4 Men, 1 Woman Stabbed in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth January 1, 2014 at 9:09 am 27 Comments

2473 18th Street, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 330 this morning, members from the Metropolitan Police Department were summoned to the “District” nightclub at 2473 18th Street, N.W., for the report of an aggravated assault involving multiple victims. Once on the scene, police units located four adult males and one adult female suffering from various stab wounds/ lacerations. A male victim with a stab wound to his right side was located in front of 2471 18th Street, N.W. A female victim with a laceration to her right hand and right chest was located at the intersection of 18th Street and Columbia Road, N.W. Two additional male victims were located in the rear of 1820 Adams Mill Road, N.W. One of these male victims had a stab wound to his forehead. The other male victim had stab wounds to both legs. A final male victim was found in front of 2351 Champlain Street, N.W, suffering from stab wounds to both hips. Further information indicated that four of the victims had been assaulted inside of the “District” nightclub (2473 18th Street, N.W.). The last victim was stabbed on the sidewalk in front of the nightclub. It appears these assaults may have occurred as a result of a large fight that had erupted on the second floor of the establishment. None of the injuries appear to be life threatening. We are asking anyone with information relating to this incident to contact us at (202)727-9099 or email me directly at Aubrey.mongal@dc.gov.”

  • Timmy

    Splitting hairs, but that’s a quintuple stabbing.

    • Ah sorry there was earlier tweet by MPD saying quadruple stabbing – fixed the title. Thanks

      • Byron

        Two more found behind the building for a total of 6 males, 1 female:
        “Two additional male victims were located in the rear of 1820 Adams Mill Road, N.W.”

        • Byron

          No wait. Belay that. I think 5 is right. This is a confusingly-written press release.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that nightclubs, out of all the different types of bars, seem to attract the most violence?

    • Anonymous

      because the drug market.

    • jumpingjack

      More crowded conditions than most bars. People tend to move around more in a nightclub than they would in a bar – more chances to bump into someone who might take it the wrong way. And more physical interaction (dancing) with strangers than in a bar. All of this plus lots of alcohol = fights.

    • Anonymous

      I was outside this club when this happened so I saw the clientele. Lots of women looking amazing and a lot of guys with MEGA ghetto attitude.

      Simply saying “nightclubs” are dangerous is not accurate. I’ve spent the last 20 years in nightclubs but I’ve never seen a fight because I go to events that cater to people of all ages, races, sexualities, whathave you, who love music and dancing. Granted these are not mainstream events that I attend but they are in nightclubs.

      The macho hyper violent alichol fuled culture of the people at this event is what caused this not the venue or the time of day. You should have seen the shit show that was unraveling after this happened.

      • Anonymous

        “MEGA ghetto attitude ”
        Do expand on this please.

        • Anonymous

          Would “thugged out” sound better?

      • Anonymous

        When did Adams Morgan become such a magnet for thug culture and nightlife. Its been a good decade since I was hanging around in Adams Morgan but it was overwhelmingly white, twenty something professionals getting drunk at Millie and Als and Angry Inch. No stabbings. It was always dumpy which is why I never understood why any high income professional would actually choose to live there. But I really don’t get the new gehtto culture it attracts.

        • Anonymous

          Millie and Al’s, Dan’s, etc. are not the places that attract the violent crowd. That would be Gran Central, The Reef, District, etc.

          • Allison

            Yeah, I had a great time playing pool all evening on NYE at Angles. Nice cozy, low-key place. It depends on where you go there. I would never live anywhere near Adam’s Morgan, though.

        • Anonymous

          Many of the the young DC college kids and twentysomethings from the burbs have migrated to places like H Street and U Street, so others have filled that vacuum in Adams Morgan, to some extent. I was out there on a Weekend night recently and was shocked at how dead it was, compared to like 7-8 years ago.

