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  1. I can’t begin to explain my disappointment considering all of the other development Upshur has seen lately. Unbelievable.

  2. Where do you suggest hair extension stores should be located?

  3. “Unbelievable”? That someone unknown to you chose to invest in and run a business that apparently doesn’t suit your personal needs and idiosyncrasies? Wow.

  4. The point, I believe, was that there are already multitudes of beauty shops, barbershops and hair extension places within a couple blocks. How many do we need? Sometimes I think there are more hair related businesses than places to eat!

  5. I hear what you are saying, but I don’t think that area is a great example of lack of restaurant choices – or at least it won’t be once the current projects are done. Right now you’ve got Petworth Citizen, Domku, and El Toreagos (sp?). The Japanese-French place and the place in the space on the island across from the library are coming. That’s 5 sit down restaurants. Plus you’ve got the two more informal soul food restaurants on that block, and the barbeque place next to Yes Organics. Two blocks up from that is Chex Billy. That’s a pretty good plate to choose from.

  6. Different anon

    Well, except that *everybody* eats food, so it makes some sense if there are lots of restaurants. Hair extensions have a much more limited clientele (though admittedly I have no idea how often one goes to a hair extensions salon or how many customers the owner has to have to keep the doors open.)

  7. More like unbeweavable!

  8. LOL!

  9. Fwor the win! lol

  10. I was waiting for that….someone was going to say it!

  11. There’s big money in hair extensions. And apparently this group is a major player:

    I’ll bet they make more money than the bookstore does.

  12. I was so sad when I saw this store the other day. I loved Corehaus and I was sad to see it go, but to find out it was replaced by another hair related biz is so disappointing. It will be interesting to see what effect the three restaurants/bars by Paul Ruppert plus his bookstore have on this block once they open. Any news on what’s replacing the China America take out?

  13. Apparently there’ll be a coffee shop. I spoke with the owner/proprietor the other day when the door was open.

  14. What became of Corehaus and the owner?

  15. I’m not disappointed just a bit surprised that there is still growing demand for hair extensions when there are at least five other places to buy them within five blocks of this location. That’s just a fact. And the review of the year over year demographic data backs this up. It’s not a growing demo in this area.

  16. You mean there are less black people and the number of black people is trending down. I think more women are comfortable wearing weaves so demand is likely up and women will travel for their hair. High end weaves are expensive so a shop would likely want to be in nicer location to attract the right clientele. I know another shop plans to open on GA Avenue near the Petworth Metro. You might be surprised by who is actually opening the shop.

  17. Wow. The comments on this are pretty sad.

    “Unbelievable” and “disappointing” that someone chooses to open a business that doesn’t cater to your demographic.

    Funny thing is I knew exactly what to expect when opening this thread.

  18. It won’t suit me but best of luck to the new business and I hope they are successful. Welcome to the neighborhood

  19. I won’t speak for those who have already commented but I sure would prefer a business that I can use. It’s that simple and there’s nothing racist about it. Unless they turn out to be bad neighbors I don’t have a problem with them, but I can’t use it.

  20. I think the comments about this thread speak to the changing makeup of the neighborhood. People were pretty excited about Petworth Citizen, Crane & Turtle and the new Bookstore. Petworth Citizen is always packed. There is nothing “wrong” with this business, in fact, I wish them well. It’s just not for me. There is still plenty of space available. Personally, I hope to see a sports pub, bakery, ice cream shoppe or a family friendly place like 2 Amy’s.

  21. I find a bunch of these on the ground when walking my dog.

  22. I say this is the lesser of two weavils. It could have been a pawn shop…. that would have really caused a ruckus!


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