Filipino Restaurant Coming to 11th Street Applies for Liquor License

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2014 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

3226 11th Street, NW looking north towards Lamont Street and Room 11

Progress continues at the Filipino restaurant coming to the former El Rinconcito Deportivo space on 11th Street between Kenyon and Lamont. It’s gonna be called Chikiting Ed. Note: Owner Nick Pimentel says Chikiting is just the trade name, no official name yet and a liquor license placard posted out front says:

“We will be an upscale neighborhood restaurant serving Filipino cuisine. Total Occupancy
Load 15

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Thursday: 10am – 2am, Friday and Saturday: 10am – 3am.

looking south towards Bloombars and Wonderland

  • Anonymous

    Ive been super pumped about this for awhile. While I wish this was going in on the Upshur Corridor in Petworth, Ill gladly make the walk to check it out. Did I read that correctly though? Occupancy of 15?

    • Anonymous

      Curious what makes something a ‘corridor’? *serious question*

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure there’s an official definition, but I’d define it as continuous density of retail businesses on one street. One could argue that it’s “quality” retail businesses, but whatever.

        So I’d put the successful/established “corridors” in the city as:
        U St NW
        H St NE
        14th St NW
        18th St NW (Adams Morgan)
        Barracks Row (Which would likely be the 8th st corridor if it wasn’t called barracks row)
        …I’m not counting M St in Georgetown, as that’s just “georgetown,” but one could argue it is too.

        The new corridors:
        11th St (Columbia Heights)
        7th St (Shaw)
        1st St NW (Bloomingdale)

        The not-quite there corridors:
        Upshur St NW (Petworth)
        12th St NE (Brookland)

        The maybe-one-day corridor:
        Kennedy (Brightwood)

        • Anonymous

          You definitely get around to know the city, nice, but what about Georgia Ave?

          • Anonymous

            PP (9:55) here. I’d frankly consider Georgia too big a street to really be a corridor. I’d actually probably say the same about 14th, though the 14th corridor is really RI Ave to V or W St.
            Georgia definitely has the potential for some corridors (say, from Lion Liquors to Qualia…Otis to Randolph? Could be anchored by the new Starbucks coming in at Safeway). But going back to my statement about *quality* retail, Georgia is hurting pretty badly. There are a few cool businesses (Qualia, DC Reynolds, Mothership, Looking Glass, etc)..but not a critical mass for a corridor yet. If I take the stretch from Otis to NH Ave, that’s about the closest you’ll get (DCR, Looking Glass, Park View Patio, Lion’s, Fish in the Hood & that kinda cool looking antique shop). But that’s really mostly one side of the block, with a lot of crap still between. I’d put it in the not-quite-there category.

        • Anonymous

          Good explanation. I agree with your labels but not 100% about 1st Street. What do others think?

          • Anonymous

            On further reflection, yeah…1st St is pretty much just one block of cool stuff :) Was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt.

        • jaybird

          Connecticut Ave. has a few corridors: Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase, and maybe even Van Ness.

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be awesome.

  • Park

    I fail to understand how you can have a neighborhood restaurant that only seats 15. I wonder if Little Serow calls itself that…

    • Anonymous

      I can seat 8 in my dining room of my small apartment. I assume they will make use of the outdoor space for half the year. Also, this is owned by the Room 11 folks and they purchased the place adjoining. I bet they are waiting to see if there is a market for upscale Filipino food then expand (similarly as Room 11 did next door)

  • Anonymous

    “Upscale.” …fancy!

  • Anonymous

    I miss El Rinconcito Deportivo, best tacos EVER.

    • Anonymous

      +1 and one of few regular priced quick options. Lady who ran it was friendly and wasn’t given any information on how to continue her business they sold the building. My guess is the wanted to “upscale” it

  • Anonymous

    Ughhh not “upscale!”


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