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Peet’s Coffee and Tea Hoping to Come to Logan Circle Location at Some Point

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2014 at 11:11 pm 42 Comments

14th and Rhode Island Avenue, NW

Yesterday we learned the first Peet’s had opened at 17th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Lots of folks were curious about the status of the Logan Circle location at 14th and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. I’m happy to have finally tracked down that date – their PR rep tells me that the Logan Circle location will be one of the last to transition and will open in early December.

UPDATE: Some communication problems from the Peet’s folks. Now a rep tells me that there is no known date for a Logan location. I specifically asked if they will be opening in this location (even in a new building) and all the could confirm was that there is no opening date and they would update me “as soon as we have more information.” I’m gonna take that as a maybe…

  • StatingTheObvious

    Err…wasn’t Abdo knocking this building down to build new condos or whatever? http://abdo.com/content/abdo-returns-logan-circle-30-unit-project

  • Vina

    I swear there’s something in there now! (or at least as of last Thursday around lunchtime). I walked by and smelled coffee coming from that direction. Then I saw a lady walk out with a cup of coffee in her hand and glimpsed a few more people inside. Is there a secret coffee shop behind the papered-up windows??

  • Oh my!

    I thought this was becoming part of the boutique condo/apartment building that was going up on that corner? Is that still taking place?

  • AtlasCesar

    I thought this was the training location. Where all employees got trained before deploying out to the other location. It sucks that they are not opening for a while. Then again there is a Starbucks around the corner on P.

  • Rich

    Clearly, no one reads before posting.

    • You’re expecting too much of people.

    • Great Minds Thinking Alike

      Or – all the training location comments were posted at the roughly the same time: 805 – 806….

  • Pcat

    I’m willing to bet that they finish the training and then never open the space. It seems strange to plan it for December when they have a building, employees, and coffee machines.

    • I’ll take that bet – what are the stakes?

      • Pcat

        I’ll put up a large latte on the day they open — if they open. What would you like to put up?

        • Large latte it is! At the location of your choice, of course, if they don’t open here.

          • ExWalbridgeGuy

            Prince, are you predicting that the planned development for this corner doesn’t materialize? I think the reason they set this up as a training location, rather than opening it up, is they know there’s a good chance they’ll lose the location entirely to the development.

          • No I think the development will eventually happen. I just think that it won’t happen right away and rather than let the space sit vacant they will use it for a few/many months because a big buildout is not required.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. I bet they have a plan to roll out all the other locations now through December, and want to maintain one dedicated location to use for training purposes, and then will open the training location for the public.
      That being said, I wish this was one of the first to open.

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering the same- they are planning to open a shop not that many blocks away – 1156 15th St., NW on April 28th according to Washingtonian.

      Also, I am very very happy to have Peets in town but the grand opening was awfully subdued – first DC location and no balloons?

      • 1156 15th St., NW is another former Caribou location and most definitely not Logan Circle. I don’t think the PR firm would lie to us.

  • SteveInLogan

    Have to say this is a huge bummer. Not to mention we have to look at this horrible, seemingly-but-not-really vacant building for the next 8 months. As an aside – there is definitely Peet’s-related activity going on inside. My partner was waiting to cross at that corner the other day and his phone picked up Peet’s wi-fi.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, just maybe, they are using it as a training location. It’s wild speculation, but there’s a chance it could be true.

      • SteveInLogan

        Yes I am aware that’s what’s going on. Maybe, just maybe, I was just offering a fun fact to help confirm that.

  • AtlasCesar

    hopefully Slipstream will open soon for those of us who don’t feel like waiting or walking the extra block to starbucks: https://www.popville.com/2014/01/logan-circle-coffee-barcocktail-spot-to-be-called-slipstream/ … though on second thought, based on their website, that place looks like its going to be a bit…err… less accessible than Peet’s

  • anon

    Instead of just leaving it vacant, I wish they’d put it to use before December. Seems like they could train their employees there for the other locations.

    • A paintball zone is just what this neighborhood is lacking.

      • homerule


  • js

    have you heard anything about the location at 15th & M?

  • J

    Any idea which locations Peet’s will open next? I’m anxious for the one at 17th and L to open up, as it’s right around the corner from my office.

    • That is 1156 15th St., NW – a commenter above says will open Apr. 28th

      • js


      • Pete

        I just hope they realize the need for a place that (like the old Caribou @ 14th & RI) stays open late (10pm or 11pm). Problem with downtown locations – and most places – is that they close pre-9pm, so residents barely have a chance to get home from work, walk over, & get some time enjoying the place before it closes.

  • Unacceptable! Maybe they can put up “barista in training” signs and open it up early.

  • homerule

    are you kidding me?

    so many emotions.

  • shawguy

    If they are going to use it for training or whatever, I hope they at least clean up the outside and don’t force this blight on the neighborhood for the rest of the year. Kinda seems like a big “hey DC! We’re here! But screw you and your high visibility corner; we’re just going to leave you with our trashy looking building!” from them, if you ask me. If they leave it looking like that the whole time, I can assure you, that means I will never drink a single cup of their coffee at any of their locations and any time someone suggests we go there, I’ll remind them of this big screw-you to the neighborhood and head somewhere else instead.

    • Luckily there are like a dozen independent coffee shops for residents within a couple blocks radius.

    • Anonymous

      blight? this is still a vast improvement over the days when the 7-11 was located in this building.

  • LoganCir

    The Peet’s folks must be mistaken as this property’s application for a raze permit is being considered by the Historic Preservation Office this month. I imagine once the application is approved that Abdo will move forward with construction pretty shortly thereafter.

  • JustTheFacts
    • BBBB

      Yep, was about to post that too.

  • Anonymous

    “By the early fall, Abdo said, all of the existing tenants will be gone and the wrecking ball will be brought in to raze 1400 and 1402 14th. The building at 1404 contributes to the 14th Street Historic District and will be incorporated into the project.”

  • Tony

    After walking by every morning for a couple of months and seeing lights on and people coming and going from the building, I finally decided to walk up and open the door and stick my head in to see what was going on. Lol. Most of the inside of what used to be caribou is torn out and replaced by cafeteria style tables that have been set up to resemble a classroom. There are some basic coffee machines, wires hanging from ceiling etc.

    A gentleman who was dismantling some electrical equipment said that in a matter of a month or so the building is going to be demolished at the same time that the training was wrapping up.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else visited the Peet’s at 17th and Penn? I did, and it was kind of a disaster. When I went in, there was no line to order coffee, but there was a line about 12 people deep waiting for coffee. It took about ten minutes to get my hot chocolate, and then when I drank it, it was basically warm milk with a hint of chocolate. Very unlike my old Caribou hot chocolates brimming full with dark chocolate! I wish they were using their primo training spot to do better training on quick and quality drink production.


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