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Mum Mum Closed for real this time, Rebellion American Tavern Opening in early April at 18th and S St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth March 5, 2014 at 10:30 am 19 Comments

1836 18th Street, NW across the street from Lauriol Plaza and Bar Charley

The owner writes:

“I saw your post about Mum Mum being back from the dead after announcing they were closing in January. Just wanted to let you know that it is now officially closed and the location is under new ownership.

We will be opening Rebellion in early April after renovations. Rebellion will be a classic American Tavern, but with a modern, new-age feel. It will be your “everyday public house,” your new neighborhood bar. With American tavern decor and Southern-inspired comfort food, Rebellion has both a street front and a rooftop patio for sipping drinks in warmer weather.”

Rebellion’s Facebook page says:


In 1791, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton proposed an excise tax on domestically produced distilled spirits. The tax was a part of Hamilton’s plan to centralize government and reduce the country’s increasing war debt. Farmers living west of the Appalachian Mountains in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, and Virginia were veterans and they distilled their excess grain and corn into whiskey and used it as a medium of exchange. For them (like us in DC today), the tax not only seemed too similar to the American Revolution, [taxation without (local) representation], but it was also a personal affront on their ability to make a living. They thought that Hamilton designed the tax, the equivalent to an income tax, to keep them poor and benefit the larger, wealthier distillers who lived east of the Appalachians and didn’t have to pay the tax. As tax officials set out to collect the tax in these areas, the farmers began to voice their defiance of the law and rioted. They rebelled. This Rebellion, which lasted until 1794, is widely regarded as one of the reasons for the birth of American Bourbon in this region.

Welcome to Rebellion…

At Rebellion, we value both American history and our fine cocktails. Given its place in history, we believe that great spirits deserve to be honored. Furthermore, DC’s culture, friendly nature and cocktail history implore us to enjoy great food and great libations. Here at Rebellion, that’s exactly what we intend to do.

While we love our bourbon whiskey, our name only tells half the story. Rebellion is unlike any other establishment in the Dupont Circle corridor. We believe in giving you an upscale dining experience without the price. Our goal is to be your ideal brunch, happy hour, and everyday public house. We have bar, dining room and open air roof top patio seating. Rebellion’s décor is warm, inviting, and comfortable and we embody all of the characteristics of the classic American Tavern, but with a modern, new-age feel.

We know that one of the secrets to success for any establishment lies in the food; it has to make you want to come back for more. Rebellion’s menu offers classic American comfort food with a Southern twist, but we won’t stop there. Every few months we’re going to change the menu to keep things fresh, but don’t worry we’ll keep your favorites.

Rebellion offers over 50 types of bourbon and whiskey selections. Not in the mood for whiskey, try a cocktail off of our signature drink list or try one of our homemade barrel-aged cocktails. We also offer an excellent selection of wine, hand selected by our personal wine consultant. If beer is more your speed, we have the best craft selection in the neighborhood.

We’re not just any new public house; we’re YOUR new neighborhood spot. We believe in family and want to be a part of yours. So come on, what are you waiting for? Come join the Rebellion.”

  • Corey

    sounds good to me, but im sure it will come with a ‘price’

  • anon

    pretty sure NJ is east of the Appalachians

    • What the Frack

      None of those states are West of the Appalachians.

      • Anonymous

        NJ and SC no but parts of PA and small parts VA and MD yes

        • Anonymous

          It could also be at the time that some of these states had borders that extended beyond the easternmost part of the Appalachians, I don’t know if they’re quoting a website or not.

          • tonyr

            Don’t forget there was no WV back the, it was all VA.

  • otberbur

    I always thought the ideal restaurant for this location would be one that would mimic the menu and pricing (if not always the sometimes slapdash food preparation) of the overflowing Lauriol Plaza across the street. But what the press release (which has little specific to say about the food) suggests is reminiscent of what Jack Rose offers two blocks to the north. Perhaps Rebellion will install a prominent neon sign to distinguish itself.

  • anonymous

    “A classic American Tavern, but with a modern, new-age feel.” Ugh. Reading this sort of crap makes my head hurt.

    • whovous

      Indeed. Is it perhaps furnished with brand-new antiques?

  • hiphopanonymous

    Mum Mum wasn’t any good. This looks promising – buts lets hope its not a spendy as Jack Rose. Good luck new owner!

    • Anonymous

      Mum Mum’s food was mediocre, but it was super affordable. The food was still edible and it didn’t make you sick, but nothing really stood out. One of the best happy hours in the city, IMHO

    • I’m sure the rent isn’t dirt cheap so it won’t be dirt cheap. Interesting, the neighborhood has been fighting Bar Charley (good spot if you haven’t been)’s request for later hours. Little do they know that Mum Mum already was able to open til 3a; if Rebellion was smart, the liquor license was transferred.

  • Anonymous

    A reasonably priced neighborhood place will be a welcomed addition! Can’t wait for Rebellion!!

  • Anonymous

    “We know that one of the secrets to success for any establishment lies in the food; it has to make you want to come back for more”

    That’s a secret?!

  • Anonymous

    Yum yum! Sounds awesome to me.

  • Anonymous

    Right?!? Half these dum dums on here are dissing for no apparent reason. Oh well, haters gonna hate!

  • [email protected]

    We look forward to you all coming into Rebellion and becoming part of our community. I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years and I think we’ve created a fantastic restaurant / public house for everyone to enjoy. We aren’t trying to duplicate Jack Rose and certainly won’t be at their price point. What we are creating is a space for you all to feel welcome and comfortable while you enjoy a great bar with simple classic comfort foods with comfortable prices. I’m proud to be part of a team who is striving to create a space for the community to gather and enjoy life with a smile. Please join us not just patrons and friends. We want you all to be part of the Rebellion family. Lenny

    • Timmy

      Lenny – walked by yesterday, and I’m excited! Can’t wait for you guys to open.

  • Lance

    Lenny, Mum Mum’s closing hours (and those of the preceding establishments in that spot) were 10:30 weeknights and 11:00 weekends. Are you planning on keeping the same hours or will you be staying open later?


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