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Dear PoPville – “Ridiculous and Disgusting”

by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2014 at 1:30 pm 282 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Took a walk this morning and came across an odd display. The astro-turf yard of the newly remodeled building in Logan Circle is strewn with dog sh*t – literally dozens and dozens of piles of dog sh*t. There must be a few weeks worth of sh*t. It’s a really nice house, probably worth in the high six digits if not a million.”

We’ve spoken about the astro turf a few times in the past. My question is – since this is a private yard – should we mind our business about the dog crap or because it is visible and on a corner we should expect the yard to be cleaned up?


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  1. Are you offering to clean it up? If not, just keep on and be glad that your yard isn’t covered in feces.

  2. Nice reflex… but it is not so simple…
    Dog poop is actually a serious health issue. Please do your own research on the effects of pet animal feces including the effects on rat or raccoon population and transmission of diseases if you do not believe it.
    This is the equivalent of multivitamin and ensure for rats….

    The city’s health department should be informed about this or better, the owners or renters should be kindly informed about the fact that this is dangerous.
    I really don’t think that it is asking too much of the owners or renters to clean this up, or is it?

  3. +1000

    I clean up after my dog every time I take him out. They are just fucking lazy.

  4. Pooper scooper at petco – $25

    Mulch Bucket at Home Depot & Bag of mulch – $15

    Saving yourself embarrassment on Popville and tickets from DC Gov – Priceless.

  5. Good one! (Although I don’t see how the mulch would be used.)

  6. The mulch covers the poop as it’s scooped… Cedar Mulch keeps smell and bugs away. I’ve been using that setup for ages with no problems. It all can go into a big bag and in regular trash bins once a month…

    I read the owner’s post below and feel for the s#ituation, but would not like living near to an unkept dog yard at all. I pay a guy to dump my bucket, maybe it’s a good business idea for someone to start a “poop bucket pickup” service for DC!

  7. 9th Street Neighbor


  8. 9th Street Neighbor

    If DCRA does not issue a citation for this, then they are not doing their job and should admonished.

  9. Then tell me this: How can I make my dog’s crap toxic to rats?

  10. Is this a serious question? Of course you can’t make your dog’s crap toxic to rats (not without poisoning your dog).

  11. If you can figure this out, you can make a crapload of money.
    (no pun intended)

  12. Animals are crapping in our homes and we’re picking it up. Did we lose a war? That isn’t America, it isn’t even Mexico.

  13. Mind your business. It is not your yard so it’s not your problem.

  14. Actually, DCRA or DPW can issue a ticket because rats often feed off of dog feces, It is a bad practice to leave poops in your yard like that and the owner should be publicly shamed especially because its a highly visible issue. Just because it’s their yard doesn’t mean that it won’t contaminate the sidewalk and other areas, especially by drawing flies in the summer. They should keep that s*it under control.

  15. Please provide a link to that law so we can all judge for ourselves the context of what you are referencing.

  16. link snark responder

    Or you could use the DC Code online feature at dc.gov and find the relavent statute yourself, if you’re so curious.

  17. I’d just like to point out that if the feces can be smelled from the adjacent sidewalk/roadway, it’s a violation of DCMR 25J-200.6:

    200.6 No person shall permit any manure to accumulate on premises under his or her control in a manner or to an extent that causes objectionable odors upon any public highway or upon any premises owned or occupied by any person other than the person owning or occupying the premises on which the manure is located.

  18. wait until summer…

  19. You should just mind your business.

  20. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  21. I agree with the OP. It’s foul and if I was a neighbor, I’d be offended.
    Then again, if this place was overgrown with tall grass and weeds and owned by a lower-middle class AA family, would people still be saying “MYOB”? Doubtful.

  22. But in astroturf, the sh!t stays. In regular grass, the sh!t decomposes…

  23. Shit decomposes anywhere

  24. Since this is a private yard – we should mind our own business about the dog crap.

  25. Actually I once contacted Dept of Health about an dog issue w/ over abundance of feces in my neighbor’s yard only being part of the issue. They informed me that it is a health issue, and believe me during the spring/summer I wasn’t able to use my backyard due to the stench. Thus I wouldn’t be so quick to say MYOB.

  26. Ok, I can see both sides of the coin here- sorta.
    First I think it’s kind of pathetic someone felt the need to actually take a picture and send it in here. I find that pretty rude and unneighborly. Don’t you have anything better to do? Also, be glad it’s in a yard and not on the sidewalk.
    That said, dog or cat feces does have a tendency to attract vermin such as rats, so if I were a neighbor I’d be pretty concerned about that- especially if it’s being left for weeks.
    I know it’s winter. I tend to slack a bit in my yard cleanup “duties” (heh), but we’re talking one or two days without scooping, not more. Mostly because I want my dogs to have a clean environment and also because I don’t want to attract vermin.

  27. Agreed – I’d say both the OP and the home owner are being un-neighborly.
    That said, clean up your shit. It attracts vermin and stinks up the corner.

  28. I would take someone all of 5 minutes to clean this up. While I agree that it’s none of my business, the owners of this house seem to be incredibly lazy.

  29. Doesn’t the owner of this house read popville? I think I remember one of the owners defending the astro turf decision on here.
    Anyway, as to the question: “My question is – since this is a private yard – should we mind our business about the dog crap or because it is visible and on a corner we should expect the yard to be cleaned up?” Those aren’t mutually exclusive. Of course it is reasonable to “expect the yard to be cleaned up” regardless of whether you should do anything about it. The homeowner is pretty un-neighborly here.

  30. Yeah, the owner(s?) posted on previous threads about the AstroTurf lawn. I don’t think they’re regular PoPville readers, but I think they got word that their yard was being talked about on PoPville.
    Over/under on how long it takes before the owner(s?) post an indignant reply here? I’m thinking 2:30 p.m. ET.

  31. I think she’s already posting in here ;)

  32. 3PM, you were really close!

  33. Seriously? MYOB? If a human dumped their feces on their lawn, would that be OK?

    Owning property does not obviate a person’s responsibility for basic cleanliness and neighborly consideration. They should be forced to clean this up.

  34. I think unless the smell is causing a nuisance, it really isn’t anyone’s business but the homeowner. How is this a health issue? Are you going over there and rolling around in it?

    Some of you people are unhinged. I think short of a smell that prevents a neighbor from the use of their own property, it has nothing to do with you.

    Focus on the people who let their pets crap on public property and don’t pick it up. Or the ones who do and then throw the dog poop in someone else’s trash can (or worse, the recycle bin).

    You all know what fertilizer is, right?

  35. Fertilizer is NOT dog feces. Because of a dog’s diet, their feces is actually detrimental to the growth of plants unlike cow feces.

  36. Just because you (and others) don’t understand how this can be a health issue without one having to roll around in it doesn’t mean it’s not a health issue. And you call other people unhinged?

  37. you know you can’t fertilize astroturf, correct?

  38. Call Wade Blasingame!

  39. From the photo, it looks like the yard is very large and services more than one residence. Surely one of the neighbors who also uses that yard has complained!? For the record, I’m a dog owner who shares a backyard with another apartment. I would not be offended if one of my neighbors told me I needed to do a better job keeping things feces-free. But if it was a random person, I’d be less inclined to take them seriously.

