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Man in Critical Condition after Fight on Green Line Last Night, Metro Police Seek Witness Info

by Prince Of Petworth — March 8, 2014 at 9:28 am 21 Comments



“The Metro Transit Police Department is looking for information regarding an altercation that has left one subject seriously injured.

On Friday, March 7, while aboard a Green Line train traveling between Greenbelt and Fort Totten between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m., the below pictured subjects were involved in a physical altercation.

Transit Police boarded the train at Fort Totten to find one of the men with serious injuries. The other man was not aboard the train. The injured man was transported to a local hospital where he is in critical condition.

Detectives are seeking information from anyone who may have been aboard the train and witnessed the altercation. Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is urged to call Metro Transit Police at (202) 962-2121 and reference case 2014-11573.”


“This evening, Metro Transit Police (MTPD) charged Dionte DANIELS, 22, of Glenarden, Md. with attempted second degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment in connection with an incident that occurred last night aboard a southbound Green Line train.

The assault took place shortly after 9:30 p.m. while the train was traveling in Prince George’s County between Greenbelt and Fort Totten stations. When MTPD officers boarded the train at Fort Totten, they found a 46-year-old male victim unconscious with life threatening injuries. He was transported to an area hospital where he remains in critical condition this evening.

A suspect description and photo was broadcast to MTPD officers throughout the Metrorail system, and a man matching the description was taken into custody a short time later at L’Enfant Plaza Station. That subject was subsequently identified as Dionte DANIELS and an arrest warrant was obtained for the charges related to the Green Line incident.

MTPD detectives continue to seek information from anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Anyone with information is urged to call (202) 962-2121 and reference case 2014-11573.”

  • Anonymous

    So they show us a photo of two guys but don’t specify which guy they’re still looking for?

    • Kalorama

      Exactly. Who is the suspect?

    • Reality


    • Anonymous

      Read the Post: “Detectives are seeking information from anyone who may have been aboard the train and witnessed the altercation.”

    • Anon

      Well, in fairness, they may not want to bias anyone’s statement in advance by saying who the aggressor was, circumstances of the fight, etc. I think the point is that if you saw those two people, please let the police know what you saw. That way the police get an unbiased report.

  • Linc Park SE

    Bias? Good grief – we have become too politically correct. We are looking for a CRIMINAL!

    • Anon

      Not sure where to start with this one. Assuming “too politically correct” means that we are being “too sensitive” to racial prejudice/bias, does this comment mean that we can disregard bias as long as we are in the context of crime? Assuming the ridiculous premise, isn’t the opposite true?

      • Linc Park SE

        You’re not too bright. How does a physical description infer bias? You sound like a racist since your post reads like you think the perp is black.

        • Anon

          First, to clarify, I think there are two different people who are “Anon.”

          I wrote the comment that started “Not sure where to start with this one.” I assume you are replying to another comment, because mine had nothing to do with physical descriptions.

          The comment has to do with bias generally in the context of crime. Your comment said that we are looking for a criminal, so we shouldn’t worry so much about “political correctness.” However, the urgency of a situation, in this case finding the perpetrator, does not give a license to abandon how we thing about race.

    • Anon @ 11:25

      I don’t know if you’re referring to my comment, but the bias that I was talking about is the suggestion to a potential witness that anything specific happened (who started it, etc.). Not a bias toward or against any group. So I’m not sure what political correctness has to do with it.

  • Wobble

    Wow! One of those guys has some really distinctive trousers (or whatever). I am sure that lots of people know who he is — including the police. However, they need to find probable cause to arrest, and enough evidence to get a conviction, which is very hard in this city.

    • dat

      Why are you assuming that the guy in the distinctive trousers is not the one in critical condition in the hospital?

      • Anonymous

        you’re joking right?

      • Anonymous

        Sorry. I should have used the subjunctive, and in “If the perp were identified as the person not in the hospital….

        • Anonymous

          sorry “as in”.

          Lots of snarky people on this site.

      • Reality

        Pretty obvious now that the one in the “trousers” is the one being charged with attempted murder. It looks more like a skirt to me.

      • AE

        Because he’s the one arrested and charged with attempted murder. The victim is still in critical condition

      • Anonymous

        Because the perp was 22 and the victim is 46, and if you look at the photos the older guy is clearly not the one wearing the zumbas.

  • Anonymous

    How come no one has questioned the yellow cone moving through the station? #truedetective

    • teej

      Brilliant, anonymous @ 9:28 pm! Best comment of the night.

    • teej

      I should add that I hope the victim recovers…


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