More Info on New Restaurant, The Partisan, Connected to the Red Apron Butchery Now Hiring in Penn Quarter

by Prince Of Petworth February 5, 2014 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

709 D Street, NW

Yesterday we noted after two years there was finally some serious progress at the Red Apron spot coming to Penn Quarter. Thanks to Lisa for sharing a couple of Craigslist ads about hiring for Red Apron and the attached restaurant next door – The Partisan:

“The Partisan is hiring for all restaurant positions!

The Partisan, a new restaurant concept by Neighborhood Restaurant Group, is a full service restaurant highlighting the Red Apron charcuterie of Chef and Butcher Nate Anda along with unique meat-centric dishes from Chef Ed Witt. The menu is designed to encourage sharing, showcasing 100’s of cured and aged meats through a variety of cooking techniques, including whole animal rotisserie. The restaurant will also feature an extensive wine list with a large selection of sustainably produced wines on tap, draft beers and craft cocktails intended to highlight our quality products.

All of our charcuterie is handmade by our culinary team, and all dishes are prepared using responsibly raised meats and locally sourced products. Service will be smart and informative while maintaining a relaxed dining experience. All Partisan candidates should possess a passion for food and hospitality, as well as a genuine interest in friendly and informative customer service. Expect a vibrant, educational atmosphere where you will have room to grow!

The Partisan will be attached to the Red Apron Butcher and is part of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG). NRG’s businesses include: the Evening Star Cafe, Planet Wine, Vermilion, Rustico, Buzz Bakery, Tallula, EatBar, Star Catering, Columbia Firehouse, Birch & Barley, Churchkey, GBD Chicken and Donuts, The Iron Gate Inn and Bluejacket brewery and restaurant. NRG is also directly involved in the creation and support of the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture.”

  • Lane

    Sounds delicious. But it’s right by my office and I was hoping for more of a high-quality sandwiches-for-lunch situation than another restaurant.

    • JT

      The attached Red Apron butcher shop will have sandwhiches, and I believe they will be open during both breakfast and lunchtime hours.

    • I think Red Apron itself will fit that bill.

    • ck

      My understanding is that the Red Apron side of the house is going to have a similar set-up to their Union Market location. Meat and charcuterie for sale but also sandwiches. Sort of along the lines of Cochon and Cochon Butcher in New Orleans.

      • Lane

        Well this sounds perfect, then! And by perfect of course I mean that it caters specifically to my personal needs. Thanks, everyone.

  • Anonymous

    So does NRG own Red Apron? If so, that’s odd, because Red Apron is consistently excellent, while NRG’s restaurants seem to thrive mostly on hype.

  • DB

    This modern charcuterie movement is an outrage. Take all the reject parts, dehydrate it, sell it for lots of money. Its salami.

    You want good charcuterie? Get San Danielle or Di Parma Proscuitto. Or maybe Serrano or Iberico ham if you want to splurge. Those products are not grinded up snouts and have been perfected for generations. The only variable is the pig, which is raised for the purpose of having its leg salted and cured. Whoever makes these hams has figured it out. The search for good charcuterie ends there.

  • RL

    “The menu is designed to encourage sharing”

    Oh dear god please let that not be code for small plates.


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