  40. Nope, it’s a side yard that belongs to that one house. This house was fodder for popville vitriol on several occasions in the past due to their synthetic lawn.

  41. Piles of dog crap sitting on a synthetic lawn, and people don’t see the problem with this??

  42. This is not the case here. While these folks may be renting out their basement, it’s the only house with yard access. I do think that they have a pair of dogs, that’s no excuse for leaving heaps of shit on a prominent corner.

  43. But its astro turf!

  44. I’d love for it to turn out that this is all plastic dog turd from the Five Below gag gift section.

  45. This is a quality of life issue AND more importantly, a health issue. Disgusting and should absolutely be addressed. I would knock on their door and see what the issue is (and offer to help if these people are going through something major). It could also be they are mentally ill- meaning the inside of this house is probably far worse. I worry about the people, but I also worry about the dog who lives there.

  46. I believe the side of the yard is not private property but belongs to the city.

  47. It belongs to the homeowner, it’s their property.

  48. WRONG. the side yard is public property. the property line for this house is the face wall of the house itself, everything beyond that to the sidewalk is owned by the city.

  49. My bigger issue with dog crap is the people who toss their bags into my trash can while it’s out on the curb on trash day, after it’s been picked up. If you wouldn’t want your own back patio smelling like dog crap what the hell makes you think I want mine to?

  50. I absolutely agree with you. I never, ever throw my doggie bags into anyone’s private trash can because who wants that stuck in the bottom? It’s just common courtesy to wait for a public can or properly dispose of it once you get home.

  51. Sir or madam, you rock.

  52. Frankly, I find people throwing dog crap into a public trash can far more offensive than someone letting their own dog poop in their own yard. At least in the summertime.

  53. Some of us live in condos/apartments and don’t have our “own yard.” Deal with it.

  54. Okay, but I imagine you do have your own trash can, right? As in, not my trash can? Or a public one?

  55. No one is going to dispose of pet waste in their own trashcan when there are perfectly acceptable public ones available.
    How about the fish skins and half eaten chicken bones people dumb on the sidewalk and in public trashcans? You think that’s much better? It’s a public trashcan…aka not on your property and not in your right to tell people what to put in it as long as it’s legal.

  56. I think the argument that you’re putting something in a public trash can you are not willing to put in your own private one explains why it matters.

  57. Well, Sam here is giving me a million dollar idea. I’ll invent a diaper genie marketed for dog owners so they no longer have to offend the delicate sensibilities of someone living in a city who should probably be living in a suburb where there aren’t even any sidewalks or public trashcans to squabble about!

  58. Anonymous at 2:23: hilarious! I laughed at that one. I think Sam is just being difficult for whatever reason.

  59. No sidewalks or trash cans in the suburbs? Here’s an idea, do what people in the suburbs do, pick up your dog poop and put it in your own trash can.

    This has nothing to do with living in the city. Maybe if you want a 150 pound German Shepherd living with you in your 500 square foot apartment, you should move to the suburbs. That way it his crap isn’t finding its way into my trash can and I don’t have to smell it.

  60. What about people who are miles from home while walking their dog? Honestly, I’d rather they put the bag in a nearby public trash can than carry it around for hours.

  61. If me not wanting to smell dog sh*t when I don’t own a dog is being particular, then you are 100% correct.

  62. My, my, such hostile defensive dog-owners on here! Sam @2:17 is dead-on, not difficult.

  63. Well Sam, those of use in condos/apartments don’t have our own trash cans – we share them with the building. And the trash gets picked up once a week. However, the public cans in my neighborhood get emptied every day. And I might be a mile away from my house when the dog craps, and there’s a public can 30 feet away. So I can carry the crap a mile back to my condo, put it in a communal trash can to sit for a week, or I can put it in the public can that was paid for with my tax dollars and will be emptied tomorrow morning by people paid with my tax dollars. Now go away.

  64. We all share a pretty small space so we have to deal with things we don’t necessarily like. It’s part of living in a city. If living in close proximity to people with dogs bothers you THAT much, move somewhere you have space to get away from it. If the convenience of living in a city trumps a minor inconvenience like pet waste disposed of in a public trashcan (which I’d argue doesn’t even qualify as an inconvenience), then quit your whining.

  65. You are absolutely right, it is a minor inconvenience and part of city living. I have certainly accepted that in my choice to live here. That doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying or makes you a prick. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be called out for it whenever possible.

  66. I think there might be a misunderstanding here? (Or, it’s possible I’m the one misunderstanding Sam.) I think Sam is saying to put the dog’s waste in your trashcan or a public trashcan, but not in his personal trashcan that happens to be on the sidewalk since not everyone can bring their can in right after trash pickup, right? I don’t think that’s all that unreasonable.

  67. Ha ha. I should have read all of the comments first! I guess I was the one misunderstanding Sam. On my block, the public trashcans are emptied every day (I can hear the loud trucks at night). My personal trashcan is emptied twice a week, so it would actually smell much worse for everyone (my neighbors and people walking by could clearly smell my trashcan, as well) to use my personal trash.

  68. LOL I don’t think properly disposing of your dog’s waste makes you a prick. Putting it in someone’s personal can or not picking it up at all does. Or coming on this blog to whine about how hundreds of dog owners are inconveniencing you, the one and only Sam, by putting their bagged waste in a public can that should be emptied every day.

  69. Well, we’ve established that you’re okay with doing what you want so long as it is legal and regardless of whether it is sensible or polite. No worries. You make living in the city a treat for all!

  70. Lol. Well you can’t please everyone. People get mad about literally everything, evenly properly bagged and disposed of pet waste. Not my problem.

  71. unless you get your food out of there then, hey, what’s the deal?

  72. Because they don’t exist in a vacuum. People have to walk by them every day on public sidewalks. And many are placed in front of the homes of private residents. How can you think the situation this thread is about is disgusting but not putting smelly bags of dog turds in a public trashcan in July isn’t?

  73. Sam, I don’t even own a dog and I think your insistence is RIDICULOUS. There’s a public trash can and it’s used for waste and refuse. There’s no DC law that prohibits someone from disposing of dog poop in a public can.
    I’m just happy that people are bagging their poop and throwing it away! DC has made huge improvements on this front. If you take access to the public cans away, I guarantee you see A LOT more pooped left on the ground. Which is even worse. Ick.
    Let us know when you leave the world of absolutes and come back to reality. ‘Cuz I don’t want shit smeared on my nice shoes.

  74. Ahh, a slippery slope argument. If I can’t put this dog poop where I personally find it acceptable to put it (which is usually really far away from where I have to actually deal with it because, of course it is), then the city will take away all public trash cans!! Chaos ensues!

    We’re not discussing legality here. I’m sure it’s perfectly legal to put the bags of dog crap in public trash cans where we can all enjoy your personal choice to have a dog by smelling it on our to and froms. That doesn’t really change the reality that when given the choice of disposing of it in public versus your own private trash, and you choose the former, you’re kind of a selfish entitled prick.

  75. This guy is either having a bad day or really dislikes dogs. Of all the things to be pissed about, having to briefly get a whiff of properly disposed of dog waste as you walk by a trashcan is as petty as you can get. Seriously get a life.