        • AMDCer

          I’m a middle-aged professional living in Adams Morgan, and yes, I could afford to live in a different part of town now, but I bought my place almost 20 years ago. I came for the nightlife in my 20’s, staying for the home equity in my 40’s! With regard to the “new element” hanging out in the bars, etc. – that’s a very small part of the neighborhood, and those aren’t establishments I go to, so it really doesn’t effect me.

        • Anonymous

          I remember back in 99 or 2000 that a couple of people were shot at Tom Tom, which is now Carriage House.

  • domrep

    I thought this club closed like a year ago?

  • District was the same establishment who overserved the drunk driver who killed a SAIS student maybe two years ago? This place… the worst..

    • anon

      Right – because very few bars or clubs in DC will serve people until they are too drunk to drive. It’s almost impossible to get drunk in a DC bar because they are so vigilant about not overserving patrons. I hear District is one of two or three places that will serve drunk people.

    • Anonymous

      Overserved… a drunk driver???

      Overserving is a serious concern, I’ll give you that. But the legal limit strictly speaking in DC is 0.00 BAC last I checked (Zero tolerance).

      Serving one or two drinks would be overserving any driver.

      • Anon

        Right. There was a story in the news a few years ago where a woman blew something like .02 on the breathalyzer and was still arrested. Other stories floated around about people blowing .00 but admitting to having one drink and still being arrested. MPD defended the arrests in the media, but the woman’s case was mysteriously dismissed after some media inquiries. I think the DC Council changed the law so that now a reading below .05 results in a presumption of non-intoxication. But that presumption can be overcome, so your point still stands.

      • Alan P.

        Related to that, there was HEAVY police presence throughout the H St corridor on NYE and I saw several drivers that had been pulled over.

  • Anon

    FYI: DC is only zero tolerance (0.0 for arrest) for a person under 21. If you’re over 21, the legal limit is 0.08, just like the rest of the country. So maybe the woman who blew a 0.02 was under 21? Or maybe she failed other field sobriety tests?

    • Anonymous

      Still, 0.08 is only two drinks for some people. Many people would be pretty mad and write scathing reviews on Yelp if a bartender stopped serving them after two drinks (and how are they supposed to even keep track of that on a busy night?).

    • anon

      Here’s the story on that woman – she was a 45 year old attorney.

    • Anonymous

      No, she was a middle-aged woman arrested in Georgetown. She admitted to one drink after she blew the 0.02, the cop cuffed her and took her in. She made a big stink about it in the media (I believe her husband was also well-connected).

  • Anonymous

    a take from the Adams Morgan ListServ…

    Another horrible incident of violence in our neighborhood. Our best wishes to the victims for a full and speedy recovery.

    It is significant that Capt. Mongal identifies District as a nightclub. Supposedly there are no nightclubs in the Adams Morgan Moratorium Zone; just taverns and restaurants allowed.

    This venue has a restaurant license. So what are the alcohol regulators, ABRA and the ABC Board, doing to our neighborhood?

    The previous tenant at this address was proven to be running a nightclub under a restaurant license, yet ABC allows this place to open again as what anyone with any common sense realizes is a huge capacity nightclub.

    Nightclubs present huge costs to a community besides the potential for violence: the large crowds that bring noise and other disturbances require allocation of a very large share of the finite police resources while still contributing greatly to disturbances to peace and order; the public perception of Adams Morgan further deteriorates; and the viability of legitimate restaurants and retail enterprises is further diminished.

    And this is not the only venue allowed to freely operate as a nightclub under a restaurant license. The police and the neighbors know which are nightclubs. Just take a look at the half dozen police officers standing in front of NY NY Diva on weekend nights. Why can’t the alcohol regulators see the difference between a restaurant and a nightclub? Why do ABRA and ABC Board constantly inflict Adams Morgan with the nuisances and suffering that come with these nightclubs?

    A hearing before the DC Council Committee on Regulatory Affairs would seem the most appropriate venue to address the failings of the alcohol regulators.

    What say you, Councilman Graham? Can we investigate these matters?

    Jim Nixon and Hector Zarate
    2410 18th Street NW


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