emilie504

    Should have opened a mashed potato bar.

    • Anonymous

      Not a mashed potato bar, but a baked potato bar: http://www.potatovalleycafe.net/
      While it’s all the way in Annapolis, it is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone headed out to the shore.

  • I went recently. I think this place delivers on what it offers and is definitely better than what I had in mind when I first heard a grilled cheese place would be opening up in the neighborhood.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I went and it was great!

  • Damn, I keep forgetting about this place. Need to make it over there before our office moves. Actually, scratch that, our new office will be closer, so I’ll report back in 8 months!

  • textdoc

    I find the idea of cream-cheese ice-cream sandwiches more compelling than grilled cheese.
    Now I’m hungry! Time for lunch.

  • 20010

    If the sandwiches were like $7, then I think it would be worth it. But an $11 grilled cheese that is pretty good but not great…nah.

  • Anonymous

    They have a pretty decent happy hour, and Sophie, the cheesemonger, picked some great cheeses for us to go with our beers and wine.

  • Anony

    Definitely pricey but not too bad. Although we got into a discussion about what qualifies their sandwiches as a grilled cheese and not a panini.

    I probably won’t go back, but I didn’t hate it.

  • I can’t wait to see a judging of Red Light, assuming anyone will publicly admit to going there.

    • jumpingjack

      I went to Red Line last month, somewhat involuntarily (a friend organized a party there because she could reserve almost the entire patio at no cost). I got one cocktail that ostensibly had rye as the main ingredient. It tasted like Zima. I couldn’t drink it. I think that all of the cocktails incorporated powdered sugar in some manner (a friend got a different one which was also undrinkably sweet). They took the “dessert” concept too far. Stuck with wine after that.
      The patio was very nice, however, and the service was good.

      • jumpingjack

        Oops, Red Light, not Red Line. My bad.

    • Anon

      How come?


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