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Support the Ketchup Revolution – DC Couple Launches Fundraiser for New Line of Fruit Ketchups called ‘Chups

by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2014 at 12:30 pm 29 Comments

From their Kickstarter page:

“Love it or hate it, tomato ketchup has a place in nearly every restaurant and pantry in America. This iconic sauce has seen little change over the last 150 years … until now.

Our line of fruit ketchups feature five original flavors: cherry, blueberry, peach, mango, and plum. Each variety has the same tangy and sweet zip of tomato ketchup, but offer a much wider range of food pairings for all occasions.

So what makes ‘Chups, ketchup? Tomatoes are only one ingredient in ketchup. Similarly, ‘Chups are made with different fruits (instead of tomatoes), combined with our own blend of vinegar, spices and other natural ingredients. ‘Chups are really quite simple, yet introduce your taste buds to a world of wallop you never knew existed!

Our Mission

The purpose of the ketchup revolution is threefold:

1. To introduce new varieties of ketchup into a market dominated by tomato-based products.

2. To broaden the scope of ketchup usage and highlight its pairing with a variety of foods.

3. To celebrate the history of ketchup while bringing “new” varieties back to the forefront of America’s food culture.”

You can read more and pledge here.

  • asg

    If you’re in need of a kickstarter campaign to simply launch your business, it probably isn’t viable to begin with.

    • XO

      Paging Tom Haverford…

      • XO

        Shoot, double post. Sorry :(

  • XO

    Tom Haverford is behind this, isn’t he.

    • jim_ed

      In all honesty, this is a worse idea than Disco Dairy.

  • JS

    I think a better idea would be to email these two that Gladwell article about how Heinz ketchup cannot be improved upon.

  • BWS

    I hope these will be available at Cosi so that I can put ‘chups on a squagel.

  • MRD

    Sorry to disagree. My mouth is watering

  • amber

    I never realized I was a victim of tomato-based domination until now.

  • anon

    Free branding advice: ‘CHUPS is a terrible name for a ketchup based product for lots of reasons. First, trademark protection is going to be nearly impossible. Second, all I can think about is Chaps… not exactly a good image for ketchup or any food product.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Sup ‘Chups!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for small plates and “ketchup pairings” at the nearest restaurant concept

  • anon10

    Fruit ketchup = jams and butters, no?
    We already have plenty of that stuff in grocery stories. All you need to do is pack them into squeeze bottles.

    • Anonymous

      No, these would be vinegary. So a lot different than jam. I don’t really eat anything that pairs well with ketchup (except fries, but only at restaurants, and I don’t see myself bring my own supply of ketchup when going out to eat). So I’m not interested in these, but I’m sure others will be. I could see some of those flavors being great on a lamb or duck burger, or as a base for a barbecue sauce.

      • Anonymous


  • adam

    Oh, for fucks sake.

  • SSinMtP

    Good for them! They already have 182 backers and are close to their goal.

    Boo to all the haters here.

  • textdoc

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that someone was talking about having had banana ketchup in the Phillipines?
    So is a fruit ketchup like a chutney? Or are they distinctly different things?

  • The ketchup revolution will not be televised!

  • I’m reminded of Craft & Commerce in San Diego (and Father’s Office in LA) that refuse to sell ketchup because it makes everything taste like ketchup

    • Anonymous

      That’s so idiotic and pretentious. What they say about vodka and ketchup is simply incorrect. You’d think somebody running a fancy place like that would have a palate sophisticated enough to know that different vodkas do in fact have discernible flavor characteristics, and unless you’re drowning your food in it, ketchup is a condiment that enhances the flavors of food without overpowering them.

    • Nathan

      Ketchup snobbery? Wow! Ask Taylor Gourmet how their Mayo snobbery worked for them.

  • Nathan

    Once again, I don’t understand why you want my money to start your business.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I’m guessing that it’s a strategy that works. Or works better than the alternatives. (No credit check, no collateral, no need for a well-thought out business plan.) I think what you may not understand is why someone would provide money for someone else’s business . And I share your perplexity. In this case, maybe there are people who’ve been craving ‘chups — and will be thrilled to find a way to satisfy that craving. I also think that the incentives seem pretty good. A weekend at a farm could be a sweet treat for the right people.

  • Ah, tough crowd. :)

    First off, thanks for the write-up! It’s great to be featured on one of our favorite DC blogs.

    Regarding the Gladwell essay (and New Yorker article, as they are one in the same), if you check out our About Us page, you may see something familiar. http://www.chupsitup.com/pages/about-us :) We certainly respect Mr. Gladwell’s opinion and think he has valid points, but we believe the market has changed substantially in the 10 years since it was published. Also, we are trying to bring new types of ketchup to market, not improve upon the tomato variety that has already been mastered.

    As for ‘Chups, they are not like jam or chutney. The consistency is the same as tomato ketchup and the flavor has a similar tanginess.

    In response to the Kickstarter comments, it’s actually a terrific way to gauge a product’s viability upfront while cutting down on business start-up costs. Essentially, backers are placing pre-orders. We highly recommend it, it’s a wonderful platform!

    We realize fruit ketchup will not be for everyone and that is fine but we do hope that if you ever get the chance to try it, you will! :) Thanks so much everyone and have a happy weekend!


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