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  • sproc

    Definitely looking forward to checking it out, but I’m scratching my head a bit over the location. It just seems like an odd place for retail meats, no matter how boutique. The demise of Cowgirl Creamery in Penn Quarter immediately comes to mind. If they’re expanding into NW, several other neighborhoods would seem to make more sense.

    • alpinepaq

      Agreed. Dupont seems like it would have made more sense, as one of the few neighborhoods that has daytime and evening traffic and residential nearby. This place is basically on the Mall, and tourists are not buying strip steaks…

    • JT

      Since there’s a restaurant helmed by one of DC’s well known chef’s attached to the butcher shop, I’m quite confident that Red Apron will be very successful at this location. The Union Market location is almost always mobbed on the weekend. Besides that, it’s an NRG project. Their restaurants usually do well just on reputation alone.

      • sproc

        Thanks! That makes a whole lot more sense. It wasn’t clear how much of a restaurant vs. retail it was. What’s the restaurant called?

        • JT

          To complement the answer given by Lisa (see below), the name of the restaurant is The Partisan. The name of the butcher shop will still be Red Apron.

      • Anonymous

        Very true. Some of their restaurants are packed all the time, even when the food is crap.

  • Lisa
  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      plants aren’t living organisms?

    • Mooo


  • Anonymous

    i had a pretty good meatloaf sandwich from them at union market but it is no longer on the menu :(

  • ck

    I saw an advertisement for a whole hog butchery class in the space at the end of the month.

    I work in the neighborhood and love the idea of picking something up to cook for dinner on my way to the metro. The market part of Menu is great for the same reason

  • The Partisan is supposed to open later this month in the former Union Hardware building on D Street NW.


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