From the Forum – Disposing of Cooking Oil and Ft. Totten Retail Development?

by Prince Of Petworth June 19, 2014 at 2:10 pm 8 Comments


Disposing of Cooking Oil:

“I’m curious to know the proper procedure for disposing of cooking oil in the District. An anonymous resident in my building periodically leaves a big jug of cooking oil next to the dumpster, which eventually leaks/attracts rodents. I thought it would need to be taken to Ft. Totten Transfer station, but the DC water website says to “Pour all cooking oil and grease from pots and pans into a covered waste grease container and recycle or dispose of in the trash.”(http://www.dcwater.com/wastewater/fats_oils_and_grease_program.cfm)

I’ve tried reaching out to DPW, but no response yet. So can I just throw this gallon jug of oil in the trash? Seems weird.”

Ft. Totten Retail Development:

“Any news on what is happening with the Caffritz “Art Place” property in Ft. Totten? The retail and apartment developments keep getting put on hold. Considering the property is walking distance to three metro lines, I don’t understand the hesitation to build.”

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  • vv

    Yeah, having the trash people take away your cooking oil is a lot better than people tossing it down the drain, which is probably what a lot of people would just end up doing if they had to bring it all the way to a transfer facility.

  • RE: Ft. Totten Retail Development

    It looks like groundbreaking is imminent. They’ve installed a new, larger gate and now block 4th and Hamilton streets. They’ve also built construction trailers and WMATA has installed signs at its bus stops on Galloway Street saying they will be discontinued for the next two years.

  • Nope

    Heh, that’s Ashley and Bentley Storm’s business! They used to own the former Hot Yoga (now Yoga Fusion) studio in Tenleytown. They collect a lot from that Tenleytown Whole Foods. Nice people!

    • Anonymous

      Are they turning it into biofuel or something?

      • Nope

        Yup I think that’s the gist of it.

  • Anonymous

    I live within walking distance to the Ft. Totten development, they are definitely making progress! Workers have been there everyday and that new bigger fence was put up as well as closing the road that runs through the apartment complex. Any word on what retailers are going to be potentially moving in? I thought there was supposed to be a grocery store but with Walmart being built literally a few blocks down I heard that was scratched? I would be happy with anything, we only have 7-11’s within walking distance. A coffee shop, restaurants and other retail will be fabulous

  • ah

    I sure hope tossing in the trash is the right thing – I put grease in a tomato can and when it’s full double bag it and put it in the trash.

  • KC

    I put grease/cooking oil in a tin can in the freezer. When it’s full, then I throw it away… and it stays solid until it gets picked up.


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