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  • anon

    Thanks for posting this every month. I always look forward to it.

  • dcreal

    Wow. Prices have definitely jumped across Florida ave into Trinidad.

  • Anonymous

    Following Capitol Hill places, it appears like price/sqft over there is going up really quickly. Since when did condos near Eastern Market go for over $500/sqft? Guess I hadn’t been checking that closely. Trinidad is also insane. It is going to get bet really quick with those prices (unless there is a collapse).

  • ShawRes

    Amazing to see how much is still going for ask or over ask, with very little subsidy. When we were buying a full year ago, market was insane. Nice to see market is still hot…

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a near-comp! Houses in my little neighborhood that go on the market get turned into condos, not sold as-is. It’s really hard to find something to compare to my place. I’m refinancing right now and this is very reassuring. :)


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