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  • Anonymous

    Could just be broken down.

  • dat

    That’s odd – the north side of Franklin Square on K is DEFINITELY valid parking for Car2Go’s. No rush hour restrictions. I wonder if there were emergency no parking signs or something else came into play? The block looks empty.

    • Anonymous

      Do they do street sweeping on that block?

      • Anonymous

        It’s not street sweeping season.

        • RyanD

          The major streets are swept overnight year round (weather permitting), I imagine that’s the case with K St. This looks like too much into the morning though.

  • Johnny

    I encounter one of those parked in a rush hour zone at least once a week. Who pays the ticket when that happens? the driver who left it there or the company. And if the company knows that a car was stashed on a street it shouldnt be parked on why dont they send someone to move it.

    • Anonymous

      When you sign up for Car2Go, they state pretty clearly that if you park it illegally, they will bill you for the ticket.

    • AG

      The driver pays. I think if you get three tickets your account is suspended or something. I have a friend who’s gotten dinged twice, because she was confused by the signs near her house. I don’t know if Car2Go has a way of knowing when cars are parked in rush hour zones since the restrictions vary from block to block, or even on the same street, and are different depending on days and times. I know during the inauguration when large areas near the White House and Capitol had restrictions you couldn’t complete your trip in those areas even if parking was allowed at the time you parked.

    • Anonymous

      They do send people to move them if they are able (e.g. a car left more than 24 hours before sweeping but nobody else takes it in the meantime). But any tickets are the responsibility of the driver who parked it.
      But not sure how they would handle a Car2Go that got a ticket (or towed) for being in a spot where a temporary no-parking sign (e.g.. moving van) went up. Certainly in some neighborhoods a car could sit for 3 or 5 days and this could happen.

    • H Streeter

      I had a situation where I parked legally and ended my trip with Car2Go late one evening, but no one took the Car2Go until later the next day and the parking restrictions changed. Car2Go told me that I received a ticket, but I contested it with them immediately, because I know when and where I can park on my street. The looked into it further, removed the ticket charge and fee from my account and paid the ticket.

  • anon

    I am an avid and frequent Car2Go user who works at Franklin Square. I can’t remember why, but I believe the north side of Franklin on K is not a valid parking spot for Car2Gos. It’s not a rush hour zone, but there are some time restrictions on it (more than just the regular 2 hours). I don’t remember off hand what the reason is…i just remember not parking being able to park there for some reason

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice that the map application in the Car2Go app is now showing public alleys as roads? I saw a car available parked in an alley in the app the other day.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? If I see a Car2Go in my alley, it’s getting towed…

    • Anonymous

      could it be a rented space? i know that my parking landlord said she’d gotten a LOT of inquiries from car rental services when she posted her spot for rent and they offered her more money, but she didn’t want that kind of traffic and anonymity.

    • Anon

      I encounter that from time to time. The times I’ve seen it I’ve assumed that the previous renter either 1) couldn’t find street parking and just left the car where it was convenient for him or her; or 2) wanted to hide the car to increase the chances of it being available later without having to pay to keep the car the whole time. Neither is OK, obviously.

      One time I reserved a car, got to the location, and it was stashed in an alley behind the row of buildings The entry to the alley was quite a walk away and a cab was right there so I canceled my reservation and complained to Car2Go. They gave me 1 hour credit as an apology and said that they were going to suspend the account of the previous renter, as she’d done it several times already.

  • Anonymous

    Why bother using a tow truck? Can’t they just pick them up by the handle?

  • Anonymous

    It seems the car2go in-dash computer is programmed to know whether you’ve parked in a rush hour zone (presumably based on GPS location). I tried to park in meter spot which, during rush hour is no parking, but after rush hour is open. It was well after rush hour and the computer wouldn’t let me check out and said to find a new spot.

  • Matt

    I think I saw someone trying to get into this very same Car2Go, but they discovered it had a boot on it and they were looking at the warning that was placed under the windshield wiper.

  • TS

    Saw that one on my way to work the other day. The amount of tickets on the windshield could have filled a short novel.

  • Car2Go is awesome. But yes, the person who left it there gets the ticket, and Car2Go charges them a processing fee for the ticket on top of it. I learned that lesson the hard way. I still love them though.

  • Anony

    $25 for a card replacement!!!

    • umm

      How many times have you need a replacement? They waived my replacement fee when I lost my wallet.

    • umm

      How many times have you needed a replacement? They waived my replacement fee when I lost my wallet.


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