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Check Out the Menu for the Newly Reopened – The Gryphon “Meat & Raw Bar Social House” in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 11:11 pm 42 Comments

1337 Connecticut Ave, NW

A couple weeks ago we learned the shuttered sports bar, The Gryphon, would transform into a “Meat & Raw Bar Social House” on Connecticut Ave just south of Dupont Circle. Their website now says:

“The Meat & Raw Bar Food Experience

The Gryphon is a new dining concept in Washington, DC from the owners of Lost Society, a boutique steakhouse on the corner of 14th St. and U St., NW.

Just as Lost Society changed the traditional perception of a steakhouse, the Gryphon is designed to change the perception of dining with friends, family and neighbors.

The Gryphon is a Meat & Raw Bar Social House. These words encompass the entire dining experience presented at the Gryphon.”

On their facebook page the description continues:

“The food experience is “meat-centric” with a heavy emphasis on beef. But the menu includes a variety of options for pork, lamb, seafood and, of course, an outstanding oyster based raw bar that includes shrimp, lobster and clams.

Our philosophy, is to bring out the experience of enjoying the meats and other food on the menu through two things:

The Preparation – such as curing, grilling, broiling, roasting and aging; and

The Presentation – EVERYTHING is plated to share or “pre-cut.” We encourage all of our guests to order with that in mind.

Social dining provides ours guest with exceptional food and drink (specially crafted cocktails, selected beers and wine) and puts them together in a lively, fun, and energetic atmosphere at the Gryphon. The Gryphon is our “house” and our guests should feel as if they were invited to a well planned neighborhood dinner party with their closest friends, family and neighbors. To us, this is more than just getting food out at a restaurant, it’s the experience of dining together and being connected to one another through the food and drink. Hence the term, Social House.

As such, sharing is the aspect that completes the dining experience. That experience is incomplete without friends, family and neighbors. Effectively, the food and drink connect us to one another, and we are connected to one another through the food and drink.

Here at the Gryphon we encourage eating and drinking to socialize and socializing through eating and drinking. Whether it’s through dinner, lunch, brunch or just a drink at the bar, the Gryphon is designed to be a friendly, engaging and energetic place where friends, family and neighbors can regularly meet to catch up and/or celebrate, or just make new friends altogether.”

And they’ve posted their new menu outside:


Menu continues after the jump.










  • Anonymous

    finally a place where i can get some $15 small plates!

    • Anonymous

      and corona in draft AND in a bottle!

  • Anonymous

    “Brussel Sprouts” is spelled wring.

    • Anonymous

      “Wring” is spelled wrang.

      • Anonymous


      • textdoc


  • Anonymous

    Finally, a place that will drown oysters in worcestershire, smoked maple hot sauce, and cilantro! Because I want oysters that taste like maple syrup and soap.

    • Anonymous

      Greetings fellow anonymouse who also thinks cilantro tastes like soap!

  • Social House Bro

    Everyone is so down on this place, but personally, I can’t wait to pop my collar and enjoy the two-dollar savings I’ll get on my lobster cocktail during happy hour! Also excited to try the new hybrid Natty Greene stout/pale ale that is so exclusive to this place it doesn’t exist in the so-called “real world.” (Of course, I’ll wash all that down with three–maybe four–Corona lights ON TAP!)

    • Anonymous

      Bro, do you even lift?

      • Anonymous

        Clown question, bro.

  • Rich

    Because we can’t have enough restaurants with ridiculous high concept menus. A refreshing change from places that merely are mediocre and overpriced.

  • Ryan

    This actually looks pretty awesome. I’d check it out, prices are pretty consistent with the rest of this city.

  • Anonymous

    How the hell are they pricing Golden Monkey below the Prima Pills? Same question for Basil Hayden vs. Bulleit. Basil Hayden is almost twice as expensive as Bulleit per bottle (and far tastier in my opinion).

    • Anonymous


      • bll

        they also spelled bulleit wrong.

    • Bnon

      Not a fan of BH, but Bulleit is great bang for the buck.

