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13 Things We Like to Complain About That Are Actually Not All That Bad

Photo by PoPville flickr user ep_jhu

Finished off a bottle of tums while coming up with this list:

13. Hopslam/DC Brau/Craft Beer in general – yes it is more expensive than Budweiser but it is delicious.
12. The Washington Post – I don’t really get all the hate – I learn something new, interesting from them at least once a week if not once a day.
11. DC USA/Target – I like the ability to conveniently buy tube socks and toilet paper.
10. The Police Department – Like any organization there are good workers and bad workers – while some in the department are obviously an embarrassment, there are many many good hard working people doing very dangerous work to protect us.
9. Bike Lanes – The separation of bikes and cars is a good thing.
8. Hilton Brothers Restaurants/Bars (Marvin, Gibson, Chez Billy etc.) – These guys have taken over dilapidated spaces and transformed them into restaurants and bars that improve the blocks and neighborhoods in which they are located.
7. Pizza – the pizza really isn’t that bad these days. I’ll give you that the bagel scene still sucks, but I’m cool with the pizza.
6. Douglas Development – They’ve got a lot of historic properties. I get frustrated at how long it takes to develop some of them but I’m happy they are saved and not torn down.
5. Council Member Marion Barry – of today not the 90s – he represents many and reminds us that not everyone feels that the District is all roses and rainbows today.
4. Metro – As others have said too – whenever I visit my folks in NYC I come to seriously appreciate our metro despite its flaws.
3. Dunkin Donuts (and some other chains) – I love Dunkin Donuts what can I say. And I know a lot of others do too.
2. Real Estate – As we talked about last week, there are lots of good places to look, you may just have to go outside your comfort zone.
1. PoPville and our Commenters – Some of us, myself included, can be a serious pain in the ass (and worse) from time to time. Though the real pieces of work are not part of the community at all. They can be quite prolific but they are in no way representative of the real community. The real PoPville community that has slowly evolved over time are some of the most resourceful, helpful and supportive people I’ve ever read (even some and often especially some of the anonymous folks.)

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