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From the Forum – Tax bill correction notice

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2014 at 2:10 pm 12 Comments

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Tax bill correction notice:

“On Friday I received a “Notice of correction and tax bill” from the Office of Tax and Revenue, basically identical to this one referenced in this Post article from 2010. In my notice it says I have to pay a massive amount that makes no sense, especially since I lived in DC for only 2 weeks in 2013.

Has anyone else received one of these? In the Post article it says the notices were sent in error, so I am hoping that is the case for me.”

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  • Anonymous

    Since you only lived in DC for two weeks this sounds unrelated to the issue in the post article.

    One would need so much more information to actually answer your question but it basically boils down to how much tax were you supposed to pay and how much did you pay? Without those answers (and you should know those answers), there’s nothing anyone can say to help you. Except that OTR’s walk-in office is usually pretty quick and efficient outside of tax season and I’d recommend going down there and seeing what the issue is.

  • anon

    This happened to me a few years ago. I had moved to DC very late in the year, and not worked in DC at all during the year. I filed in my previous state of residence, and also federal. But because I put a DC address on the federal return, they contacted me about being delinquent on DC tax (and had also waited 3 years to tell me, so it was accruing interest, and they were threatening to put me on a deliquency website) All I had to do was send them a copy of my other state’s income tax form, but it was a HUGE hassle.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I got one like that increasing my tax liability by about 10x what I paid with interest. I got with my accountant and called DC tax. They said it looks like an error (incorrectly placed decimal point!) and they would refer it internally to be cleared up. Was also advised to call back again in about 4 weeks if no letter correcting the mistake is received.

  • Anonymous

    That reminds me – I need to follow up with OTR on why they stole my $1.5K return from last year. I’d really like to fix this and get my money, but they are absolutely cryptic and difficult to get through to.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a little surprised you needed reminding to follow up on a missing/stolen $1.5k. Anyway, try calling them or stopping in with an open mind. They made a mistake on my return last year to the tune of $1k, and it took me two phone calls to get it sorted out with OTR.

      • Anonymous

        I wrote in the protest as indicated on their notice to me. I have yet to hear back from them. And “their system was down today”, so they couldn’t help me.

    • Anonymous

      Gah. 30 minutes on hold and “They can’t help me because the system is down.” I know better than to expect perfection, but it’s crappy when they’re holding onto a good chunk of money and don’t appear interested in resolving whatever issue they’ve dreamt up.

    • Anonymous

      sigh, no luck. “The system is down, so they can’t help me today.” Like trying to get the rent money from a junkie roommate…

  • sbc

    I would really encourage folks to go in person to OTR. I did that twice (once when I didn’t get my refund and once when I had a question about filing as a same-sex married couple before Windsor). In each case I had to wait a while but got very polite and helpful answers each time. Allowing them to actually see the documents I brought in got things resolved very quickly. In the case of my refund, it turned out it was totally a math error on my part on the previous year’s return (compounded by the fact that I’d moved and USPS hadn’t forwarded any of their previous notices).

  • KellyB

    This happened to me about 2 years ago. As noted in another comment, if you have a DC address when you file your taxes, this will catch up with you (took 3 years for me). If you lived in DC for less than 30 days that tax year, you do not have to file taxes in DC. When I called the sending office, they noted that I only needed to provide that I was not living in DC for the rest of the calendar. I provided them with a copy of my signed lease, which showed that I did not move into the address until mid-December that year. After they received that, my name was cleared from the list (or at lease I haven’t gotten anymore notices).

    I recommend calling to ensure you send the correct paperwork to them as it is not stated anywhere what is required. I at first sent a letter explaining; however, that was not sufficient. I hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    Just read:


    I learned of the recurring problems when I had similar problem with part year return. Going in person didn’t help….they admitted it was an error, said they would fix it, but never did.

    I only got my return when my councilman’s office intervened on my behalf!

  • Jenlen

    We encountered some tax issues related to the property we own. Without addressing the income tax matter just a few words of advice: document (emails) ALL communication with a POC at OTR. Even if you end up speaking with them on the phone, follow that up with an email to them summarizing the conversation as you understand it. You might need this later. The other is that we engaged a constituent services rep in our Ward Rep’s office (and copied them on the communication). This seemed to keep folks on their toes a bit more. As for the merits of the actual dispute, can’t comment but wish you luck in addressing!


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