  76. I actually love dogs. Just to be clear. This has nothing to do with dogs really. It has to do with pretentious city dwellers who pretend that if they put their dog’s poop somewhere away from them, it magically disappears and no one else is left to deal with it. I’m not losing sleep over it, I assure you. When I walk by a public trashcan and smell dog turd, it is just a small reminder of how most people are simply selfish and entitled. That’s all. I’m sorry my aversion to the smell of dog sh*t is offensive to you.

  77. Most public trash cans smell like sh*t anyway. You think someone is going to bypass a public trashcan just to dispose of their dog crap in their personal trashcan? What? I definitely see the issue with people putting their crap in other peoples’ personal trash bin, but…think it’s safe to say you’re in the minority here. Unless we want to start regulating what can/can not be placed in public trash cans based on smell alone.

  78. Okay – well that is a bit of circular reasoning in terms of using the public ones because they already smell awful (you know why they smell awful right?). It’s fine. I wasn’t here to dictate or regulate. I simply pointed out that it seems selfish TO ME that people choose to put dog turds in public trash cans on the sidewalk rather than their own trash cans on a regular basis. No one has to agree. Please, carry on. It’s your world, we are just living in it.

  79. Of all of the ridiculous comments I see on here everyday, this HAS to be the most ridiculous one ever. Get. A. Life.

  80. I think Sam confused PoPville with his link to Reddit. He ain’t convincing anyone and just likes to see his own words printed on the screen. Definition of a pedant.

  81. Sam – I have a few perfect solutions just for you!
    1) Eliminate all dogs Sochi-style; because, I mean, they do poop.
    2) Require all dog owners to potty train their dogs, because hello who wants to see those unsightly bags in PUBLIC TRASH cans.

  82. Actually, a perfect solution would be to just throw the dog poop in YOUR trash can. It is your dog after all, and like you said, they do poop. Just like children who wear diapers and cats who poop in litter boxes. Somehow all that poop gets to where it should go.

    Why are dog owners so defensive about where they are entitled to put their dog’s waste?

  83. I’m curious, would you feel the same if the public trash can was sitting right in front of a restaurant patio where people are dining? So it is totally cool if I just drop a big fresh bag of turds in the public trash can right in front of Hank’s Oyster bar on a July afternoon?

  84. I would feel exactly the same way. It’s a public trash can, I don’t get to choose where they are/how many of them there are. I just use the trash cans, and I absolutely couldn’t care less what goes into them. If you don’t like the location of one, call the city, I’m sure they’ll move it.

    It’s so completely hilarious that you would complain about what goes into a public trash can. Nevermind the fact that the city is providing the trash can, or that residents of the city are actually using the can. That’s not good enough for you, we should also monitor what goes into the trash can. Hilarious.

  85. So by your logic, only fresh, clean smelling trash should be put in public trash cans? Certainly not dog crap in a sealed bag. How about food that might begin to smell? Baby diaper? What exactly in your rose tinted world IS allowed to go in a public TRASH can?

  86. Like I have said, you are welcome to throw your dog crap in there. It doesn’t change my perception of it as a fairly selfish act when you could just as easily put it in your own trash can where it bothers no one. I mean, the city provides you a free one of those too.

  87. Maybe we should offer to clean up Sarah’s yard and dispose of it in the public trashcan in front of Sam’s house?

  88. Might as well, the effect seems to be about the same. Why not just drop it in the treebox like all the other responsible dog owners.

  89. The point I was making was about choosing between a public trashcan or your own and in response to a commenter who made it seem preposterous that they would ever put dog poop in their own trash can because it smells and is gross. Which is precisely why putting it in a public one is, to me, rude if you have the choice. If you’re miles from home and the only option is a public trashcan, by all means. It’s more about people who purposefully choose to shove their sh*t literally on the public rather than take it home and dispose of it that seems…lazy and rude and just typical of people these days. I mean, we don’t expect everyone to put all of their personal garbage from their homes in public trashcans, even if they have a legal right to do so. That’s all.

  90. So Sam, by this logic, if you are outside and have a piece of trash, you always take it inside with you to your own trash-can? I find that really hard to believe that you would do that, if you walk by a public trash can.

  91. Another neighbor

    Sam, you are full of, well, sh*t. The law allows the use of public trash cans for dog poop bags. End of story. If you find that so offensive, either get the law changed or move out of the city.

  92. I don’t find myself in public often holding bags of poop, no. A Starbucks cup, maybe. I mean, you do recognize the point is that the poop smells like poop and most other trash doesn’t smell like poop, right?

  93. Apples and Oranges

  94. Amen. This was the topic of an epic rant some time ago and it brought out the worst of the self-entitled dog owners. Even after someone explained that the bags do rupture and innocent trash can owners have to scrub the cans out, inconsiderate d-bags were justifying tossing their dog’s crap in any trash can they can see.

  95. I’ll have to see if I can find that. I can’t imagine what possible justification people could use for putting feces into someone else’s property. You can’t control where your dog craps, but you can control what you do with it after. I’ve been tempted to put out a sign, because it happens so frequently, but I’m afraid that would just incur more poop bags (and probably a PoP post).

  96. I saw a woman drop her bag of dog poop in my blue recycle trash can. I banged on my window to try to get her attention, but she did not hear me. I assure you, if I see anyone putting dog turds in my trash cans, I will make a mockery of you loudly and publicly.

    There is also a house being renovated that shares our back parking area where all the trash cans are and I see it has become a neighborhood favorite of dog walkers who are too lazy to pick up their own dog’s feces.

    And I’ve been shocked to see a neighbor let his bulldog dump in my treebox in front of my house and walk away without picking it up.

    This isn’t a one off problem. I’m shocked by the corner cutting dog owners do in this city to avoid dealing with their own dog’s waste.

  97. Wow! I’ve never seen any of these things happen (in Capitol Hill). Everyone here seems to be really good about picking it up and disposing of it properly. I’m surprised and sorry that Dupont dog owners don’t have the same sense of responsibility.

  98. I live in Capitol Hill and can assure you that it happens regularly here too.

  99. The incidents I’ve mentioned have all happened in the last month. I get it, it is winter, people are cold and want to get back inside. But seriously, use your own trash can or tree box. It isn’t that hard. Presumably it’s on your way back to your apartment.

  100. Well, it’s not happening anywhere near Eastern Market (thank God)!

  101. That was one of the comments, if I remember. That “no dog poop” signs would encourage one particular jerk to put more poop in there.

  102. Oh, right. You’re the only person who can’t control where their dog craps.
    Even though DC requires you to pay for your own replacement trash can you do not own it.

  103. Would you prefer we use the term “trash can renters?” If it makes you happy, fine. But the result’s the same.

  104. I never said that I owned it. I said “someone else’s property”. I’m required by DPW to keep it off the sidewalk, which means on my patio. So their dog poop bag winds up going on the patio where I grow all my herbs, grill, and sit outside to drink.

  105. I have to admit that I figured this was people getting bent out of shape over nothing, until it was pointed out that cans are emptied by the trash guys pulling the large bags out rather than by overturning the can and dumping out everything that is in it. Some people putting their poop bags into whatever can is nearby are being douchebags, but others may not realize that their little bag is in that can forever.

