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Scuttlebutt: Picca Pollo A La Brasa Opening 2nd Location in Former Pulpo Space in Cleveland Park?

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2014 at 12:30 pm 14 Comments

3407 Connecticut Ave, NW

Last week we learned that Pulpo had closed and the space would be taken over by the Hula Girl Food Truck for a pop up over “for the next few weeks”.

Some very interesting reader scuttlebutt now about that space in Cleveland Park:

“Rumor has it that the Sardis group is taking over that space. They plan on opening their second Picca Pollo A La Brasa location. Looks like Washingtonian mags top chicken will be available in CP”

Picca’s website says:

“Established in 2013, by the owners of Sardi’s Chicken.

We wanted to start a new “Peruvian” concept, after being involved in the business of Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa with great success! Let us give you Picca Pollo a la Brasa…a new Peruvian concept that will amaze you in every way possible.

We are not just 2 guys dreaming, we are a group of people who think alike and have our hearts and souls devoted to conquer the palettes of the world with the greatness of the Peruvian kitchen.

Picca Pollo a la Brasa will offer you what no other restaurant has offered you before!”

Check out their menu here:

Picca Menu (PDF)

Picca’s website does have a section for partnership opportunities. Anyone ever visit the Germantown, MD location?

  • anon

    “Anyone ever visit the Germantown, MD location?”

    No, but I’ve been to the Beltsville Sardi’s. Their chicken is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does it strike anyone else as kinda shady when a restaurant prices its items at XX.95? It’s like … if you want to charge $17 for fried shrimp, just say $17, not $16.95. This isn’t Apple Bees or Chili’s. You don’t need to trick us into paying for the food.

    • Anonymous

      silly. not shady.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you weren’t tricked. This is just the standard way a lot of restaurants price dishes.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t say it’s shady but I think it’s stupid. It’s such a widespread practice in all things bought and sold that I want to believe there’s a good reason for it but I have a feeling there isn’t.

      • Anonymous

        The reason is that someone sees “16.95” and in their minds it reads as “16” not “17”. It’s just psychology designed to trick the buyer. It’s the same reason a home will be priced at 299,995 instead of 300,000.

        • Anonymous

          and typically sales increase when this pricing structure is implemented.

  • emily

    This will be a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Corey

    i loved going to Sardi’s when i went to UMD CP

  • Jack5

    “Picca Pollo a la Brasa will offer you what no other restaurant has offered you before!”

    *Except for our other locations that were in place elsewhere before this one.

    Sardi’s is remarkably good though, but DC Peruvian chicken spots seem to pale in comparison with ones in MD and VA for me, it might be the difference in the tap water.

  • Anonymous

    How does an overpriced Tapas place close down like that?

    • theheights

      Poorly curated drinks program? But seriously, I thought the food at Pulpo was good when O ate there. No one can blame the lack of a service lane, that’s for sure.

  • JT

    How quickly things change. Only a few weeks ago, the Post reported that Brennan had plans to turn this space into what he described as “Roy Choi meets David Chang and produces a Danish love child in the District.”. He even went so far as to compare his concept to Noma (the world famous restaurant, not the DC neighborhood). I wonder what happened. I guess he concluded that such a concept wouldn’t be financially viable in this neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Little wonder. Not enough service lanes.


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