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  1. Any more details that anyone can give? I live on this block and I know there’s a basketball court with kids and older men sometimes hanging out but they never seem to be causing any trouble, so I’m curious how the events unfolded. Worrisome.

  2. It looks like the leading edge of this warm front has interspersed with it an isolated chance of stabby.

  3. The loitering by degenerates between Girard and Irving on 14 is infuriating, and DCPD doesn’t do anything about it. These people sell drugs, illegal cigarettes, and harass women all day. Police are usually in the general vicinity but just sit in their cars, read their phones and do nothing. WTF?!?

  4. It’s the same areas, the same criminals, committing the same crimes. If an area is a known problem, why not create a special task force?

  5. I agree, I live on 14th and Harvard and I have gotten fed up with the loitering “riff raff” along 14th street. I guess DCPD’s solution to this stabbing was to once again bring out the stadium flood lights on the alley of 14th and Girard/Harvard. What DCPD fails to realize is that this is not an effective tactic, there was a shooting there 3-4 weeks ago 1 night after the flood lights were out. Does anyone know of public forums where concerned citizens can voice their opinions? What is the most effective course of action to increase enforcement along 14th street? I am tired of being physically and verbally threatened, witnessing drug sales, walking my girlfriend to and from the metro because she is scared, and seeing people urinate all over the Unity Healthcare building. It is a joke as a taxpayer and as someone who overpays to live in this degenerate ridden area.

  6. Imagine that! I try as much as possible to avoid walking down this area of 14th and will go out of the way to 16th because it is constantly infested with these loitering degenerates. I’d say the police need to step it up and do something worth while but as I understand it there are no laws to prevent them from loitering. Bored teens who hang around in that area are bound to end up doing no good.


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