  106. Thank you for seeing the light. I don’t own a dog, but somehow I had the same little blue baggy of dog crap stuck to the bottom of my trash can for a few weeks this summer. Each time I hoped that DPW would just dump the whole can out, but nope. I wound up having to take it out of the can and put it in a bigger bag with some of my other garbage. Nasty. Last year one broke on me when I put a bag of heavy trash on top of it (and no, I didn’t notice it was there first…). That was fun. And we don’t leave the cans on the sidewalk all week. They’re in front of my house, but on my property yet people still do it.

  107. Oh jeez, I’ve never seen the trash guys empty our can, but that would explain why the number seems to keep growing. I also thought they just dumped it out. This makes what these people are doing even worse!

  108. On our block they usually either reach into the cans to pull out the large bags as the truck goes by or they have a guy running about a block ahead of the truck, pulling the bags out and the piling a bunch of houses’ worth of trash together for collection by the guys who stay with the truck. Only occasionally do they wheel the cans to the truck and dump them each out.

  109. Yup. I’ve seen the trash guys come around and just pull the larger bags out of the can. Anything loose or smaller bags are left in the bottom. This is why I have a separate trashcan lined with a regular trash bag in my yard for dog waste. They will not take those little baggies out of the bottom.

  110. Yes, but if you as the can owner didn’t realize it, you can understand why dog owners don’t (especially if they themselves don’t have city pickup, b/c they live in an apt or condo).

  111. Whether or not they realize how it’s emptied is kind of irrelevant with regard to whether or not they should do it, especially if it’s already been emptied. At the very least they should know that the trash cans have to go somewhere besides the curb at some point, because they presumably walk by on other days that aren’t trash days and don’t see them there.

  112. I’ll be the one to admit it. I throw my dog poop bags in other’s trash cans from time to time. I try not to do it after it has been picked up, but it happens. There are not enough public trash cans in some areas. The way I look at it too, it’s better to have a poop bag in your trash can then to step in a dog’s poop because no one picked it up.

  113. I guess you live in a condo or something and don’t realize that city trash collectors aren’t fishing the little bags out of the cans. So yours are probably sitting at the bottom of your neighbors’ cans still. Don’t do that. If you REALLY need to dispose of your bags in this manner, at least slip the baggie inside one of their big bags.

  114. Sorry, but no. I’m a dog owner as well. Sometimes you have to carry the bag a few extra blocks, but it is incredibly rude to put a bag of poop in someone’s empty bin. They didn’t choose to have a dog – you did. Take some responsibility and be respectful of other people.

  115. Or you could carry it with you and throw it away in your own trash can. The garbage collection people that go by my house only pull out the large garbage bags from our supercans and don’t bother trying to dump out the smaller stuff that gets stuck at the bottom. Then it sits and festers in my trash can for days, until I have to deal with it. One of the reasons I don’t have a dog is so I don’t have to deal with dog poop. Making your dog’s poop someone else’s problem is inconsiderate.

  116. Also a dog owner. I can’t really think of a circumstance where it’s ever a necessity to throw away your bags in someone’s garbage can. Is it ever really an emergency? I have a baggie holder that has a little clip on it that holds the used bag until you can find a public trashcan or get home. It’s a minor thing, but it leaves both my hands free to control my dog (who is reactive toward other dogs).

  117. Heartily agree with the others. Seriously, please don’t do that. One, it’s not your can and not your right; two, you’re creating a potential mess for the owner of the can. They throw something in, your bag goes splat. Just don’t. It’s rude and inconsiderate. Your dog, you carry her/his poop until you can properly dispose of it.

  118. Don’t do it. Walk the extra blocks to find a public trash can. even if you put it on top of the other trash it will slip when the DPW guy starts grabbing super cans and it won’t get picked up until the owner notices it sitting at the bottom of the now empty can.

  119. Do not ever – ever – thrown any loose trash into a single family home’s green trash can. The DPW guys do not empty these into the truck, as others have noted they just grab LARGE trash bags out of the can and leave everything else in them (the reason, I have been told, is that this greatly reduces the time spent on a garbage run and the employees are paid per run, rather than by the hour, so if they finish early they still get paid.) So no dog poop, no Cheetos bag, no damn empty Starbucks cups in my trash can please.

  120. On our block, the trash guys hook the big green cans to the back of the truck, which then lifts them up and dumps them into the truck, hands-free. So we do in fact put small dog-poo bags in our can, not others, and it gets dumped out with everything else in the can. Until the last post on this topic some months ago, I didn’t realize that in some areas the guys pull the bags out instead. So I wouldn’t use anyone else’s can in any case, especially because you can’t know how it gets emptied.

  121. A few thoughts on some of the uninformed comments on this thread:

    1) It’s not private property; it’s called “public parking,” which means it’s DC public space.

    2) Feces attracts rats.

    3) It’s an obnoxious thing to do and no MYOB is not a valid response to this.

    4) Call it in to 311 or to the DC Dept of Health; it’s a code violation and the property owner can be fined for it.

  122. Public parking on a lawn?

  123. It’s called “public parking”; that doesn’t mean you park a car there.

    In what used to be Washington City (everything south of Florida Avenue to the river), public space generally starts at a building’s facade. The “front yard” is not private property. It’s city-owned, but the law allows the property owner to use it for a lawn or pave it over with concrete. But you can’t park your car on it.

    So while this homeowner thinks the astroturf area is their private property, it’s very likely not. And even if it was, the property owner could still be fined by DOH or DCRA for code violations from dog feces.

  124. It’s true that you’re not supposed park in this “public parking” area (my neighbor got busted for it a few years ago), but the facade thing is true on some streets but not others. It depends on the width of the street as it was planned v. how it wound up being built. For example, on my block I and some of my neighbors own about 11 feet in front of our house, which takes us into the street. Not that we can do anything with it, but we do technically own it. On the other hand, the people on our corner have this “public parking” area on the perpendicular street. This is where my neighbor got busted when he did some work without a permit and the inspector cited him for parking as well.
    And to bring things back on topic: for rat abatement purposes the owner should just clean that crap up.

  125. I’ve been trying to get DPW to ban cars parked on public parking (and sidewalks) for months, but they don’t do anything. How do we enforce the no parking on “public parking?”

  126. You can try DCRA or DDOT, as this is more of a zoning/public space issue than a straight-up parking violation. DPW parking officers just might not know what to do with a situation when something *looks* like legal parking. In my neighbor’s case he was doing some obvious construction without a permit and another neighbor (not me, I swear) called DCRA. I’m guessing he pissed the inspectors off in some way, because they slapped a stop work order on him, cited him for parking in the public right of way and then refused to approve his building permit unless he put a fence up so he couldn’t park there any more.

  127. Thanks Anon at 4:12. I thought it was DCRA at first, but then I read in some ancient DC code that it was DPW. But I’ll actually contact DCRA and DDOT just in case. It’s really that the cars are just too big for the driveways and prevent wheelchairs from using the sidewalks.

  128. You’re welcome. But I think driveways are different. If there’s a curb cut then I think the intention is to allow parking adjacent to the house. Not hanging over the sidewalk, which is a run-of-the-mill, DPW-style parking violation. What I was talking about is someone using a side or front yard for parking when there’s no driveway, usually when the property is adjacent to an alley so no curb cut is necessary. Interestingly, the OP’s photo shows possibly illegally parked cars. There’s a garage there, but that parking pad might be in the “public parking” area we’re talking about.

