New Spa, Lavender Retreat Wellness Club, Opens on Capitol Hill

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2014 at 4:30 pm 10 Comments

1236 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

A reader spots the new Lavender Retreat Wellness Club on Capitol Hill:

“With locations in both in Woodbridge, VA and Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Lavender Retreat Wellness Club offers a wide range of wellness therapies including therapeutic massages, skin care treatments, nutritional counseling, and chiropractic adjustments.

Come in, and treat yourself with Lavender Retreat Wellness Club’s serene environment designed to fill you with total relaxation, away from the noises of the outside world.

Lavender Retreat Wellness Club also organizes select travel adventures. We will rent our gorgeous facility as a meeting place for your events.

Individual and Corporate Wellness Club Memberships’ availability is limited, so act now and embark on a journey to holistic health at Lavender Retreat wellness club!”

  • GiantSquid

    Look promising but I’m wondering why the markup for the Capitol Hill location?

    • Linc Park SE

      Probably rent – regardless – those rates are better than most decent spas around town.

      • Anonymous

        Skin Beauty Lounge around the corner has better prices, especially if you catch their monthly specials.

        • Linc Park SE

          But SBL is not a spa – Im comparing these rates to a spa – not any establishment that offers massage.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, I guess I don’t know enough about these things. What makes this, or any “spa”, different? Is Spa on the Hill (which to me is not fundamentally different than Skin Beauty) not a real spa then?

  • frickorfrack

    Bummer about the markup for Capitol Hill location, it gives me pause in deciding to go. There is always a reason for different prices, in this case the consumer just does not know why.

  • lp

    I’m a massage therapist with two offices.. one in DC and another in the burbs. I’m sure the price differential is related to the cost of running a business in DC.. rent and the licensing fees alone make that rate more than reasonable. Plus, it looks like they’ve got highly experienced therapists in DC. I highly recommend seeking out a massage therapist based on experience and not price. You get what you pay for!

  • ET

    Anyone tried Spa on the Hill. It is on 1007 E Street which is like 2 blocks away.


    • Anonymous

      No, but I got someone a gift certificate to there and she seemed to like it.

    • MGC

      They are NEVER open! Walk by, call – I think they are closing.


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