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  • Ben

    Blast! So that’s where “FitHotGirl” got her dating profile picture from!

  • albany

    I’ve got the hips to pull of this outfit, but I may need a wax…

  • Mike

    You talking to me?

  • saf

    Zoltar for the modern age.

    • Stephane

      My thoughts exactly.

  • jeezpf

    Ohh how I long for bikini season again.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, my eyes are up here!

  • Finally! A Fembot in the Smithsonian. Now their collection is complete.

  • Anonymous

    ABRA inspectors ensure compliance in all establishments

  • Tim

    It was at this moment he realized she was half the woman she used to be.

  • The Jimmy

    Jeepers Creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?
    Jeepers Creepers, where’d ya get those eyes?

  • Ron

    First Ladies of Francois Hollande Exhibit.

  • dcreal

    I would love to adopt this little kitty right here!

  • DCChillyman

    Glendora, this is where you went and I see you changed your hair color.

  • CAS

    So you’re Siri! I’ve waited a long time to meet you.

  • gotryit

    But baby, Rush Limbaugh said that passing gay marriage would open the floodgates of ‘anything goes’, so now’s our chance… let’s make it real!

  • Eager to prove to people at the PoPville happy hour that he does in fact have the girlfriend he’s been ranting about, “Anonymous @4:19PM” is down to his last available option.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I laughed

    • Anonymous

      Yes!!!! lol

  • LJericho

    Ohhh, so thaaat’s why people are so into this whole “art” thing! I totally get it now.

  • Anonymous

    That fortune teller machine from Big got an upgrade!

  • Jake

    National Porn-trait Gallery

    • LJericho


  • Anonymous

    Look into my…boobies

  • TG

    Ever the narcissist, John believed the glass was there so the beautiful woman could not touch him.

    • Beau


  • Yogi

    Trying to turn some bad PR into a positive, Lulemon decided to go all in with its latest marketing campaign.

  • kolya

    John was strangely drawn to the new 3-D 21 century version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”” exhibit.

  • Pro tip: when 3D printing your sex doll, only print the parts you want to gawk at. With the money you save, you can get a cool display case.

  • Anonymous

    So then I got my buddy to read the title of the artwork. Never knew I had my camera.

    • gotryit


    • Beau

      I am going to have to try this as a prank.

  • andy2

    Her, the sequel

  • Anonymous Coward

    “Yes, they’re real. Now talk to me and not my chest you oaf!”

  • anon

    Dave always considered himself a leg man, but felt he could make an exception just this one time.

  • anon

    Bob instantly knew he would never think outside the box again.

  • Meghan

    “Rizzo! Love the long-hair look; everything else is just as I remember it” -Kenickie

    • Anonymous

      Grease! +1

  • Anonymous

    The Fonz has a new challenge.

    • +1 I just imagined him elbowing it like a juke box

  • Lp

    The Evolution of Dating – From Mannequins to Operating Systems

  • Crittenden Res

    Johnathan was absolutely convinced that when everyone left the museum, Emmy would come alive, just in like the movie mannequin.

  • Mitch

    What’s a girl like you doing in a classy joint like this?

    • Anonymous

      What’s a girl like you doing in a glassy joint like this?

  • P

    Wait a minute…where’s the public hair like at American Apparel?

    • P


  • Anonymous

    “Break in case of emergency?” “Emergency?” “Ohhhh.”

  • Beau

    When his pickup lines elicited no response, the Prince of Petworth knew he must be dealing with soundproof glass.

    • Beau

      He had encountered a similar situation years before, in Paris. He was young, naive. He had yet to have his soul crushed by years of mindless toil in dreary cubicles followed by drearier offices. She was a mime who hailed from a small village in Provence. At least that’s what he imagined. They could live on a farm and start a family. Maybe grow some grapes – the terroir would be wonderful for a nice Pinot Noir. But it was not to be. She never said a word. She just mouthed “help!” from within her imaginary glass box.

  • Stephanie

    Little, the sequel.

  • Obscure

    Some days it seemed like everywhere Andrew McCarthy looked there was some kind of cruel reminder of his once promising acting career.

  • David

    I’d offer you my scarf, but from what I can tell you actually don’t seem that cold.

  • Hey girl… Ryan Gosling visits the mueseums

  • Anonymous

    Justin Timberlake rehearses his sequel to “D*ck in a Box.”

  • SS

    I wonder if those are real.


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