Washington, DC

1418 U Street NW

Back in April 2012 we learned Utopia would be closing for 14 months due to construction. On the 1400 block of U Street the only business to reopen has been DC Noodles.

‏@Wolridges tweets us:

“Hey @popville, do you know if U-topia has closed for good? Their Facebook page says “permanently closed.” #sayitaintso”

Hmm, I thought I saw some construction going on but their listed phone number and website are no longer working. Anyone else hear anything? Utopia’s website used to say:

“Jamal Sahri Opened Utopia in 1990, establishing its place as a cornerstone in the U-Street community. Offering an ideal local for location for folks to gather, share ideas, music, food, and art. The restaurant has served as a venue for chefs, artists, musicians, community groups to express, relax, share and enjoy the things that make life utopian.”


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