• dcreal

    Must be MD driver…

    • Anonymous

      perhaps a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  • Anonymous

    It takes a LOT of force to flip a Corolla! I wonder how fast they were going. People speed through that intersection pretty frequently down 9th.

  • missmph

    I walked by shortly after it happened. The car that was flipped over was a DC city government car (or at least it had the DC city logos on the sides). Very scary – there was still someone in the flipped car. The people involved looked pretty shaken up.

  • Anonymous

    i always think a car naturally catches on fire when flipped over. too much GTA i guess

  • JIZ86

    I was on the the corner of 9th and M when it happened. I heard the crash and looked over to see the flipped car. I saw the driver get out of the gold car and she seemed pretty calm. Luckily while a friend of mine was on the phone with 911 a DC cop pulled up within a minute of the accident. The cop checked on the person(s) in the flipped over car and seemed to tell them to remain calm and hang in their until the fire department came to get them out which was only about two minutes later.

  • Timindc

    I saw it happen. DC car (corolla) was south bound on 9th and pulled a left turn in front of the north bound car. It was t-boned right in middle of passenger side, bounced off and flipped onto roof. Driver was extracted by fire department, was conscious whole time, talked on her cell phone while on the back board on the ground.

    • oh2dc

      I am happy to hear the injuries do not appear grave. I walk through here almost every weekday to and from work. I see some pretty reckless left-hand turns from the southbound direction, as you described. This, combined with the usual high rate of speed north and south here and decent volume of pedestrians (1 block from metro), makes a dangerous situation. Not sure about the best solution, but clearly this is an issue.

    • Anonymous

      Bet she was on the phone when it actually happened too.

  • Charlie

    The curb goes in and out there because there’s, like, a pull-up-and-park lane for the convention center. I’m betting the person didn’t see that because their eyes were adjusting from light to shade back to light and flipped.

    • oh2dc

      Based on the witness account from Timindc, above, that is not what happened here.

  • DC

    DC Government fleet tag.

    • Anonymous

      That means definitely a Maryland driver inside. Sorry. It’s true. Hope she’s okay.


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