• Anonymous

    just the tribute lincoln always wanted

  • Anonymous

    Though their grievances remained vague, everyone agreed the Conjoined Twins Yoga Association protest was quite graceful.

    • PCAT

      I vote for this one.

    • Pixie

      This one gets my vote too!

  • Anonymous

    The Aristocrats!

  • Smonster

    “I think we’re spelling Y-M-C-A wrong…”

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to Joinertown!

  • CAS


  • Jake

    You know that protest season is going slowly when you’ve got Equal Rights for Siamese Twins out there.

  • Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all yogis are created equal.

  • Alex

    Ok, guys… someone has to be M, C and A for this to work correctly.

    • Linc Park SE


  • Joe

    In an effort to bring culture to the National Mall, the National Park Service stages their version of Swan Lake, called Duck Pond, on the edge of the Reflecting Pool.

  • Becks

    The DC Dyslexics March on The Capital was a brilliant success until the spontaneous rendition of YMCA!

  • What the hell is going on here?

  • gotryit

    Forget Simon. Abe says… hold your partner and POSE.

  • Anonymous

    And according to the Luminati if four pairs stand just so, Abraham Lincoln will reveal the secrets of the universe. Any minute now….

  • Mase

    Participants in the Restoring Honor rally attempt to spell “Honor”

  • anon

    Sadly, Lincolnism didn’t catch on and their first worship service was also their last.

  • jeezpf

    The District’s annual “I’m a Little Teapot” competition has really upped the difficulty level this year.

  • Anonymous

    With Gray running for reelection, DC high school alumni illustrate his failed education policies by misspelling YMCA.

  • andy2

    The conjoined tree pose was fitting for Lincoln, as was the downward facing dog for the IRS.

  • Ron

    ‘I said FLAMENCO not FLAMINGO.’

  • Chris

    The Center Stage sequel nobody wanted.

  • LP

    The addition of the two-legged race at the Lincoln Monument might be the final straw for the NPS.

  • ratticusfinch

    “If we keep this pose it doesn’t count as dancing and they can’t arrest us”

  • ratticusfinch

    The lesser known “I have a meditative trance” speech…

  • saf

    Baucis and Philemon in age of yoga.


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