Utopia Closing For 14 Months on U Street; Stem, DC Noodles to Close for at least a Year

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2012 at 10:30 am 31 Comments

“Dear PoP,

We stopped by on Friday and it was closed. A former waiter said they had a big party on Thursday before it closed for a long time. Why aren’t the other restaurants closed as well?”

1418 U Street NW

I also passed Utopia at 1418 U St, NW on Sunday. I spoke with the folks at Stem two storefronts down. They said that both Stem and DC Noodles would also be closing soon (he didn’t have an exact date of when) for at least a year while construction of the nearby Louis at 14th development takes place. I’m guessing Coppi’s will also temporarily close at some point. In the meantime Stem is having a clearance sale on all of their inventory.

  • anon

    fuck, can someone tell the DC Noodles folks to open up their joint in Navy Yard? I love their soups and we really need more than 1 ramen joint in this city.

    • Anonymous

      methinks you must work for DDOT

      • Anonymous

        Or perhaps he’s a sailor! There are still tons of Navy personnel working and living in the area.

      • Eric

        Or maybe he lives in the neighborhood? Stop assuming.

    • Anonymous

      ramen is the single easiest thing to make. it’s amazing people go out to buy it… just chop up various veggies and lean proteins, add a bit of coconut milk to your broth and BAM! it’s not that hard……

  • I hope Coppi’s stays open as long as they can. Love that joint.

  • K

    Noooooo not DC Noodles!!!! This is the saddest news ever :(

    • So, Just Sayin’

      No, the saddest news ever was when they changed it from Simply Home to DC Noodles in the first place.

      I STILL miss Simply Home.

  • Chris

    Vacancy in the old Love Cafe on 15th and U… DC Noodles should move there!

    • So, Just Sayin’

      While we’re at it, wouldn’t it be great if DC Noodles could kick out Cake Love itself? No one likes their dry ass cakes.

      • now that you mention it, I never have figured out how they manage to stay in business selling that bland cardboard . . .

  • sarah

    dc noodz noooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    I think DC noodles is the only real loss here. last time I ate at Coppi’s I was reminded why I never eat at Coppi’s.

  • otberbur

    This news is disappointing (particularly with respect to DC Noodles and Coppi’s) but not a surprise. My hope (which I do not expect to be realized) is that, for the time the U Street location is unavailable, the DC Noodles format could be moved into Rice on 14th Street. While the two restaurants are under common ownership, we visit DC Noodles — an excellent moderate-cost establishment — frequently, but have found Rice consistently disappointing and overpriced.

    • A lot of truth there, but the crab fried rice is pretty good.

  • SS3345

    Nooooooooo! Not DC Noodles!!!!!!!!

    And Coppi’s… eh.

  • Anonymous

    I love Utopia, great vibe and music :( Hope they come back soon

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know anybody that likes Utopia. But I’ve only experienced and asked people how they feel about the brunch. Maybe the night life is better.

      • Anonymous

        My wife and I love Utopia, decent food, great bartenders and kick ass atmosphere in that it’s low key but not divey, and has good jazz and art. I will miss it for sure.

  • Oh fuck, my girlfriend is going to flip when she hears the bad news about DC Noodles. I somehow think we’ll be eating there every night between now and the closing date.

  • BW

    I was walking to DCN the other day and heard a reporter talk about it being closed down. He said he spoke with the owner and they thought they were being targeted. This is anecdotal, so take it for what it’s worth. Do you have any info on that POP?

  • Enduring a U St DC Noodles blackout for the promise of a Trader Joes, don’t ‘eff it up Louis.
    Time to finally check out the ramen at the old Senor Chicken I suppose…

    • df

      Don’t do it, it sucks. Just get some Pho next door instead.

  • Anonymous

    That sucks about DC Noodle… I will miss there yummy Pad Thai. Utopia is horrible though… I would be happy if they just stayed closed down.

  • Anon

    It’s too bad the restaurants are closing; I hope the Utopia project has generously compensated them. I’ll miss DC Noodles. It would be great if they moved to the Love Cafe spot.

    I’m really concerned about how this is going to affect the safety of this block. That whole block, on both sides, will be pretty desolate especially at night; that area already has a fair amount of street crime and I worry this will provide even more opportunities for people to get mugged at night as they walk to/from the Metro and bars. It sounds like nothing will be open between the gas station and 14th St, and with the closing of Love Cafe, there’s not really much open on the block of U between 15th & 16th at night either. Will there be any sort of increased security? (ha, yeah, right) Will they just be blocking off that whole sidewalk on that side of the street?

    • Sak will hopefully just put DC Noodles dishes on the Rice menu in the interim. I told him about the Love Cafe space TWO MONTHS ago….only 1200 sq. ft. @ $55 sq. ft. He’s not interested!!!!!! He needs a big space for DC Noodles so he’ll just wait out JBG’s (greedy landlords) build out and come back to old space.

      • Your proof?

        So how exactly is JBG greedy?

  • mcdc

    has anyone heard when DC Noodles will officially be closing? must get my spinach noodle curry fix in before that happens.

    • JBG forced all of those long standing businesses off of U Street corner to build their latest project. BUT DC Noodles has an ‘in’ and will be back to old space. I’m ‘in the know’ and that’s why I call them greedy.

      • Bob

        Sounds like opinion to me. Besides most people who describe themselves as “in the know” rarely have the true facts. Sounds like you are tooting your own horn too much. You didn’t even answer the question the other person asked.


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