• well the number is 7002 so i’d guess….yes?

  • Well since it has the number “7002” on it … I’m gonna go with nope, it’s an old 1000-series car.

  • Emilie504

    The car is numbered 7002 which means part of the 7000 series.

  • bright


  • kd21

    Is this a trick question?

    • Look it’s well known that I drink a lot and it’s well known that I drink even more during the world cup so please be nice to me. Having said that, I’m an idiot. :)

      • brightwoodess

        As I say to my boyfriend when he says silly things “You’re soooo pretty.”

      • kd21

        In that case, here’s to a good match between Costa Rica and Italy – hopefully Italy can make the next 20 minutes interesting. Cheers!

      • Lol. Love it PoP.

      • Emilie504

        All mistakes are forgiven during the World Cup!

      • saf


  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that they’re testing it, most likely as part of the Silver Line testing phase. I think I remember hearing that the first batch of the new cars will be deployed on the new line.

    • Anonymous

      silver line and 7000 series, while related, are two separate efforts. In theory, silver should be opening pre-7000 series. this car is a test.. once it passes they’ll fix what needs to be fixed and build the rest of them. 7000s will be used on all lines and the 1000s (and eventually 2000 and 4000s) will slowly be phased out.

      • Anonymous

        Unclear what approach Metro will take in deploying the 7000 series, but it’s important to remember that Metro ordered 60-some new cars specifically to serve the Silver Line. Until those 7000 series cars are delivered, they will be relying on reserve cars that normally aren’t in service (even during peak hours) due to maintenance/repairs.

        Which means if you think we’ve got a lot of train malfunctions and hot cars now, just wait until the Silver Line opens. I believe the finalized 7000 series cars won’t start to be delivered until Q4, so Metro’s stock will be stretched to its limits for 4-6 months.

        It will probably make sense to prioritize the new 7000 series for the Silver, Orange, and Blue lines, since Metro would want their most reliable cars on that now triply-shared line to reduce the risk of delays there, since that would affect much of the system. The Red line would also be a candidate for deployment since the 7000 series cars will be all 8-car trains.

        I doubt you will ever see the new 7000 series on the Yellow and Green lines, though given all the development on those lines, eventually 8-car trains will be necessary. To do that, Metro has to first upgrade the third rail to support that many cars. So it probably won’t happen until Metro deploys the 8000 series, which is planned to replace the 2000 and 3000 (and probably 5000) series cars, starting in about 10 years.


    Dude, Can’t we just talk about sports?

    • neighborly

      Good one!

    • RMahoney


  • Anonymous

    Interesting. I haven’t seen any of them. I’m more interested to see what the inside will look like though.

  • Looks good, if there was some smoke on the photo I would say it arrived from some time in the future :D

  • Mug of Glop

    As much as I can’t wait to ride them, that car looks too much like it should be filled with sardines.

  • They’ve got 4-8 out testing now (but not in revenue service). Assuming all goes well, the production lines should be up and running by the end of the year (with deliveries starting in 2015, I think).

  • Eponymous

    The strange thing is that this looks like the red line platform. I thought they were only going to run on the silver line?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this makes me feel old. When I moved here, the 4000-series cars were still relatively new, and we were awaiting the new 5000-series cars.

  • Anonymous

    Western Europe had train cars like that in the 1960’s.
    Our “new” is still hopelessly old.
    Modern trains have BOA construction (no doors between the cars) and don’t need a 20th Century conductor to announce (with muffled sound) what the next stop is. Even better, there is a light-up sign above the door that shows where you are -and that’s technology from the 1990’s.


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