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Mayor Gray and DDOT Launch Potholepalooza 2014 – How to Report a Pothole

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2014 at 12:10 pm 11 Comments

From a press release:

“Mayor Vincent C. Gray and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Director Terry Bellamy today launched the District’s sixth annual Potholepalooza campaign to expedite pothole repairs on roadways across the city. The Mayor and Bellamy helped fill potholes near the intersection of G Street and Benning Road SE to usher in DDOT’s month-long campaign for aggressively repairing potholes caused by winter weather.

This year’s Potholepalooza will run through May 9. During Potholepalooza, residents and commuters are encouraged to phone, go online, tweet, email or use the DC311 smartphone app to submit requests for pothole repairs. Residents can track the Potholepalooza campaign’s progress via an online map.

How to Report a Pothole

Residents and commuters can notify DDOT about potholes in a variety of ways:

1) Call the Mayor’s Call Center at 311,
2) Use the Online Service Request Center at 311.dc.gov,
3) Send a tweet to twitter.com/DDOTDC,
4) Email [email protected], or
5) Use the District’s new DC311 smartphone application.

Those who report potholes should identify the precise location of the hazard, including the correct quadrant (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest) of the District. They should provide as much detail as possible about the hazard, including the approximate size and depth of the pothole. DDOT crews will also be out and about proactively identifying potholes.

How is a pothole repaired?

Road crews fix a pothole by filling it with replacement pavement material. Cold patches are used for small potholes in low-traffic areas because they can be quickly applied. Hot asphalt is used in high-traffic areas or on large potholes, because it will hold much more effectively. If the road has become pitted with potholes, it may need to be resurfaced. Resurfacing a roadway involves stripping the upper layers of asphalt off, roughening the bottom layers, and applying a new upper roadway surface.”

  • ET

    They need to spend some quality time on 295 in southeast. Was driving that yesterday and man it is bad.

  • Anonymous

    Potholes are AWFUL right now nearly everywhere in the city. This winter was very rough on the roads.

  • gloomingdale

    Yeah how do you report “EVERYWHERE”

    • Winston

      Or at least “all of U ST NW”

      • Anonymous

        All of 16th Street…

  • JD

    I took part of Potholepalooza last year and reported a few in the streets and alleys near me. It does work. They will come out and fix the potholes that you precisely identify. However, don’t expect them to fix potholes that aren’t reported. I guess it’s too big a job to have crews go around the city and fill every pothole they see.

  • Anonymous

    Driving down M street NW in Dupont is like driving in Kabul. What’s the point of asking residents to submit pothole reports? Basically every street in the district needs attention.

  • Michelle in Maryland

    The response I got was “These potholes are NOT in Washington, DC. You must contact the Maryland Dept of Transportion.” The potholes are on East Capitol NE between 60th & 63rd Streets. Pretty sure that’s still DC.

  • Anonymous

    When I run for mayor, I’m going to announce Potholepalooza with much fanfare shortly before the election. I’m surprised that a probably universally-liked program wasn’t publicized before voting. A lot of folks in this city will forgive quite a bit for good governance.

    FYi my central campaign platform will be swift yet fair justice for rush hour violations.

    • Anonymous

      I love my “vote for Gray” big recycling bin. It fits so much stuff!

      • Anonymous

        My block doesn’t have an alley behind it so we have to keep our trash & recycling cans in our front yards. Hate hate hate this monstrosity. I am putting the “take me” sticker right on the big new recycling bin so they can recycle it.


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