• Fancy!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously. Who ARE you, H street?

      • They’ve got to keep up with the Western end ;)

  • chelsea

    Who cares, unless they want to start serving good food and fire consistently the rude staff.

    • gaa


    • Ally

      I actually like their food, and the staff have always been very friendly to me.

  • Anonymous

    That’s actually the side that faces Maryland Avenue.

  • YOLO

    Was in last Monday with my wife, noticed a large cockaroach near the kitchen. Told our waitress who told another server. This woman just swatted it down like it was no big deal. We got an apology from our waitress but that was it. As a neighbor, I was sorely disappointed.

    • How should she have handled it?

      • wdc

        Yeah, I can’t imagine what else could have been done. Unless the posted was looking for a comped meal. *eyeroll*

    • Anonymous

      most places you eat at have roaches. you just don’t see it.

      • Anonymous

        But that makes all the difference. I know that most restaurants in urban areas have pest problems, but if I have to see it, or even hear about it, I’m never going back there. Sorry.

  • YOLO

    @ Anonymous 10:37, like you said, “most places you eat at have roaches. you just don’t see it.” If you are into seeing roaches when you go out for a meal than that works for you.

    @justinbc and wdc, sorry that I didn’t clarify, no expection of anything comped. My expectation was that she would inform a manager and he would at least come by the table to apologize/confirm that he or she was told of the problem. Maybe that is also expecting too much when one dines out.

    • Yeah, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a manager to be alerted if a customer actually sees a roach on premises.

      • textdoc

        +1 to YOLO and justinbc on this.
        And if you SEE a roach — with people around and in broad daylight — it means there’s not just a problem, but a pretty severe problem.

  • anona

    If you see something, say something.


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