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  • Mt. Pleasant Resident

    I’m so disappointed! We rented a movie from here almost every weekend. The owners were so nice. We will miss them!

  • Becket98

    That’s a shame. It’s not a shocker in today’s industry, but I’ll miss them just the same. I rented the occasional blue ray from them from time to time. And the owner and other lady were always very nice and pleasant presence on the main street. Not sure what will go into the space as its suitable for only so many businesses. Good luck to the owner!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe a store that sells pagers

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to see them go, surprised they lasted as long as they did post-Netflix.

    As for what can go into that space, it isn’t for everyone: little light, no wheelchair/stroller access. Office, perhaps?

  • mmm

    I loved that place when I lived in the neighborhood but never understood how they kept the doors open…At $3 a movie you need A LOT of business to stay afloat. Even if the rent was $0!

    Frankly I’m glad, but shocked they stayed open as long as they did.

  • LongTimeRenter

    Really sad to see them go. Loved the owners, they always made great recommendations and were very helpful. Thanks for everything!

  • Emily

    I’m so very sorry to hear this. We conscientiously abstained from signing up with Netflix for the principal reason of supporting this local business. It’s sad to see the owner have to shutter the doors. I wish him all the best, he and his store will be missed!!

  • Millenial

    What’s a “video store”?

  • sarah

    are there any video stores left besides potomac vid on connecticut? that would be a real end of an era for me, my family’s been renting movies there since before i was born!

    • sarah

      left in dc, i meant


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