$20 All You Can Eat Steamed Shrimp and Bottomless Sam Summer Ale at Duffy’s

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 4:45 pm 21 Comments

2106 Vermont Ave, NW by 9:30 Club

From an email:

“Starting this Saturday thru Labor day Weekend

Sam Adams Saturdays on Duffy’s Patio

Bottomless Sam Adams Summer Ale

All U Can Eat Jumbo Peel and Eat Shrimp

$20 (Cash Only)

11:30am to 4pm every Saturday thru Labor Day Weekend”

  • dcreal

    My type of dealll…but im guessing shrimp won’t be devained.

    • NoKethup

      When are Peel and Eat Shrimp ever deveined?

    • ah

      That man ate all our shrimp . . . and two plastic lobsters!

      • Anonymous

        But the sign said, “All you can eat!”

    • Anonymous

      They’re peal and eat. You devein them yourself. You don’t really have to though, it won’t hurt you and it really doesn’t affect the taste.

      • saf

        ding dong the shrimp are dead…

  • Anonymous

    $20 cash only? Did this fall off a back of a truck?

    • Anonymous

      He was one of the city’s biggest hijackers of booze, cigarettes, razor blades, shrimp and lobsters – shrimp and lobsters were best, they went really fast. – Henry Hill

    • mcd

      Despite the compelling post below, I think this one is the best bot.

    • anon

      I will support anything The communist Guardian is against. More shrimp for me!

  • Anonymous

    amirite or amirite? (though this is a pretty funny bot)

    • Anonymous

      And I really want one of those shirts.

  • Anonymous

    cheap seafood? no thanks. seafood is definitely something I prefer to pay more for.

    • Anonymous

      Well la dee dah, Mister Fancy French Man.

  • Anonymous

    This makes me wish I had no kids.

    • I’m sure you could get at least $20 for them.

      • textdoc

        Actual LOL.

  • Beaver Boys

    Shrimp! And white wine!

  • Anonymous

    All you can eat shrimp and all you can drink beer?!

    • Anonymous

      yes, unless by “bottomless” they mean “without pants.”


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