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Bergami’s Pizza Coming to Rhode Island Row

by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2014 at 11:11 pm 9 Comments

2350 Washington Place, NE

Rhode Island Row is getting a new pizza spot – a recent liquor license placard says Bergami’s will be a:

“new quick service pizzeria. Pizza, salads, coffee, beer/wine and liquor will be served. There will be 20 tables for seating and counter service only. Will not have a wait staff for full service dining. Total # of seats is 20 and the occupancy load is 40.”

Hours will be Monday-Thursday 6am – 10pm; Friday 6am – 12 am Saturday 10am – 12am and Sunday 10am – 10pm.

Updates when they open.

  • Anonymous

    Do they really need to open at 6am?

    • That Man A

      i mean they offer coffee but i see that changing unless they can be the coffee hub for the people that live around there

      end of the day i think those hours might change after the realize not many people want some za at 7 am

    • cornholio

      they’re serving coffee, so… why not? probably will have some light breakfast fare…

  • Anonymous

    I think serving coffee is brilliant. Rhode Island Ave is a major transportation hub, and the number of commuters that come through there via walking, bus and metro currently have no closer coffee option

    • John M

      Wasn’t a Dunkin’ Donuts supposed to open up on RIR? I vaguely remember hearing a scuttlebutt about that coming. If true, that would be AWESOME.

      If not, I’ll gladly take my morning pizza and coffee.

      • anon

        A long time ago there was a Dunkin’ Donuts on RI near 17th. Now it is a chicken place, i think? I would love to see another one open up so I can stop in for coffee on my way to work!

        • brookland_rez

          Actually it was RI and Hamlin, just past 18th St. Not sure why it closed, it was before I moved to Brookland so I only saw it when I would come to the GSL skatepark behind Langdon rec center.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Good news. I hope it’s successful.

  • No, no, no. Stop criticizing people; I work a couple blocks from there and this was such a food desert I got excited when they opened the CVS! Now we’ll have burgers, burritos, etc. welcome to the neighborhood food! :D


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