      • Boozehound

        Different distillers (Beam vs. LDI) but honestly, they don’t taste all that different from each other. Both also feature pretty high rye mashbills. Yeah, BH is pricier and lower proof, but in terms of flavors, I have a hard time understanding how one could like one and legitimately not like the other.

  • sproc

    I hope it finds its audience. I checked out the first iteration–briefly–but given that it was so loud I couldn’t hear myself think (at about 6PM on a weeknight!) I had no desire to stay. I suppose “social house” now means texting across your table to be understood.

    • Anonymous

      WTF is the POINT of paying the month’s rent for three spicy maple soap oysters if I can’t scream at the small plates? I’m paying for the vibrant buzz. If I wanted to take a nap I’d pass out in a library.

      • MsSunshine

        So thankful, as I approach senility, that plate screaming has become the new normal.

  • “The Gryphon is a Meat & Raw Bar Social House. These words encompass the entire dining experience presented at the Gryphon.”
    And yet the felt the need to follow it up with multiple paragraphs. Full of gems like this one:
    “As such, sharing is the aspect that completes the dining experience. That experience is incomplete without friends, family and neighbors.”
    So, if you’re a single guy who just moved to the city, don’t even bother showing up here. Because your experience will be incomplete and depressing to all around you.

    • Also LOL @ “Bookers Noes”

    • Anonymous

      Singleton beware!

  • KenyonDweller

    I really prefer not to be treated like a 5-year-old and served pre-cut steak. I’ll stick to the traditional “dining concept.”

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      I can think of a few situations where pre-cut meat would be helpful ;-)

    • jim_ed

      God knows I do. After a long day of getting swoll and taking shirtless selfies at the gym and CRUSHING 7-8 ON TAP Corona Lights, I just don’t have the energy left to cut my own steak, and usually end up chewing directly on the bone like an animal.

    • Anonymous

      you mean your tradition, not the tradition.

    • Anonther

      Pre-cut steak is too much like the old “Pre-chew Charlies” skit on classic SNL for me to take it seriously.

    • Anonymous

      I guess the sort of people they’re trying to cater to are used to having nearly everything else done for them, so having the strenuous task of cutting a steak taken care of in advance is something they might expect.

  • Anonymous

    This place should add a $17 small plate of Baba Gadouche to their menu – sums the entire concept up perfectly!

  • Glinda

    Don’t care for the pre cut and plated to share thing. Because sometimes you go out with people who don’t like the same thing you like. It makes it a pain to order. I like small plates because I like to try different things but I like them individually sized so I don’t have to coordinate the ordering with every single person in my party. Everyone now has different diets and tastes so the sharing thing doesn’t always work out great.

  • James

    This place was a complete disaster with rude staff and management when it first opened last winter as a lounge/club/sports bar/whatever else they wanted to call themselves. Unless they made some changes I can’t see this being a success.

  • textdoc

    Did somebody actually write this with a straight face? “Effectively, the food and drink connect us to one another, and we are connected to one another through the food and drink.”

    • sproc

      Having lived in Japan for a couple of years, it sounds hilariously similar to some of the English language marketing businesses use over there to sound fancy and exclusive, typically filled with head-scratching translations.

      • textdoc

        I lived in Japan too! (For a year.) I miss the off-kilter English sometimes, and the custom of placing random English on all kinds of available surfaces — e.g., the sides of a vending machines, the covers of bound or spiral notebooks, etc.

  • BBBB

    I hope they have valet parking, I can’t get my parents’ benz scratched

  • Bnon

    Bulleit bourbon more expensive than Basil Hayden’s? Really?

    • Assuming the bar manager isn’t a total idiot, you will sometimes see this if they’ve got a hook-up with one brand rep versus the other. The restaurant may get kickbacks for selling x number of cases of something. Not saying it’s all legit, but it definitely happens.

  • Anonymous

    $9 for a DC Brau

  • mcd

    Lost Society is a steakhouse?
    $7 for a Fat Tire…wtf is going on in this city. When you can get a Miller Lite at happy hour for the great discounted price of $5 there is something wrong. Instead of “The Rent is too Damn High” I want a “The Drinks are too Damn Expensive” voting slate for the next election please.


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