  129. The side yard is not the property of the owner of the house. It is called “parking” – from 100 years ago – as in park-like.

    This is a health hazard. Call 311. DCRA warns/fines for standing water that attracts mosquito – they should do the same for rat food.

  130. But it is not a health hazard to put bags of dog crap in public trashcans in public spaces?

    Would it be okay if the owner bagged all of these turds and left them on their lawn?

  131. Are you playing dense, or have you really not thought it through? Public trashcans are ok because they’re emptied every day or two. This yard hasn’t been “emptied” in WEEKS, from the looks of it. Gross.

  132. No because public trashcans should be emptied on a regular basis. If they aren’t, then it should be reported to the city. Not only that, if they are properly bagged and in a container (such as a public trashcan) there will not be runoff when it rains. Now, vermin is another story, and again, the city is responsible for emptying the trashcans and keeping them readily available for use. If you are having a problem with overflowing trashcans or trash being left for too long, report it to DPW…don’t come on here and complain about people disposing of trash properly. Some people…

  133. Also, bagged poop (presumably what ends up in public trashcans, unless the owners are picking it up with their bare hands) is less smelly and less capable of attracting flies.

  134. But if the rats are eating the dog poop WHY IS THERE STILL DOG POOP?

    (note: that is sarcasm)

  135. From the EPA:
    When pet waste is improperly disposed of, it can be picked up by stormwater runoff and washed into stormdrains or nearby waterbodies. Since stormdrains (like some of those in DC) do not always connect to treatment facilities, untreated animal feces often end up in lakes and streams, causing significant water pollution.

    Decaying pet waste consumes oxygen and sometimes releases ammonia. Low oxygen levels and ammonia can damage the health of fish and other aquatic life. Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can threaten the health of humans and wildlife. Pet waste also contains nutrients that promote weed and algae growth (eutrophication). Cloudy and green, Eutrophic water makes swimming and recreation unappealing or even unhealthy.

  136. I quote my Old World great-grand mum: “Money can’t buy class, darling.”

  137. I thought the same thing—about money and class, not your grandma.

  138. And I from mine: “Get off my damned lawn you nosey a**hole.”

  139. Lol love it.

  140. I love who ever you are!

  141. I thought about that expression too, but it was from when LuAnn de Lesseps sang it.

  142. The Countess!!!!!

  143. Ugh, why own a dog if you’re just going to treat it and your neighbors like, well, crap? I would recommend kindly asking the resident to clean up the poop. If they refuse, try arson.

  144. Wow, that’s gross. To spend all that money, and let it turn into a literal shitshack? There are services that will come to your house and pick up after your dog.

  145. I think the *reason* they spent the money was for this purpose, if they did this on a lawn it would be killed in no time.

  146. DOH will find this to be a serious violation. Rats, runoff issues, etc.

    I would email the Mayor’s office – [email protected] to get the agencies on top of this.

  147. Just call DPW, we got a ticket one time for one pile of poop in our yard. It’s gross and they should have to pay for it.

  148. If you lived next door, I could see doing something or calling the city. But you “took a walk this morning and came across” this. So it’s not really your problem. MYOB.

  149. Who wants to be it’s cleaned-up by tomorrow morning? (Unless the owners are out of town, of course.)

  150. IMO the property owners have some kind of responsibility issues. They’re obviously unable to maintain a yard hence the astro-turf yard, so I find it unlikely that they would clean up their yard. This is proof that some people should not own animals. They’re just flat out irresponsible, they probably don’t even walk the dogs. Is this a rent house or is it occupied by the owners?
    As for the OP send the pic to the house with the caption THE DOG SH** IN YOUR YARD IS F***ING GROSS.
    If you’re gonna publicly shame someone don’t do it half assed

  151. While i understand both sides of the argument, I think that pride in the appearance of ones property is a general good for the neighborhood, both in terms or aesthetic appeal and monetary value.

    Perhaps the extent to which the OP was offended (especially since it’s unclear whether OP was a random passerby or a nieghbor) – such that they wrote in and took a picture – was a bit much, but in general, it strikes me as silly to say MYOB.

    Would the situation be different if they let their garbage bins overflow and had loose trash floating around their front lawn?

  152. I was hoping they would tear up the astroturf and replace it with a nice coffee shop. is that too much to ask?

  153. Dude, it’s Logan Circle, this would be small plates.

  154. Actual LOL.

  155. Why is the go-to reaction so hostile? It hasn’t always been like this, right? So… maybe something’s going on with the person/people in that house– an injury or a crisis of some sort– maybe not, but isn’t this a better place to start from? A neighbor could knock on the door and say they wanted to check and make sure that everything was all right. You’d do the same thing if dozens of newspapers/ad flyers were stacking up in front of the door, no? It’s the kind thing to do– and bonus– it kindly lets the person know that they need to address the problem. There’s plenty of time to take umbrage, report them, etc, if they don’t cooperate.

  156. I bet they’re actually out of town and all the neighbors got together and decided to use their lawn while they’re gone.

  157. Sadly, it has always been like this. It was less obvious when it was a dirt yard. Since they had the astroturf installed, it’s been varying degrees of dog poop everywhere. It’s particularly awful right now, but that is not at all unusual.

  158. I feel sorry for the dogs – who are clearly not being walked, just let out into the yard to poop – which is sadly common.

  159. Why do you think the dogs are not being walked? Our dog gets at least 3 walks a day and in his over 20 walks a week *might* poop on one of them (he will pee about 50 times). But he will poop in the yard a million times…….

  160. I don’t know your exact situation, but it would be good to get your dog on a schedule. Rather than let him go in the yard whenever he wants, make him wait until walktime. Then you’ll have a clean yard! Unless he has a medical problem this should not be difficult for him.

  161. How exactly do you “make a dog wait”? Mightn’t that mean having a clean yard but soiled carpets?

  162. Google crate training. Or there are other housetraining methods if that one doesn’t suit your needs. It take some patience if your dog is older but shouldn’t be impossible.

  163. Thanks for your response. I’m not a pet owner, so I appreciate the info.

  164. Pretty sure he still won’t go on walks. He has never had an accident in the house. For example in the morning he sometimes goes for a walk as soon as we get up and is later let outside in the yard right before we leave for work. Sometimes he is let outside first and then a little later taken on his morning walk. He has never pooped on his morning walk -NEVER, but he poops in the yard every morning be it before his walk or after his walk. Same at night. He doesn’t poop for his mid-day walker either. I don’t really care when or where he wants to poop – takes me two seconds to clean up the yard. My comment was more questioning why the poster thought the dogs were never walked soley based on that they pooped in the yard.

  165. Sounds like a psychological issue, but if that system works for you that’s great. But I think your situation is not typical.

  166. I’m always surprised that people regularly let their dogs shit all over their yard (even if it’s the backyard where no one but they will see it). Sure, there are occasions where the dog needs to go out at 4am, or you’re sick with the flu, but most of the time it makes more sense to take the dog out for a walk than let it go in the yard where you’ll just have to find and pick up the crap later.

  167. My dog won’t poop on a leash!

  168. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 10+ years of living in DC– it’s that most dog people here consider themselves dog experts, and this comes hand in hand with being sure that everybody else is taking terrible care of their dogs.

