Another Reader Reports Public Masturbation on the Orange Line During Yesterday’s Evening’s Commute

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2014 at 1:30 pm 28 Comments

Update on Public Masturbation on the Blue/Orange Line:

“Dear PoPville,

On my commute home this evening [Monday] I found myself standing next to a man who was sitting on the train. I had heard newspaper crumpling and I happen to glance over, only to find out that the man sitting next to where I was standing was masterbating on the train. I noticed it at the McPherson Square stop on the orange line towards Largo. I stepped away when I noticed and was luckily switching at Metro Center. Upon walking up to the red line train towards Glenmont, I noticed the man was a little ways in front of me. He got on the train that immediately pulled up, and he stood just inside the door. I was standing outside the train and immediately snapped a photo of him.

The picture I have completely fits the description in yesterday’s blog post. African American, lumber jack hat, and a wool coat (looks brighter than it is because of light on it/bad iPhone quality.)”

Unfortunately the OP was unable to positively identify the individual from the photo but this second incident was reported to Metro PD and the photo was shared with a detective.

  • Anonymous1

    For what it’s worth, when something like this happened to a friend of mine the DC police were all over it. they had a line up and everything. didnt find the guy, so I guess perhaps my point it not well made, but I was impressed how “on it” and caring the cops were.

    • L

      Had the same experience not long ago (and PoP reported on it which was great). Police told me those guys are often sexual predators… or are on their way to becoming one. Scary stuff.

      • S

        This also happened to me in the late summer (with no one else on the train). While they didn’t find the guy- the police were incredibly responsive and concerned.

  • albany

    Any chance you could post the picture?

    • Anonymous

      Please allow the police to release pictures of suspects.

      • Equally Anonymous

        What difference does it make who releases the picture?

        • Anonymous

          libel issues.

          • albany

            To which truth is a full defense.

  • loyalcitizenofzamunda

    Had a similar situation with a man that got on at Pentagon City, Blue line train, during the evening rush hour, mid-week. He looked late 30’s-early 40’s, African-American, was NOT well-dressed, but not disheveled looking either.

    It was so bizarre because the train car was practically empty, he could’ve had his pick at any seat, but chose to sit next to a twenty-something White woman. This struck me as very strange, and I watched him closely.

    While he never exposed himself, it became clear to me, after awhile (and after I went back and forth with myself with the is he? isn’t he?), he was totally masturbating. I kept looking at the other woman like “do something”, but I imagine she was terrified.

    Another man got on the train, and I tapped him on the shoulder to ask if he saw what I saw. At that point the creep realized we were onto him and exited the train at the stop me and the other young woman got off on. I alerted the conductor (who told me to alert the transit booth worker). All of whom did nothing.

    I asked the young woman if she had any idea what was happening to her that whole time she was sitting next to him. She said she had an idea, but was afraid to say or do anything lest he become violent towards her.

    If this is the same guy, I really hope they catch him. No woman should ever have to go through that.

    • Anonymous

      Yikes. Glad you tried to help. So she was trapped in a seat neat to the window and he was in the aisle seat right next to her?

      • anonymous

        Trying to help would be to actually intervene, not watching from a distance and getting a second opinion. How about asking the woman if she needed any help, or maybe going over and sitting down near where this is happening?

        Somewhere in DC is an upset young woman thinking there was a guy on a train jerking off, and two other guys watching it happen and doing nothing. No wonder women are terrified.

        • Anonymous

          Since l…… made a reference to “the other woman”, I assumed that l…. is also a woman. If so, I can certainly understand that a female would not notice a male passenger masturbating and “maybe going over and sitting down near where this is happening”. So yeah, she could have been more active in helping the young woman, although again, I can certainly understand not wanting to call attention to herself with someone who clearly has no problem violating social rules in a serious way. She did alert two Metro employees. — and I would view this as “trying to help”.

    • Equally Anonymous

      Watching black men closely just because they sit next to white women sounds so Jim Crow.

      • Anonymous

        did you read the post you are replying to?

      • Anonymous

        Can’t speak for the OP, but I would think it was weird and suspicious regardless of the man’s race.

        • Anonymous

          Yes exactly. If the train was almost empty and some guy sat next to a young woman he didn’t know I’d think something might be up no matter what either of their races were.

  • Jonny

    Bet he didn’t see this coming..

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard complaints of orange line masturbators from various people over the years. I wonder if it’s the same guy or if these creeps are attracted to the orange line for some reason.

    • Anonymous

      But crime only happens on the green line, haven’t you heard -_-

      • Anonymous

        Orange line gets all those wide-eyed innocent-looking girls from Fairfax Country. Probably exactly the type of victim they’re looking for.

      • Anonymous

        i heard that. but not since 1999

  • Equally Anonymous

    I bet “RIPD” didn’t want to be the “sponsored video” for this post. LOL.

  • cMaryC

    Maybe it’s easier for strident individuals to bring a floodlight to this sh!t – can we please agree to do so? Program 202-962-2121 into your phone, it’s WMATA’s police line, and when you encounter these types just call. And report & describe LOUDLY. No need to make eye contact. Just report it.

  • anon

    This happened to me at work (I work in a public setting) – a guy was coming in and staring/stalking me for a few weeks and then I look up one day and he’s masturbating. I called the police (city of alexandria PD – they are great) and the were able to track him down, I ID’d him and pressed charges. He declined a very generous plea deal and I had to testify in court and he was found guilty – and thanks to some priors, he did a little jail time. the city and police were super responsive and took it very seriously. at the time it was traumatizing (the stalking too), but I can (mostly) laugh about it now.
    all that to say, it’s pretty horrific to witness and hopefully this will stop.

  • Come on women – please take hold of your power. Where ever you are – if a man sits beside you when there are other seats available – he is a perv. (Unless he is hot and you are hot and there is the obvious flirty thing going on – vastly different story.) Get up right away and move. Never worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Press the button and alert the driver. Ask another passenger for help. Get off the train and wait for another.

    Think through this scenario before (it isn’t uncommon) and plan/prepare yourself to respond.

    • anonymous

      Maybe she was worried about the guy actually grabbing her — since there were evidently two men present who saw what was happening and just….watched.

      • Nathan

        People that wank in public have no interest in “grabbing” anyone. Their interest is in exposing themselves to people- their exhibitionism is what gets them off. There is no need to add drama to the situation.

  • Valery

    Nearly the very same thing happened to me two weekends ago on the Orange line. It was Saturday. January 25 at approximately 7:25 pm. I have text messages to two friends where I am telling them what is going on. I am a young female and was traveling alone and was afraid to confront the man. I would like to see the photograph. Please send me an email with whom I should contact.


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