• JG

    The Great Recession finally hits the Galactic Empire.

  • saf

    Now the “War on Cars” TRULY begins.

    • wylie coyote

      I so want to plus one this, but I so hate the phrase “war on cars”. Er, can’t do it. LOL.

    • annon

      I really thought this said “War on CATS”

      • saf

        The cats are NOT scared of Vader.

  • amber

    Use the forks…the bike forks.

    • Linc Park SE


  • Ron

    My Other Bike Is A Battlestar.

  • MNN

    I find your lack of bike lanes disturbing.

    • MetMet


    • wylie coyote


    • T


  • DCChillyman

    Tired of having the Mrs. blow his whole paycheck, Darth decides to moonlight for his own pocket money.

  • These aren’t the histers you’re looking for.

    • These aren’t the hipsters you’re looking for.

  • Anonymous

    I see the forks are strong with this one.

  • bb

    I find your lack of bikeshare faith disturbing…

  • Jake

    While his schoolyard chums all sported Schwinns and Raleighs, young Darth was only given a cheap Japanese knockoff bike for Christmas. Clearly, the the lack of formidable transportation left the impressionable boy with a hole in his self-esteem – a hole that could only be filled by a space station as big as a moon…

  • DCRach

    PoPville Gladiators: Season 1. Nitro takes to the streets of DC.

  • Alex

    While he may have destroyed Alderaan with a superlaser, Vader has vowed not to destroy Earth with fossil fuels.

  • Anonymous

    Jack5, I am your father.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. This is the winner.

    • Anonymous


    • Curious Tourist

      +1 for the win!

  • ncjohn

    Come to the dark ride.

    • ncjohn

      Alternatively: “You are unwise to lower your defenses.”

  • Laura

    Bike me up, Scotty.

  • InTheGaP

    Luke, I am your father, and you WILL wear your helmet.

    • Anonymous

      +1 No one ever mentions the safety-conscious side of the galactic Empire.

  • Tom Sherwood

    Hey, this is easier than gearing up to ride Metro trains.

  • Wooster

    May the Centripetal Force Be With You

  • Anonymous

    “That camera had better not be a Rebel.”

  • Roger

    No, no, the other side is my dark side.

  • Fairmont

    Come join the dark side of hipsters riding fixies

  • TG

    Something changed for Darth after experiencing the natural beauty of Endor.

  • Tarkin

    Buoyed by the success of his new e-reader the “Anakindle”, Vader thought his new line of bike helmets couldn’t miss.

  • Anonymous

    “Good, I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Drive your car into me, strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!”

  • justme

    The Force can’t hurt me with these top of the line shocks.

  • Anonymous

    The circle is now complete!

  • wolfpackwx

    I am going to need the force to avoid being hit by a Maryland driver.

  • YEM1980

    Lance, I am your father

  • YEM1980

    Just like shooting womp rats on my speeder bike

  • karna

    A young Darth was very excited to finally take the training wheel off of his speeder bike.

  • ratticusfinch

    “Like my front tire? I’ve learned that with objects prone to being destroyed, it’s good to have a second one”

  • CT

    How did your delivery go? Rate PostMates courier “DarthVader.”

    Rating: 1 of 5 stars.

    Comments: The courier took more than an hour to deliver my pork belly ramen!! And when I politely informed him that he was behind schedule and the food had probably gotten cold, he said, “I find your lack of faith disturbing” and started reaching for my neck like he was going to choke me or something. Seriously, can’t you find better delivery people than this??

    • LJ

      +1 for the Postmates free advertising.

  • ratticusfinch

    He hates runners as much as Alderaanners.

  • LP

    I find your lack of faith in Metro disturbing.

  • Chris

    The Empire Bikes Back


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