  169. Just contact DPW at [email protected]
    The city will jump at the opportunity to make money and will send out one of their SWEEP enforcement officers to investigate.
    The sanitation regulations are pretty clear about this:
    “Keep the public space around your property free of litter. Property owners have to ensure that all solid waste, regardless of whether it comes from their property or not, is properly stored at all times in a container that has a tight fitting lid. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the public space around their property in clean condition at all times, regardless of whether or not the property owner put the items in the public space.”

  170. We won’t have to worry about the poop for too much longer becuase it’s going to snow and cover it all up!

  171. Yeah and then it’ll be a nice surprise when it all thaws out in a few weeks- yuck!

  172. Excuse me. This is a big “fuck you” to whoever wrote this. First of all, I live in the house. I am not the owner but rather the partner and I am fucking 8 months pregnant. The owner works 14 hours a day at a very demanding job. We clean up the yard every other day or to the best of our ability. Want to try being 8 months pregnant (sick every fucking day) and making sure to pick up every piece of crap every time the dogs go outside? Mind your own goddamn business. People have a problem with us or our house can really go fuck themselves because I don’t give a flying shit about making any of our neighbors happy. We are two working women with a house on a corner of a very bust street. Want to help? Want to hire help? No? Then keep your goddamn mouths shut. I’ve had it. If someone has anything to say, come knock on the door and and quit hiding behind the anonymity of this blog.

  173. Wow. I was vaguely sympathetic to the owners before, but given the tone in this response I’m now a lot less so.

  174. I can’t say that my initial reaction upon being called out publicly like this would be very different. (and that’s without the added complication of being pregnant and feeling like your partner is rarely home to help) Here’s to hoping she comes back with a version 2 that’s a bit more restrained and explanatory, for her own sake (since her neighbors clearly read this site too).

  175. Having your house commented on/attacked 3 separate times on popville would elicit that response from me as well. I feel some privacy is in order.

  176. Thanks– I am not an angry person nor am I ambivalent to the fact that we have a responsibility to keep our yard clean. But (and I speak for only myself and not the owner)…this was the last straw for me. I am tired of having our house be a public target. We work SO HARD everyday on this…..and I just keep wondering why we are being targeted in a blog. Who is doing this and why? As I mentioned below, I am going to make it my personal mission to avoid ever showing up here again….I just wonder what it will be next? First the lawn and now this. I can’t imagine what is next.

  177. Another neighbor

    Right. Sure. Sarah would have been really nice and grateful had someone knocked on her door about this. Uh huh.

  178. I definitely agree to a certain degree. No homeowner should have the specific expectation of privacy, but I think it’s definitely time for a moratorium on posts regarding this place since they always seem to get so vitriolic.

  179. I agree that the artificial grass stuff was over the top. I actually think it looks pretty nice and complimented you in that thread.
    But it’s not very often that you see a $2 million house with a TON of poop & neglected front yard. It becomes fodder for blogs and neighbors. This same posting would have happened if it was a house in Georgetown. It’s an eyesore for everyone and a health issue. I can understand why you’re angry, but it seems pretty clear that you’ve ignored the requests of your neighbors.
    Being pregnant and having a busy spouse isn’t a good excuse to defer maintenance that affects others.

  180. But the same question the OP posed could have been presented anonymously. Public shaming isn’t really necessary. Most of us are not impacted at all by this situation, yet we’re 200+ comments in and counting.

  181. From what other commenters have said, it sounds like people have made multiple requests for them to clean up their yard. Taking that at face value, I think public shaming becomes the appropriate next step.
    It sucks to have your dirty laundry aired in public, but the homeowner(s) could have easily avoided this situation from escalating. The onus is on them to keep their place relatively tidy. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  182. I agree I wouldn’t be happy about it, but I’d be pretty embarrassed if my yard looked like that and people could see it. I get embarrassed if my front garden has a few weeds in it, let alone piles of dog crap.
    Personally I love their renovation and I thought all the criticism about the synlawn was unwarranted. I WISH I had the money to install one for my dogs (I don’t). But this, yeah I understand why people are upset and they need to take action to make sure it doesn’t become even more of a health issue.

  183. To the poster at 5:03…no one has ever “made multiple requests for them to clean up their yard”… They didn’t like our synlawn we put in last year. We don’t love it either…but as I said back then, it was 8 grand so we have to make it work…which we tried to do and continue to do with landscaping.

  184. I’m now more sympathetic towards the owner — as much as I dislike her language. Instead of knocking on the door to see if everything was okay, a neighbor posted pictures that invited public shaming — although that may not have been the intent of the original post. If the neighbor had knocked on the door in a , well, neighborly fashion, and been confronted with a very pregnant householder, they might have offered to help — either directly or with information about people/services that could help with lawn and/or pet care.

  185. Another neighbor

    See above.

  186. But this wasn’t even her neighbor who sees the yard every day. This was some asshole who “took a walk this morning and came across” this house. And felt the need to send this in. Some people need to get a life.

  187. I am a neighbor who sees the yard every day. It is normally full of dog shit as pictured. It is disgusting.

    That being said, if I was 8 months pregnant and/or working 14 hour days, I probably would have other priorities as well.

    Also, Logan? We’re up pretty far north on 15th towards U. Where does Logan end?

  188. *Drops mic*

  189. Oh and BTW people are assuming there are piles of dog shit when there isn’t.

  190. Don't lie. I live nearby.

    There are definitely piles of dog shit all over your yard. Unless you cleaned up in the last few hours.

  191. Huh, I could’ve sworn that was a picture of piles of dog crap, but I guess we were all assuming since pictures are lies.

  192. “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

  193. Well, if your response wasn’t so littered with the F bomb I’d probably have more sympathy for you. Also “not giving a flying shit about making your neighbors happy” is a super great attitude to have in a city.

  194. Dear Sarah,

    Do you like living among dog crap?

    Neither do the rest of us.

    Perhaps instead of spewing curse words at people who are rightfully concerned about the health hazards of your negligence, you could do a google search to find a teenager to clean up after your dogs.

    p.s. just reported you to DPW.

  195. I can imagine it now…

    “Dear DPW,

    I anonymously posted a passive aggressive note on the internet and the owner did not give me the respect I deserve. I realize this message has no function and will result in zero action or legal recourse but I thank you for validating my wasted time by wasting your own.”

  196. This type of vulgar language should not be allowed on this site.

  197. Now that is one classy broad.

  198. Nice of her to reinforce the angry lesbian stereotype. I swear guys, we’re not all like that!

  199. Oy! Yea, you would’ve been much better off just keeping your mouth shut here. Can’t imagine your rant above is doing you any favors. ;-)

  200. Whether I stop by to visit depends—will you be serving coffee, or…?

  201. Perhaps you should consider re-homing your dogs. You seem awfully stressed and it sounds like you have too much on your plate. I doubt you’ll have more time to do housework and take care of the dogs once your child is born. I understand it would be hard to give up the dogs, but you’re putting way too much work on yourself and need to make compromises. I have two dogs and a partner who works a lot too, and I can’t imagine throwing a baby into the mix and being able to juggle it all.

