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Possibly the Best Local Ad I’ve Ever Seen – Mexican Cowboy Tamales

by Prince Of Petworth February 12, 2014 at 1:30 pm 18 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

My friend and I launched Capital Hustle to empower local underserved entrepreneurs in DC. For the inaugural campaign, we are helping Columbia Heights based Mexican Cowboy Tamales. Ofelio Crespo makes delicious homemade tamales and delivers them to one’s home or office.

We shot a western movie trailer style video in Rock Creek Park and on Connecticut Avenue. Ofelio grew up in a ranch in rural Mexico but he says it had been 30 years since he had rode a horse. We also upgraded his website. We hope this helps Ofelio reach new demographics and increase his sales. Someday, I hope his business becomes a household name in DC. For the time being, his tamales remain a hidden gem.”

Check out the menu here.

  • EnShaw

    We LOVE Ofelio and his tamales! He couldn’t be nicer and his tamales are insanely delicious. I hope this launches him into well-deserved stardom!

  • Anonymous

    That is awesome. Although I’m not Mexican, I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood and sometimes our neighbors would give us huge bags of homemade tamales for no reason. I’m glad he’s branching out beyond the Latino community.
    I love me some tamales! I can’t wait to try these!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the article I’ve ever seen on this blog!!! Viva El Vaquero!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Weird, I was JUST wondering where I could get some legit tamales in DC. GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, PoP ;)

  • Jay Kin

    This Ad is awesome!!! Cant wait to support Ofelio beat Fast food bill!!!

  • Carlosjaviermdc

    Thank you for sharing our ad for Mexican Cowboy Tamales! Ofelio’s work ethic is second to none and each order of tamales comes with a side of wisdom!

    Stay tuned to the next Capital Hustle campaign!

    • NotHere

      Does he deliver to Arlington, VA? I would love to recommend him to my office.

      • Carlosjaviermdc

        Unfortunately, at this time, Arlington is out of his delivery zone but he’s in the process of getting help in the kitchen and drivers. His delivery zone should expand in the near future, especially for bigger orders.

  • Is there a limit to where he will deliver?

    • Carlosjaviermdc

      At this time, he delivers around Columbia Heights and downtown but soon his delivery zone should expand!

  • LT

    This just made my life. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    The is excellent, but the very best local ads were the ones for Eastern Moters (your job’s your credit….) where they showed you how many bodies you could fit in their trunks.

    • annonny

      Hahahaha….yea, love those Eastern Motors ads. Whoever wrote the song deserves a Grammy!

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely have to order tamales from Ofelio next time I have a house gathering!

  • Terpsie

    Capital Hustle- you might want to include a bit more info on the site. How to order- when to call, how much notice does he need, methods of payment accepted. How far does he deliver to? Thanks!

  • mona

    I lived in Alququerque, NM for years and miss a good tamale. Can you order and pick up if he doesn’t deliver to your area?

    • Carlosjaviermdc

      Yup! You can pickup from Ofelio’s home in Columbia Heights or where ever he is selling, usually downtown or near the Mexican Consulate on 16th st. I’ll be sure to include that on the site.


  • Wow WOW ,You guys did a great job on the video Very Professional Very Well done Myself and my Horses are Proud to be a part of it you guys are awesome.Have a Great Day Cowboy Barry


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