Beer and Welding Sandwich Shop Opens in Dupont

by Prince Of Petworth — April 28, 2014 at 11:52 am 11 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to alert you, and the blog readers at large, that the Beer and Welding Sandwich Shop at the back of the Oasis grocery store in Dupont looks to be going full-time. Another woman had been running the deli for a long time, but it looks like she’s given up control of the operation. If you remember, they had been serving buns in the evenings there previously. I went in last week and, while there weren’t any official menu signs up yet, the guy I talked to said they were open to the public. The bread comes from the Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe in Arlington, and he said they’ll be serving slow-cooked meats and veggies in addition to regular sandwiches. No chance of getting an egg salad sandwich there for $3.95 anymore, but they make a pretty good tuna salad.”

2024 P Street, NW

  • Does “welding” have some other common usage aside from the construction type? I don’t understand the combination here…

  • Anonymous

    The buns are good, but a little boring without a hot dog or hamburger on them.

  • dupontiff

    The sandwich lady was a bit eccentric sure, but I’ll miss her. Watching her jam out to that old boombox always made me happy and by god those sandwiches were huge and a steal.

  • Anonymous

    Was wondering the same thing. Nothing makes my mouth water like the thought of… beer and… welding??

    • wpk_dc

      Your comment made me smile. Then giggle. Then post this.

  • calvinandhobos

    A sandwich and welding shop? How riveting. I bet their lunch is a real steel!

    • Anonymous

      Tee hee. I see what you did there 🙂

    • Studio Audience

      * laughter *

  • Anonymous

    The ampersand is backward.

  • AMDCer

    AH – good memories of fresh egg salad sandwiches from Oasis back when I worked in Dupont! Love that she made them fresh from the eggs right in front of you. Great deal, too!

  • Jeff L

    I used to drive by this place all the time: https://www.facebook.com/RudysWeldingServiceAndColdBeer. Possible inspiration?


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