  202. Rehoming the dogs? Wow- this has taken a turn for the even more ridiculous. My whole point is the owner works 14 hours a day and I am 8 months pregnant!! The yard is not going to get picked up every single day right now. But alluding that the care of our dogs is poor is downright cruel. They are the most loved, spoiled creatures ever. Did you know that pugs don’t handle cold temps? Yeah– she gets walked again in the spring (or on days when it’s warm enough). Until then, they play in the yard for exercise. I should have known better than to read all of this because it sent me into a pregnant hormonal tailspin (thanks). We’ll pick up the yard more often to keep everyone happy. I just ask that you please leave us and our house alone…..We have not a bad word to say about anyone that lives in our neighborhood….even when there is something to say. That’s how it should be.

  203. Respectfully, if you can’t pick up after your dogs — totally understandable, in your situation — please hire someone to do it. It’s really disgusting for all of us who walk by. In the summer, it’s even worse b/c it smells. Either way, you are creating an unpleasant environment (at best) and a significant health hazard (at worse.) If you don’t care about your property, or your neighbors, at least recognize you are *attracting and feeding rats*.

  204. +1. Even if it weren’t disgusting from a visual/olfactory (?) standpoint, bottom line is that it’s providing a rat feast.

  205. I just think it’s a lot for one person to deal with. Unless your partner’s work situation changes you’re pretty much on your own with everything. No one would fault you for trying to reduce the burden a little.

  206. Another neighbor

    Oh, please. She’s pregnant, not an invalid. She can either pick up dog poop or hire someone else to do it.

  207. Jesus fucking christ man, leave it be.

  208. but it sounds like the dogs aren’t getting walked and are out of control. ppl think they’re spoiling a dog by buying it lots of toys or treats, but there’s more to it than that.

  209. Dude, seriously: you don’t know a thing about “Sarah” or her situation. Nobody asked you for advice on how she should live her life and, more to the point, that you would think that it is at all appropriate to weigh in on such personal matters shows a complete disregard for basic social boundaries.

    This is without doubt the most loathsome PoP post and comment section I have ever read. NO ONE in this thread comes off well.

  210. No, you’re right. I mean, I know a few facts based on what she stated above, and I don’t think I was out of line to interpret her tone as one of a stressed-out person, but that’s it. That’s why I wasn’t insisting she rehome her dogs, or saying she’s a bad person for not doing so. I was thinking about how I’d feel in her situation and how my partner and I could relieve the pressure on myself. Obviously if it’s not a financial burden to hire a dog walker then that’s a great solution too, but I’m assuming they can’t do that for some reason (otherwise this problem would not exist). Here I am being sympathetic and you’re attacking me?
    P.S. I’m not a “dude”.

  211. Anonymous at 4:10, I get what you’ve been writing. Also, if they could afford to get care for the dogs, then they could afford to clean their yard, and it wouldn’t be this disaster. But I also think that if they can afford that house, they should also be able to afford both a caregiver for the dog and a cleaner for the yard.

  212. I agree suggesting to rehome the dogs is ridiculous. I would pretty much turn homicidal if someone said that to me. However, hiring a dog walker or someone to pick up for you (there are dog doo disposal companies- crazy, I know) isn’t a bad idea. Sounds like you could use a hand since you’re pretty much on your own.

  213. I’m not saying she needs to drop them off at a shelter immediately, but maybe there’s a friend or relative who wouldn’t mind having them for a little while? I adore my dogs but would not feel bad letting my parents take care of them while I had a baby.

  214. I think calling for re-homing your dogs is out of line, but you comment below doesn’t make any sense. Pugs can’t handle cold temps, okay. And the dog(s) are not walked because of the cold, but are let outside in the yard for exercise……The yard is just as cold….

    “Did you know that pugs don’t handle cold temps? Yeah– she gets walked again in the spring (or on days when it’s warm enough). Until then, they play in the yard for exercise.”

  215. I grew up with pugs. They are fine in the cold.

  216. Meaning– she gets let outside to do her business and comes in after she is done doing her thing (could be 2 minutes…could be 10 minutes). But she certainly doesn’t want a walk– she is 11 years old. I pretty much know my dog by now and what she likes and how to keep her happy. A walk in 10 degree weather isn’t it.

  217. I live across the street from you, have been taking art classes, and am 5 minutes away from painting a giant GOATSE mural on the front of my house simply to illustrate a point.

  218. And I just googled GOATSE…thank you for that.

  219. Doh. I haven’t heard that since the early 2000s, and had thankfully scrubbed it from memory.

  220. Welcome to 2000. It was a disgusting pictorial precursor to getting Rick Roll’d.

  221. Miopic Millenial

    Has anyone considered the possibility that this isn’t actually an inhabitant of the house, but instead a random troll on the internet. It’s really not that difficult a prank to perpetrate. I could be wrong, but I’m giving them some benefit of the doubt.

  222. Yeah, you also just lost any sympathy I might have had about mitigating circumstances. If you can’t deal with your shit–literally and figuratively–then hire someone to help. If you can’t manage to pick up after the dog(s) now, how on earth do you think you’re going to manage it or anything else when you have a newborn? Signed, a full-time professional working mother of two in a demanding job with a full-time working, frequently traveling abroad spouse with a demanding job who collectively have a dog, a cat, and a yard that doesn’t look like this.

  223. Damn someone just got served.

  224. link snark responder

    +1 google


  226. What dreas said, plus she lost sympathy when she made being pregnant into some kind of disability. Thanks a lot, Sarah. THIS is why women are at a disadvantage in the workplace– employers are afraid they’ll get pregnant and become helpless, lazy, and mean.

  227. Well, she is 8 months pregnant. No offense, but I can’t imagine it is very easy to bend over and pick up dog poop. No excuse there, she should hire help, but pretending pregnancy doesn’t matter is absurd too.

  228. Thank you saying exactly the right thing. I know I would have a yard just like this if I had a dog. So I don’t have one.

  229. I certainly hope you’ll sign your place up for a Logan Circle Tour of Homes, where visitors can admire your place, be treated to a string of obscenities and a harangue about how busy you are and have no time for this, and then receive a free dried turd upon exiting.

  230. That ruled. Sure, dog poop is gross, but the nosy neighbor/passerby deservingly got both barrels on this one.

    You know what the appropriate way to deal with this sort of thing is, if you really feel you must? Instead of trying to shame someone publicly without knowing a thing about their situation, leave a note if you’re a concerned neighbor. Just stick it to the front door. This is one of the better examples of a stereotypical “I don’t know how to do things!” Popville questions, though, and I guess your public shaming worked since she said they’d clean up more frequently, so what do I know.

  231. If you can afford that house, you can afford to hire someone to clean your yard and stop a public health hazard. If you don’t want to affect other neighbors, don’t live so close to them. You took on a responsibility of the greater community when you moved into a rowhouse. And who forced you to be pregnant?

  232. This is the kind of comment that has made me a much less frequent visitor to PoPville. It’s nasty — without being remotely helpful. If the house owner has a responsibility to the greater community — then it should follow that the greater community has some responsibility to the householders as well. So — good neighbors, in my opinion, would have contacted the householders, and, ideally, offered resources that could benefit everyone — whether it be direct help, or suggestions regarding the availability of neighborhood services. The last sentence from Anonymous at 4:05 is despicable. So much for civility in PoPville.

