The 13 Best Blocks in the District Arbitrarily Picked (Part 1)

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2014 at 4:20 pm 36 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

I’ll be honest, I’ve recently rediscovered dark and stormy drinks and their consumption may have influenced the make up of this list. Nevertheless, these streets are pretty freaking awesome and you could probably venture a few blocks north, south, east and/or west of the ones mentioned here and be pretty impressed:

13. 4400 block of Illinois Ave, NW

12. 1300 block of 4th Street, SW

11. 600 block of South Carolina Ave, SE

10. 2300 block of 1st Street, NW

9. 1200 block of 10th St, NW

8. 100 block of U Street, NW

7. 1700 block of Church St, NW.

6. 700 block of North Carolina SE

5. Unit block of Quincy Pl, NE

4. 1400 block of Vermont Ave, NW

3. 2800 block of Davenport Street, NW

2. 1300 block of Corcoran Street, NW

1. East Capitol Street, SE from the Capitol to Lincoln Park

  • StubsDC

    Very fun list. The 1300 block of Corcoran (your #2) is probably my favorite block in the city and if I ever won the lottery I would get a realtor to go door to door begging someone to sell their house to me.

    • peachy

      I live on that block, it really is gorgeous. Too bad I rent and can’t afford to buy here!

  • JEM

    Fun list! My favorite block in DC is the block of 12th Place NW that is directly south of Florida Ave. The coordinated brightly colored houses are adorable and the block seems so quaint. I always feel like I’m on a movie set or somewhere other than DC when I walk down that block.

    • GretchenWieners

      Wow! I’ve walked near that area a hundred times and never noticed that little street. When I first read it I thought it was a mistake (that you meant 12th St). Just Googled it though, and it’s adorable!!

    • Alan

      That is an awesome little street. Knew a couple who lived there once in an adorable house.

    • A Streeter

      “[S]omewhere other than DC” amused me, as I think that block is quintessentially DC.

      This town has some wonderful styles of its own!

      • GretchenWieners

        yep, agreed! Granted I’ve never actually seen it, haha, but I google imaged it and it looks like the perfect little DC street.

  • Shaw resident

    I love walking the 900 blocks of Westminster and French St NW!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha. fantastic!

  • anon

    funny that you exclusively picked wide ave.s on the Hill . Hard to argue with East Cap, but most people like the more intimate streets

    • Anonymous

      “Most people”
      Did you take a survey or something?

    • Anonymous

      Quincy Pl is a quaint, one way street – certainly not a wide avenue. Also good pick! (I may or may not live there ;-))

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    1800 block of 13th St NW. Great houses, Whitelaw Market, other side 14th St action and 1 block to U St. Metro. Plus I live here.

  • Alan

    Not enough NE.

    One pick? You’re sleeping on a huge part of the city.


    • Boy are you gonna be embarrassed for saying that after you see part 2. But nah forget it, I’m gonna take them out just to spite you for SYH

      • Anonymous

        Haha Dan : )

      • Alan

        Won’t hurt me any.

        Might make you look a bit petty, though.

    • GretchenWieners

      Why don’t you share some yourself?

  • Anonymous

    Nice list!

    Dark and stormys are great!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for 10th St NW!

  • Todd

    Two great streets in Bloomingdale. When i first moved to Bloomingdale in 2007, the taxi man dropped me off on the 100 block of U street. I walked over a block to a house on 100 V where i looked at a house for rent I called my wife and went to the ATM to pay the first months rent… the whole neighborhood reminded me of Sesame Street. One year later i bought my house one street over on W. Love the place and would never leave it for anything.

  • quincy

    Great list! Unit block of Quincy PL NE is architecturally beautiful, but the neighbors truly make it a fantastic place to live. Good to see some love for northeast!

  • Anonymous

    I took a photo of the 1840’s block of Kenyon and posted it… all of my friends thought it was from Holland. Love your lists…. love DC.

  • dcd

    On my list is Hobart Street in Mt. Pleasant. Love it. The whole street is one (extended length) block. If only it was zoned for Deal . . .

  • kook47797

    Nothing in Georgetown? Cleveland Park?

    • Anonymous

      It says PART ONE people Jesus Christ

  • Anonymous

    Monroe between 14th & 16th NW!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, Illinois Ave! Wonder if we could get approval to hold a battle of bands between Sherman and Grant Circles….

  • Bear425

    I vote for the 1700 block of Ingleside Terrace NW for part 2! I wish I could afford to buy there.

  • Anonymous

    Open house on that block of Illinois today!

  • Alex

    I live on 10 and M St, close enough for me to brag that my block made POP’s list!

  • Amy

    Yay Quincy pl ne!

  • 202jim

    Any block of Swann! (except 1800 or 1600).

  • Stephanie

    I used to live on the 3100 block of 13th St. and I loved walking down the 1300 block of Kenyon st (well most of it). Hoping it makes the list!

  • YEM1980

    While I am stoked to see you admire several of my neighboring blocks, the 700 block of North Carolina pales in comparison to the 900 block or the 600. The 700 has only a few houses on the north side and that aren’t that out of the ordinary. The 900 block of NC has a row of awesome stone front buildings and the 600 block has great bay fronts with third story terraces, and a lovely grove of trees in front of Rumsey Pool and the triangle turtle park on the north side.
    The new build out of Friendship House is coming along nicely on the 600 block of South Carolina, and across the way a house front has been left standing with a total teardown of the structure behind it. So there’ll be some options to move in on that block. Although I like the cobbled stone stretch of 1300 South Carolina too. But the 600 block has such great proximity to everything so I totally agree with it being on the list.

    • Anonymous

      That teardown with the house front left standing is an ongoing reno by the people that bought the house. It won’t be for sale.


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