Washington, DC

6937-6939 Laurel Ave

From a press release:

“As for the spring happy hour menu, which is offered Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Chesapeake Bay oysters will be available for $1, while West Coast, New England and other oysters will be $2.35. Cocktails include the People’s Shrub and a Tom Collins or John Collins for $5, Aperol Spritzes for $6, Natty B’Ohs are available for $2, and half pints of three select local beers are available for $3. Wines by the glass include a rotating selection of red, white and sparkling for $5. Bites such as steamed blue shell mussels Addie’s style are available for $7, fried oysters for $8, and fried pickles with chipotle remoulade for $6.

The full menu is available here:

Spring Happy Hour Menu (PDF)

On the cocktail front, bar manager Brett Robison and Chef/Owner Danny Wells experimented with making a house-made bitter lemon syrup which is featured in three of the new drinks. By borrowing from Belgian brewing techniques, they created a syrup with a balance of lemon aroma and bitterness. The lemon peels are spread out over a wide flat surface, and then boiling hot simple syrup is poured over the peels, which flash cooks them, but leaves the essential oils in tact. He then cools and strains the liquid, and keeps it in a covered container for 24 hours.

He uses the syrup in three new cocktails including: the Bitter Presbyterian, made with George T. Dickel Sour Mash Whiskey, Domaine de Canton, bitter lemon syrup, a Peychaud’s float, lime juice, and mint. The second cocktail is a “NY/DC G&T” made with Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin from NY, Jack Rudy Tonic, bitter lemon syrup, and lemon, orange and lime wheels. The third is called the Virgo, and is made in the style of a Sazerac, with Catoctin Creek 1757 Brandy, Bitter Lemon Syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters, Angostura Bitters and lemon peel.

See the full cocktail menu here:

Cocktail Menu (PDF)


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