  233. So now we move on to bashing me personally and my pregnancy. Thanks, neighbors! I didn’t expect when I signed up for it that I’d feel so awful and suffer from constant nausea 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. But I don’t need to justify anything….what I was attempting to get across was the fact that owner is busy right now at work and I am 8 months pregnant and not feeling 100%. We’ll do our best to keep the yard poop free from now on. That’s best I can give you right now….though it seems most are out for blood here :(

  234. Try not to sweat it too much. It’s the internet, what are they going to do give you a bad review on Amazon?

  235. I was with Anonymous 4:05 pm until that last sentence. Not nice.

  236. I am totally sympathetic if this is real. Whether intended or not, this post has become public shaming pure and simple– and in this small community it’s crossing into cyber-bullying.

  237. “I don’t give a flying shit about making any of our neighbors happy.”


  238. I live nearby, and this has been an issue for a long time. Before they put the Astroturf in, their yard was just dirt, but also covered in poop. Their restoration of that house is completely lovely, but it’s disgusting and appalling that they allow the dogs to poop all over the yard. It’s disrespectful to the neighbors that they don’t even bother to pick it up once a week. And as others have mentioned, this is a serious health hazard.

    While I have spoken with the owner a few times, and every time found her to be completely lovely, they don’t control their dogs. Obviously. Their dogs will charge and bark at people and other dogs as they pass. Very poorly trained.

  239. Sarah’s rant at 2:59, above, would seem to run counter your “completely lovely” statement.

  240. Indeed. Although OP said she only met the owner.

  241. Another neighbor

    Sarah —

    That much dog sh*t in the yard can only mean one thing: your dogs aren’t being walked enough. Responsible hard working dog owners who choose to live in the city hire dog walkers. You may not think you owe anything to your neighbors, but you certainly owe something to your dogs. They deserve better than how you’re treating them.

  242. Agreed. If the partner isn’t available to help she should hire someone to take care of the dogs. It’s very inconsiderate of her to expect her pregnant partner to do all the work.

  243. CALM DOWN people. Those are faux turds, carefully crafted and placed on the faux grass to enhance the reality of the experience.

  244. We have a winner!

  245. + 2,000,002

  246. I walk by that house everyday, and the lawn has been filled with crap for the past several months. It’s pretty gross.

  247. +100000000000000000

  248. I’m just jealous that this lady got this house for $869K back in 2009. Amazing deal.

    And yeah, she should clean up after her dogs. It’s just gross. Everyone would have a problem if she was walking outside and pooping on her own yard at night and leaving it. This isn’t really all that different from a health perspective…

  249. This is clearly the Olympic luge of dog s***t. Dan – need to re-order the 11 topics?

  250. And by the way, Sarah, dog poop attracts rodents and can carry diseases and parasites. So clean up your dog’s crap or hire someone to do so for the sake of your own health if nothing else.

  251. I’m picturing the baby playing in that yard in a year or two….

  252. Oh good, now we can comment on how she’s also a horrible mother.


  253. Interesting tact. Alternatively, one could say, “I’m 8 months pregnant and have been sick a lot and my partner works a very demanding job. We tried to stay on top of it, but it kind of got away from us and now with the weather and everything else, it just has piled-up -literally. If anybody out there would be willing to drop by this Saturday afternoon to lend a hand, we would really appreciate it.”

    Sure, a few people on here would still find something to bitch about, but I think you’d have found the vast majority much more receptive. But if you want to live on an island, that’s your choice. In a city.

  254. True, on the other hand if even a few of the posters and neighbors had said:” Hey, whoever lives here must be having some kind of difficulty. It may be viewed as an intrusion, but let me offer to help clean the yard on weekends/ give them the names of some neighborhood teens who do yard work / suggest some reasonably priced dog-walking and yard services” — Sarah’s response might have been different. Ask yourself what your response would be to a public shaming — rather than a courteous inquiry from a neighbor.

  255. Because “lazy as f**k” is the more likely reason? She’s pregnant, not invalid.

  256. And you’ve never been — or known — someone to have a difficult pregnancy coupled with limited support?

  257. They can afford to pay someone to clean up. They don’t need a volunteer.

  258. wow – i just read 150+ comments about dog sh*t.

  259. 200+ and it’s not even 4 o’clock.

  260. CdM: It is said that the people are revolting!
    KL: You said it! They stink on ice!

  261. Lordy. There is no force that would allow me to have a shit-stained yard like that. None. No excuse. I’ve been eight months pregnant. I’ve had the work-absent spouse. I would summon the will. I’ve had a Cesarian, a premature baby on a monitor, and no help besides said husband all at the same time, and there is no way in hell I would allow my property to look like that. I don’t care if I had to pay a stranger in pasta and firewood, that shit would be cleaned up. This isn’t a “MYOB” incident; this is a “WTF is wrong with you” incident. Pretend you live in a first-world nation, thanks.

  262. “Pretend you live in a first-world nation, thanks” /Thread /DC

  263. The tone of her interesting response completely helps explain why this house has been a long-term problem. She is willfully opposed to living like a civilized human being and is angry at being called out on it. When you live in a city, sometimes you have to practice basic hygiene. We have laws for those who don’t understand what that means. She has made a personal choice to flaunt the laws, so the District should fine away. And I was worried about the dogs- but judging from her response, I’m worried about the kid.

  264. Scooter’s right. It’s public space. Shame! SHAAAAME!!!

  265. Dog Shit? We’re complaining about DOG SHIT? Jesus Christ. I need to get some photos up on this forum. I catch HUMANS shitting on my house. That’s so much worse. Literally this morning, some a$$hole was pissing on my house when I left for work.

  266. Haaaaaa! +10000000

  267. You should send them to the Cleveland Park listserv regardless of whether or not you live there.

  268. That is a brilliant idea.

  269. I want to push for limits on dogs, just too many in DC. I can’t remember the last time I went out for a walk/bike/run without having to watch some dog look terribly uncomfortable while taking a steamer.

  270. I think this is indicative of a greater and more widespread problem throughout the city. People live in their rowhouses in a bubble, despite the fact that the public space (“public parking”) of an average DC row house affects at least 30 families. Homeowners are so thoughtless and negligent to the community around them. There is a responsibility to your neighbors that comes from close quarters. And if you’re not willing to take on that responsibility either on your own or by paying someone, you should get out of town.

  271. It’s the inherent friction caused by suburban notions of the home owning experience versus the realities of living in a dense urban environment. Most people buying SFHs in DC proper are people who were raised in the suburbs with totally different notions of privacy and property rights.
    “My property, my rules” don’t cut it when you share adjoining walls with others. Urban areas depend on collective action and organizing in order to create optimal living situations. Which totally flies in the face of the political and economic thought for the last 50-60 years.

  272. Thank you one and all. I have been reading and laughing for the past ten minutes. Perfection!

  273. If the yard was screened off by a solid fence that the OP peeked over to snap a pic I’d have said MYOB – but this is in the public view (on a corner lot no less).

    Regardless, it’s not anything anyone should get bent about. Just take five minutes to pick up the yard. No harm no foul.

  274. Thank you so much PoP for making my afternoon. Staying late at work to catch up on all this Tomfoolery :)


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