FroYenZo Closing F Street Location June 15th to make way for a “brand new office building”

by Prince Of Petworth June 12, 2014 at 4:25 pm 12 Comments


Didn’t realize “this block is coming down” – I was gonna say – I thought this FroZenYo made approximately a gazillion dollars as it is packed every single time I pass it at 1006 F Street, NW:

photo 2

  • brookland_rez

    That’s the one holdout downtown from the bad old days of downtown DC. The souvenir world place with it’s corrugated metal siding is such an eyesore. Good riddance.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed! The things in the back of the “souvenir” shop and it’s basement-bizarre and heralding back to the areas “red light district” past, as well as the other doors into that building.

      • brookland_rez

        I’ve never actually been inside. Maybe I will now before it’s gone forever.

    • Anonymous
      • brookland_rez

        Personally, not big on Am Eagle, but the building looks a lot nicer than what’s there now. And plenty of people will shop there, so it’s still a net positive for downtown.

      • brookland_rez

        Also, is it any surprise that the last holdout downtown is owned by Jemal Douglas?

        • Anon

          I agree …no love lost here. At this point Douglas Development seems to own downtown DC.

    • saf

      Remember when it was Up Against the Wall?

      • brookland_rez

        Ha ha. Yeah. Downtown has changed a lot.

      • downtown dude

        That was in the Kemp Mill Records era! This (re)development of the corner has been in the news for some time so it’s great to see it start moving.

    • textdoc

      I liked this FroZenYo, but good riddance to the souvenir shop.

  • anon

    I’m confused by the sign given there already is a Frozenyo on 7th st across from Verizon center


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