Photo of Person of Interest Sought in Two (Unsuccessful) Bank Robberies Yesterday

by Prince Of Petworth June 13, 2014 at 9:25 am 14 Comments


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a person of interest in reference to two Bank Robberies which occurred at Wells Fargo Banks, located in the 3300 block of 14th Street, NW and the 3200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

At approximately 10:00 am on Thursday, June 12, 2014, an unknown individual entered the Wells Fargo Bank located at 3325 14th St., NW, approached the teller and demanded money. Without receiving money, the individual left the bank. At approxi­mately noon, the same individual entered the Wells Fargo Bank located at 3200 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, approached the teller and demanded money. Without receiving money, the individual left the bank. The unknown bank robber is described as a black male, 30-40 years old, with a moustache and goatee. He was wearing a black suit and tie with a blue shirt and black sneakers. He also wore black sunglasses and a black knit hat with a brim.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these offenses.”

  • Slappy J

    So, is he an inept, yet polite bank robber? I’m trying to fathom how he walked into two banks and walked out without money in either case. In my mind, he walks in demands money, is rebuffed, and then apologises for the inconvenience and heads for another bank.

    • I think he just likes harassing Wells Fargo employees.

  • Anonymous

    Diddy robbed a bank?

  • Anon

    He needs fashion tips.

  • MAR

    I really dont understand why robbing banks is still a thing…the chances of actually stealing (a worthwhile amount of) money without a dye pack and somehow not getting caught are so so slim these days.

    I would also imagine that the penalties would be harsh…more so than robbing a person on the street or a house or something.

    • Emilie504

      Growing up my dad always told us to rob a grocery store not a bank b/e we would get more money. With the rise of debit/credit cards, who would you rob now a days? A bar?

      • anon


        -Yolanda: This place? A coffee shop? Ringo: What’s wrong with that? Nobody ever robs restaurants. Why not? Bars, liquor stores, gas stations; you get your head blown off sticking up one of them. Restaurants, on the other hand, you catch with their pants down. They’re not expecting to get robbed. Not as expectant, anyway. Yolanda: I bet you could cut down on the hero factor in a place like this.
        -Ringo: Correct. Just like banks, these places are insured. Manager? He don’t give a fuck. He’s just trying to get you out the door before you start plugging the diners. Waitresses? Fucking forget it. No way are they taking a bullet for the register. Busboy, some wetback getting paid a dollar fifty an hour, really give a fuck you’re stealing from the owner? Customers are sitting there with food in their mouths; they don’t know what’s going on. One minute they’re having a Denver omelette; the next minute, someone’s sticking a gun in their face.

        • PRO1982

          My wallet is the one that says Bad Mofo… Classic.

      • food trucks

    • Anonymous

      Anyone read the story about the middle class dad in TX who got his kids to start robbing banks with him as a family bonding exercise? Really bizarre.

    • KenyonDweller

      Bank robbers are among the stupidest of criminals, that’s why.

  • Ally

    Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds less like an attempted bank robbery and more like somebody being a complete moron.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, maybe he was just overly-aggressively trying to withdraw some money from his checking account. Hence the multiple attempts at Wells Fargo branches.


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