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Driveby Shots Fired Monday 3:30pm on 1400 block of V Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 17, 2014 at 11:05 am 22 Comments

A reader sends from CM Jim Graham posted on the U Street listserv:

“Dear friends ~~~Today [Monday] at 3:30 IN THE AFTERNOON there there was a drive-by shooting on 1400 block of V street NW. The only damage was to car windows but oh my god what might have happened!! I have been in touch with MPD~~~they are actively looking for information. All very grateful that nobody was hurt.

It brings to mind the shooting that occurred late last year at about the same location

Surely this must relate to some kind of gang beef or other insane behavior

Now asking MPD to release All relevant information

Councilmember jim graham”

Updates when more info is known/released

  • LoganMom

    And right near Harrison Playground. Fabulous.

    • fenster77

      And only two blocks from the 3rd District station. wtf.

      • Ward One Resident

        Not being glib here, but proximity to the District headquarters doesn’t mean anything. I can think of at least five murders within the past few years that have happened within 5 blocks of 3D.

  • Anonymous

    School is out.

    • Anonymous

      No, actually, it is not.

  • Ward One Resident

    While I’m not thrilled with his replacement, this hysterical email is one of the reasons I’m glad to see him go.

    And no, Anonymous (11:45am) school is not out. Not until Friday.

  • AG

    Did a council member just use the word “beef,” and not in reference to a meat product?

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting. Harrison playground — a block away — is chock-full of kids from Inspired Teaching School, the YMCA, and who knows what else on sunny weekdays.

    The lowlife who did this should be exterminated like a cockroach.

  • Former W Street Resident

    This is no surprise. I lived on the 1400 block of W Street for the last 7 years. It is the same old story. There are a group of adults (some from the neighborhood and others that just visit) that spend all day and night going in between the 1400 block of V Street and the 1400 block of W Street, terrorizing the neighborhood. They party (drink and do drugs) all day and DEAL drugs as well. The police are fully aware of the situation (emailed, called and met them face-to-face) to tell them atleast 100 times (I am not exaggerating). But, nothing changes. I get excuses like — “well, if we arrive and we do not see them using drugs or dealing drugs, then no arrest can be made.” How about you stick around for awhile? See what happens when the police remain on the block. I bet these criminals will leave. We need foot patrol! This is one of the reasons why I left the neighborhood. I feared for my safety.

    • Anonymous

      Was interested in a property on that block 4 years ago, but driving through there at various times night and day significantly diminished my interest due to always seeing unattractive loitering.

    • Wobble

      The truth of the matter is that the police and the prosecutors have a hard time getting convictions on these low-lifes — the “No snitchin” culture, and juries of their peers who are not interesting in convicting.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t be opposed to the installation of “anti-crime” surveillance cameras pointed at their favorite haunts. Hard for the police to turn a blind eye when the shenanigans are caught on tape.

      If that fails, blast classical music.: it’s kryptonite to low life’s.

  • Anonymous

    I used to live at V & New Hampshire and walked on this street every day. There are people loitering all hours of the day and night. I thought the opening of Diego may discourage it, but it hasn’t seemed to make a difference. There aren’t any “no loiter” laws in DC, but more foot patrols would make a difference.

  • anonnnnnny

    I wonder if these problems will abate once they knock down the Portner Place apartments?

  • silver-shine metal

    Hope they didnot hit my Camry 2014 !!

  • Former W Street Resident

    There’s a police surveillance camera at the corner of 14th and W Streets which I am told does not work. It is there to “deter” crime. But, if you want to deter crime, you have to add teeth. Nobody ever gets arrested. So, what is the deterrent? The police are so aware as are members of the DC Council, etc. It only becomes a problem when a bullet goes through someone’s apartment (like it did on V and 14th last year). Then, everyone is concerned. But, then, it goes back to the norm – drug dealing all day and night. If the police actually walked “the beat,” these criminals would go away. But, our police drive in cars or sit in cars and do nothing. If they got out of the car, and just walked over to the group of hoodlums standing at a corner (not bothering them), guess what…those criminals would leave. Why? Because they can’t deal drugs with the police there! If the police did this regularly (can’t expect them to do it every night), I think there would be HUGE difference on the blocks of 1400 V and W Streets. Unfortunately, we are left alone and scared for our safety while we watch illegal drug dealing day and night.

    • Anonymous

      If the problem is that police are not witnessing the drug deals, and residents see the deals all the time, why don’t the cops put on street clothes so that they can catch people in the act of dealing? Seems like an easier and more straightforward approach than fake non-working security cameras.

  • DC

    DC will always be DC. Corrupt city government and horrible food. Loiter on!


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